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Category: stats stats: Compare your tastes to those of users in countries across the globe

Plug in your user name, get the country whose users’ musical tastes best match yours. Turns out, my musical tastes (such as they are) are best matched by users in “Unites States Minor Outlying Islands.” I have no idea what that means. Nice looking map, though.

What does it mean?


1) YES, it looks a lot like M.I.A.’s website.

2) What does it mean? If historical data (previous graphologists’ opinions and the like) are to be trusted, the colorful graph most probably concludes that I have lame taste in music.

3) Harshly judge your own taste in music here, using this incredibly colorful Top 50 grapher. Plus, more info about the tool that shows you your Top 50’s In Time.

UPDATE: Please note that the Black Eyed Peas came in at 34th place. Though I have very little idea what that means, it seems respectable. stat fun: MoneyCalc

New from the stats group, the MoneyCalc tool calculates (using Amazon prices) the current cost of a user’s top 50 albums.

(My total: $611 – with a bunch of unavailables.)

What does it mean? No idea! Though it makes sense that most users’ top 50 albums end up costing around $700.

Young at heart?

New online application that calculates the average age of one’s top 50 neighbors.

I think it’s a bad sign that the average age of my neighbors is a decade younger than I am. Too much Black Eyed Peas?

Another stat app with a mildly amusing, yet very strongly worded page (MetalAd) creates an image showing the logos of your top artists, in order. BUT ONLY METAL ARTISTS. From the site: “Why Metal only? Well that’s very simple: Metal ruled, Metal rules and Metal will rule for ever.” From there, things just get ugly.

Added features

The blog announces that the service has added Video Charts, and also points us to the NORMALISER (batshit insane caps MINE!), an app that re-orders your top artist by total time listened to, instead of number of tracks heard.

So one 24-minute Godspeed You! Black Emperor tune has as much weight here as a dozen 2-minute Usher tracks.

My top 10 has no real surprises UNTIL you get to Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Gs!BE), which is my #48 top artist by track, but #9 by time spent.

(Is there any way Earl Boykins could make this look super cool?)