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It’s been a while since I blogged beards (including an especially long drought for Talibeards). Enter Beardcore. [via] The site, whose motto is “Folklore for the Hardcore” has been around since 2004, celebrating bearded citizens and the possibilties of the beard in general. Famous beards are enumerated (Aristotle, Freud, Rob Zombie) and the site maintains a MySpace page and sells attractive beard apparel (though no fake beards).

What is lacking, of course, is any mention of Talibeards (a fairly new phenomenon – or, at least a new term for an old beard – in the Western world). Also, there is no beard news, per se, so the James Hetfield airport non-detention is not mentioned.

However, the organization’s charter bears reposting here:

Beardcore is for those of you who:
have a beard
aspire to have a beard
like beards
love beards
think beards are hot
think beards rock
are hardcore in general

It is that last condition (general hardcoreness) that makes Beardcore the kind of community I want to be a part of. FOREVER.

Tech / Tunes links 7.31.07 – With imperfect knowledge of my own velocity

*Bee mystery clearing up? Not music, not tech, but a pet issue of mine nonetheless. Seriously; terrified. (Upshot: It might be a virus brought in by imported bees. Wohoo!) Everyone can start using those cellphones again.
*Incredibly awesome Chuck E. Cheese mod. Chuck’s animatronic band The Rockafire Explosion performs hip-hop opus “Ms. New Booty.” Must see. [via]
*The eMusic / AT&T partnership we mentioned yesterday is the real deal.
*Analyst says Google’s working on predictive search for mobile devices. (Anticipation engines!). Also 11% of Google innovation since 1999 has been telco related…
*Feces-dumping bandleader Dave Matthews signs a deal to sell one of his live CDs exclusively through Starbucks. [via] In my mind, the Matthews tour bus incident is on par with Fergie’s pants-peeing – an incidental event (which may not even be true) so inextricably linked with an artist one cannot but think of it whenever one sees or hears that person. I believe that James Hetfield’s London airport Talibeard detention (or non-detention, if Mr. Hetfield is to be believed) is making its way toward that status as well.
*The Execrable Local (kinda): Low does Daytrotter sessions. (Breaker, Violent Past, In Silence, Sandinista)
*Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker on Damon Albarn’s operatic endeavours.

Beardfilter: Hetfield responds to recent rumors of his detention

We have all been closely following the story that Metallica’s James Hetfield was not long ago detained at a London airport due to his Taliban-like beard. Days after the initial report, updates in the press questioned the veracity of the original story.

Yesterday, Mr. Hetfield himself weighed in on the matter on the official Metallica website. I quote his commentary in its entirety below (mostly because there is no permalink to the quote itself):

“In the last few weeks there have been a lot of rumors flying around saying that I was detained by airport security in London while on tour in Europe. I’m here to tell you that it never happened . . . pure fabrication! The story is simply that there is no story . . . it’s scary how gullible and easily fooled the press is!
With that said, we had a blast out there on the “Sick of the Studio” tour and big thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and to the crew who made it happen. Now back to the studio . . .”

We stand corrected, though we are no less impressed with Mr. Hetfield’s Taliban-like beard. This important case is – for the moment, at least – closed.

Beardfilter: Impressive musical beard of the week – William Fitzsimmons


If you tell William Fitzsimmons that he is stealing Sam Beam’s mojo, he will go TALIBAN WILD on you.

UPDATE: William Fitzsimmons and Iron & Wine are MySpace friends, and, the theory has been floated (by my wife), “beard brothers.”

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Beardfilter: Update on James Hetfield’s Taliban-like beard

Last weekend, a British newspaper reported the news that Metallica frontman James Hetfield had been detained at a British airport due to his “Taliban-like beard.” Now, Hetfield’s representatives are DENYING (last item) that report. Said his peeps, “It’s false. It’s not true.”

DO I SMELL SPIN CONTROL? We will continue to follow this beard as it develops, as well as any other music-related facial hair of note.

Beardfilter: James Hetfield detained at airport for long beard

Metallica’s James Hetfield was detained at Luton airport in the UK on Thursday. Officials cited his “Taliban-like beard” as their reason for questioning him. He was released after a brief interrogation. [via]

More on this, and other music-related beard news, as it happens.