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Links for 9.16.07: lost hip-hop, found love songs, fakesters + more

*Mashable offers up the 20 best music applications for Facebook.

*The New York Times tells the story of Top Shelf 8/8/88, a long-lost 1980s hip-hop tape that is either real or fake. [Daily Swarm]

*Hublog lets users explore and compare musical artists’ relative popularity in different countries, infographic style. [mediaeater]

*The ultimate Magnetic Fields “69 Love Songs” online companion. [largehearted boy]

*Online Fandom on fakesters and Facebook.

*Is MTV working on its own social network? It seems like a lot of social networks exist (and that I have an empty husk of an account on 90% of them.)


Tech / tunes links 8.27.07 – Ride the Lightning

*After winning a Russian court decision, AllofMp3 says it will be making a comeback. [via]
*Do you need a $600 music player-cum-therapy device? It’s not an iPhone.
*Since James Brown’s death, at least a dozen people have stepped forward to see if he was their father. Wow; three yesses, so far. [via Getty Images]
*Sasha Frere-Jones talks a bit about how YouTube has helped some hip-hop dances go cross-crountry viral of late; hyphy, snap dances, etc.
*NoSo is an anti-social network that throws “non-events” for member who want to escape the same-old social networking scene. Cute gimmick that should work for about two days. [via]
*Spore: What is it good for?
*Online Fandom starts rolling out friend data. (Personally, I’m not much of a friender.)
*Everybody knows by now, but some kid freed the iPhone from AT&T and poor Miss Teen South Carolina got a bit confused. Funny thing is, I agreed with pretty much all of her points.


(Tangential to music 2.0)


Ran across Twin Cities photoblogger surlygrrrl’s Flickr photostream (via mediation), and love the use of Flickr as a strangely simple, compelling medium for mini-reviewing movies. A photo of the DVD slip, a few stars, a stray comment and maybe a note. One marvelously pithy example.

The Netflix photo set here. Another Netflix movie review photo set here (where I love the occasional use of Flickr’s notes to point out stuff like running time).

Tech / tunes links 7.2.07 – The Jesusphone Hangover Edition

*Rocketsurgeon’s Music 2.0 directory is growing out and up; now has news feeds.
*Some iPhone stats: Through the weekend, Apple sold up to 500,000 phones for about $300M, at a profit of at least 20%. [via] Rumor’s also been floating that Nintendo’s soon going to develop iPhone games and sell them through iTunes.
*Also: to the blogosphere the lovechild of Miranda July and David Cross would look like this.
*You can now put Pownce on Facebook (what, they couldn’t work in an iPhone angle somewhere?). Figure out how here.
*Webcast concerts: A recent T.I., Twista, and Lupe Fiasco MySpace concert drew 330,000 MySpace viewers. Over 300k people for a webcast? (Side note: God, I hate WebEx.) I wonder how long the averaged people watched. T.I. has 1.7 million friends. [via]
*Universal doesn’t want a long-term deal with iTunes; they might opt for short-term sales agreements. [WSJ link]
*(Totally tangential): Armageddon. Looks like we’re effed.
*Tales of a metaverse aesthete: A self-described “fat, bald guy” who specializes in meticulously crafting avatars.

All the walls

This week’s repeating memes.

*Facebook is the new AOL. And Valleywag agrees.
*Babel and Joost = ‘gated communities.'”
*And the iPhone? A walled garden.

Tech / tunes links 6.30.07 – The Not Standing in an iPhone Line Saturday Edition

*Former record label slave Prince is giving away his newest album in the UK. And a bunch of people are super mad about it. On the plus side, maybe more people will know who he is now?
*The creators of one-time YouTube sphinx, current Revver product-placement innovator LonelyGirl15 are launching a show, Kate Modern, on the Brit-friendly soc net Bebo.
*Some Sony phones (like the Walkman) will be able to use Gracenote Mobile Music 2.0. Includes the ability to look up songs by punching in some lyrics or playing a snippet from the tune, then purchase the track. [via]
*DRM-free front: HMV is starting a DRM-free download service in September. Snocap signs a deal with EMI, allowing music fans to buy DRM-free tunes from the label off MySpace pages as wel as artists’ pages.
*Meredith Vieira thinks the iPhone sucks. (Caution: pre-roll video ad.)

12 of the top music social networks

According to Mashable: MOG, iJigg,, iLike, etc. As is usual, worth a read (mashable’s been clowning TechCrunch for months — if one is still allowed to use clown as a verb).

Only complaint is that the assessments focus so much on the soc nets’ weird-ass features (super collabo powers for indie bands who’ve committed to putting out ad-supported DRM-free Jungle tracks), there’s very little indication of how the user experience is. And in the case of most of the networks they talk about, the experience is pretty mediocre.

It’s alive!

TechCrunch is reporting that is taking the Deadhead phenomenon digital by launching its own Grateful Dead-focused social network.

I’ve got a pretty good guess what the targeted ads for this site will look like.