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New Tay Zonday video; or the anxiety of awareness

Tay Zonday’s new video, “Do the Can’t Dance” doesn’t work for me for some of the same reasons the second season of Trapped in the Closet didn’t work for me. Too much self-awareness can be a terrible thing. I hope it’s just a sophomore slump.

[Metro Mpls]


Tech / tunes links 8.16.07 – The Office Edition (shortened, for your pleasure)

*I’m dancing for the man today, so the links will come in drips and drabs. Yes, drabs.
*A new album, “Guilt By Association,” gets clever indie kids to record their guilty musical pleasures. Includes Devendra Banhart singing “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (which I don’t even feel that guilty about), in addition to Will Oldham singing Mariah Carey’s “Can’t Take That Away.” Listen. [via]
*I am required by law to post every article Clive Thompson ever writes. “Why New Yorkers Last Longer.”
*The head of, Denis Kvasov, has been found not guilty of copyright infringement in a Russian court. [via]
*The execrable local (but good this time!): Tay Zonday interviewed by Flak; transcript (recommended) and MP3.

Tay Zonday performing at First Ave October 5?

Just heard that Internet phenom (and Minneapolis’ own) Tay Zonday will be performing at First Avenue on October 5 – with Dan Deacon (he of the Schwarzenegger mashup DVDs and the 400 dragon roars) and Girl Talk. Wow.

[via] (Hard to believe, but also on PF)

Tech / tunes links 8.14.07 – Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

*MediaPost comments on recent DRM-free moves by the labels, pondering whether they feed into plans for free, ad-supported models in the future (in addition to subscription and download models). We’ve talked about this crap at the day job for a couple years. A quote: “For now, music labels are just trying to stimulate competition by giving other companies a way to compete against Apple, which will sell about 20% of all music sold, not just digital, in the United States this year.”
*TechCrunch covers Strayform, a startup that enables musicians to upload their music, then beg for things. Bands make proposals – asking for donations and offering, among other things, to mention contributors in future songs. Fans, of course, get to download the music and maybe catch a tech-savvy band on the rise.
*gBox – not owned by Google – will be selling Universal’s DRM-free tracks. Google will just serve up ads (there was confusion about this, including by me, when the announcement of UMG’s partners came out). Is this “California-based startup” they’re talking about the gBox that doesn’t support Firefox? (IE only?!?) [via]
*Pitchfork interviews Manu Chao. The Dude’s favorite song, hands down, is “Bongo Bong.” A quote: “Tradition is something that is in permanent evolution, you know? It’s difficult to think about what’s going to be traditional in 500 years. Maybe traditional will be Motörhead. They will find a CD of Motörhead and say, oh, that’s the music they listened to 500 years ago.” On the dude tip: Rock-inspired baby stuff.
*Mashable hauls out 30+ tools for iTunes; Display lyrics! Set up hotkeys! Show your latest played tracks on your blog! Exhausting.
*DJ Envy presents mixtapes for mobile phones, to be distributed through Cellfish, which I wrote about a while back. I have been wondering about ringtone subscription plans that introduce an element of surprise and serendipity into the subscriber’s life (not just the people around him or her) for a while now. I think the fun of a whimsically changing ringtone outweighs the utility of knowing which ring is yours for the majority of people under 40. Okay, maybe 30. [via]
*I had no power all last night, and just got it back this morning. I am tired. [via my airconditioner]
*AT&T admits it’s censored other bands, before Pearl Jam @ Ooza ’07.
*Sampled + Sorted charts the Top 20 music 2.0 sites for July 2007. Oooh. Pretty colors.
*Yanko Design‘s combo MP3 player / CD player has wicked style. The nutcracker of MP3 players! [via]
*Dinner with the Band TV! [via]
*Great YouTube collection of unusual music performances on TV (but inexcusably leaves out Tay Zonday’s Jimmy Kimmel performance!). [via Getty Images]

[VIA] the execrable local: Tay Zonday, Okkervil River

[For the record, I think all the local is execrable.]

*According to his MySpace page, Tay Zonday will be performing “Chocolate Rain” on Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. [via]
*Hear Okkervil River’s latest album (which The A.V. Club thought kinda sucked) streamed on their MySpace page. [via]

Chocolate Rain interview

A purported interview with Tay Zonday, the musical mastermind behind this week’s YouTube smash, “Chocolate Rain.”

Talky! [via]

Also: Now with 100% more super-pale John Mayer!