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Category: record player

Video: Soundwagon mini abductor van is a tiny record player


Vintage: A homemade record player

The text introducing this video is priceless, and far more soothing than most vintage videos. Watching the record spin, too, is highly recommended – with the SOUND OFF. (Homemade record player.)

Vintage: Battery-powered record player

Sharon Tandy sings “Hold On” via a battery-powered record player. Very SOOTHING (even with the sound on) in a Saturday night sort of way.

Vintage: Record player with nice arms

Love the herky-jerkiness, which takes nothing away from the overall SOOTHINGNESS of watching this record spin, old school. Go nuts and listen with the SOUND ON. It’s “Hushabye” by the Mystics on a 1956 Philips radiogram.

Vintage: A microwave, then a phonograph

It begins with a shot of a mounted microwave and a lot of boring talk, but it ends with that sweet, soothing phonographic goodness you love so much. And by SOOTHING, I mean of the SOUND OFF version (especially at the beginning). (The good stuff starts at around the 2:00 mark.)