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Links for 9.21.07: Fan club cheaters, rap tv, the future of an industry +

*From the Future of Music Policy Summit, Ars Technica reports that licensing music is a pain in the ass.

*Stereogum has launched mp3 page.

*Even though I hate the Freakonomics blog, I’m linking to them (cuz I’m the bigger man?): Read their post on the future of the music industry. Lots of interesting comments.

*The WSJ reports on a concert tix controversy: Fan club members (who get special ticket treatment) are (and have long been) selling codes that allow buyers to get tickets early to non-members via eBay.

*DMC posts his commentary on MTV’s epic Celebrity Rap Superstar battle: “Sebastian [Bach] is good, he is Hip Hop!” The state of the genre.

*Timbaland will be making a guest appearance on One Life to Live. I guess hip-hop is doing alright after all.

*The local. Doomdrips: A poster series with its own blog.

*Widgets: Gruvr is another site (now with a widget!) that maps upcoming concerts in your area. Effing widgets. [Mashable]


Retrotech music gadgets in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal catches on to what listenerd readers (and listenerds) have forever known: old shit is cool. Two notable examples:

The Chinavision Cassette MP3 player not only looks like a cassette tape, it can be played via a tape deck.

And Suck UK is rolling out a miniature version of an ’80s boombox that’s actually an iPod dock. (Check the journal article for pics.)

Links for 9.8.07: internet addiction, MP3 shrinking, Rap Snacks, and oil tanker operas

*Remember when I said I might be addicted to the internet? It’s worse than OCD. Additionally, I may also have mild OCD.
*Would you like to see an opera on an oil tanker in Brooklyn?
*Norah Jones covers The Arcade Fire.
*RipRoar lets DIY movie-makers shoot their own green screen scenes for $130. If I could still get away with saying “We are all nerds now,” I would say it. [Shiny Shiny]
*ShrinkMyTunes is a $40 Windows-only app that can shrink MP3s to half their original size. Windows-only app. Heh. UGH. [Wired]
*Apophenia on “Controlling Your Public Appearance” – this is why I started blogging.
*Music and food: 1) Lil Romeo has purchased RAP SNACKS. [Getty Images] 2) Rringles?

Tech / tunes links 8.16.07 – The Office Edition (shortened, for your pleasure)

*I’m dancing for the man today, so the links will come in drips and drabs. Yes, drabs.
*A new album, “Guilt By Association,” gets clever indie kids to record their guilty musical pleasures. Includes Devendra Banhart singing “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (which I don’t even feel that guilty about), in addition to Will Oldham singing Mariah Carey’s “Can’t Take That Away.” Listen. [via]
*I am required by law to post every article Clive Thompson ever writes. “Why New Yorkers Last Longer.”
*The head of, Denis Kvasov, has been found not guilty of copyright infringement in a Russian court. [via]
*The execrable local (but good this time!): Tay Zonday interviewed by Flak; transcript (recommended) and MP3.