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Tech / tunes links 8.30.07 – Magical Mystery

*EMI’s CEO and CFO are out as Terra Firma takes over.
*MySpace is launching its own music tour, which will feature the likes of Hellogoodbye and Say Anything. [Ypulse]
*Sparkfun Electronics has apparently launched a rotary cellphone, the Port-O-Rotary. [Geekologie] Might I suggest integrating a phonograph, for the ultimate retro-convergence device?
*Band of Horses has a video out for “Is There a Ghost.” Also, and more importantly, awesome beard.
*Christian Bale on what it’s like to play Bob Dylan. [The Playlist]
*Metal keeps the guitar industry motoring. A profile of Halo Custom Guitars, who make demon-themed axes complete with “rotting flesh and distended eyeballs” for metal bands – and make a pretty good living doing so! [via Blender]
*David Bowie is slated to appear in the next edition of old-person nerdfest Dr. Who. He will play an evil alien abductor. Bowie to Bowie! [XRRF]
*Mark Cuban is slated to appear in the next season of old-person nerdfest Dancing witth the Stars. The internet is BORING. [USA Today]
*Music widgets: Slacker has one for MySpace now. Wheeeee-oy. [Mashable]
*The execrable local: Daft Punk’s movie Electroma will be screening at Minneapolis’ Uptown Theater 9.15.07. [LimeWire Music Blog]
*Jail Guitar Doors is a charity set up by Billy Bragg, donates musical instruments to UK prisoners. All civilized like. [Metafilter]

More links, more music, less tech.

*I really will get Music 2.0-y again. Soon.
*Country dude Brad Paisley = MySpace geek. (What is Jason Alexander doing, anyway?) [via]
*The Beatles: All mashed up. Photoshopping the Fab Four into anachronistic situations.
*More Beatles, more covers: Cheap Trick to perform Sgt. Pepper album in concert. (Yuck.) [via]
*There’s going to be a Big Lebowski sequel???? [via]
*Hotel lobby music: These are the people who pick it. (A six-person consultancy that is projecting $2M+ in revenue for 2007!)
*A straggling list: 77 unforgettable movie songs. Nicely YouTubed! Wayne’s World at #1, though? [via]
*The album is dead? AC/DC’s 1980 album “Back in Black” sold 440,000 copies last year.

Tech / Tunes links 7.19.07 – The Day of the Long Shadows

*Where music and nerdity come together: The Dreamcast Guitar – the Frankensteinian mix of a gaming system and a guitar. [via]
*Warner Music pushes into the Chinese mobile market by partnering with Global Music International. Super-fun factoid: American Baby Boomers are obsessed with China. (No lie!) [via]
*The White Stripes play a surprise ONE NOTE show – SIDEWAYS! [via]
*Salon talks about Harry Potter-inspired Wizard Rock (which we covered at the day job years ago; and I still prefer the term Pott Rock). [via]
*M. Ward is making the leap into movies (well, briefly). He’s got a bit part in the forthcoming indie film The Go Getter. [via]
*Steve Reich has a MySpace page. And like 17k friends. That’s all. Just sayin’.

Tech / tunes links 7.5.07 – The National Workaholics Day Edition

*iTunes Music Festival, a month-long slate of concerts at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts that includes Paul McCartney, Editors, Amy Winehouse, The Go! Team and more, marks an Apple flirtation with record label territory. They’ll record concert performances and sell them online, just as eMusic and others have been doing. [via]
*All kinds of cool FoxyTunes stuff: Music 2.0 dude Jason H. is using FoxyTunes (and TwittyTunes) to Twitter DJ (it is a strange priesthood indeed, who even knows what that phrase means). The Twitter DJ page allows twitterers to recommend and post music from Twitter. What, no Pownce?
*Mashable also reports that FoxyTunes is releasing an upgrade, and that its Signatunes will let users add songs to their blogs or e-mails (like an e-mail ringtone echoing what you’re currently listening to). Haven’t tried it yet, but it works with Worpress, so I’ll give it a whirl.
*TechDirt asks whether it’s copyright infringement to simply embed an infringing YouTube video on your blog. And whether copyright holders will try to crack down on it.
*Quiltsryche: “Evil Rock Quilts” – for your Heavy Metal living room. [via]
* puts twitter on an iPhone like interface. What, no Pownce? Again? [via]
*With a huge boost from Facebook, iLike claims to be the fastest-growing digital music service. (Whatever that means, but sure.) iLike’s CEO: “Comparing the Facebook platform to (MySpace) widgets is like comparing the emergence of mammals to dinosaurs.” [via]