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I want an Instapaper for everything

They other day on Twitter, I plaintively (well, kinda) begged the cosmos for something: Maybe this already exists, but I’d like a Tivo queue for cultural events. I want a media-agnostic way to “stack” stuff than I want to see/do.

I make lame jokes about a lot of things on that Twitter account, but here I was starting to articulate a real need I’ve been feeling. Having thought more about it over the past couple of days, I think a better way to say what I think I need is in this headline: I want an Instapaper for everything.

What does that mean? It means I’d like a tool that’s NOT first and foremost about sharing or displaying things (like Pinterest is, and like some dozens of social shopping sites are), but is instead a stripped-down tool focused on and optimized for ME. I want it to allow me to save and sort any kind of media – from granular articles like Instagram does now – to TV shows on Hulu, specific podcasts through the iTunes store, books through Amazon, to even live shows by bands playing at the Turf Club down the road.

I don’t even care if it recommends anything for me (though I assume someday, after this thing exists in a sufficiently usable format, people will want recommendations like that). Right now, I finish my podcast-informed commute and have half a dozen things I WANT to remember to look at: An album by Allen Toussaint. Some dumb fitness app. An old television series starring Alec Guinness.

But I am not one to make spreadsheets. And I don’t want to send myself dozens of disconnected emails of movies to remember to watch or albums to buy when I get the chance. And I don’t want to set up dead to-do lists where buying some milk sits next to seeking out, evaluating and purchasing (or not!) an app or an e-book.

Does this service exist already? Am I being dense? If anyone gets where I’m coming from, and if this does not exist, is there any way you can PLEASE wield your vast powers to make this happen? Please? Can you, for once, use your authority for GOOD?

Links for October 21, 2011: Where would you like your Coke bottle?

*Imagery: Don’t miss this brilliantly arresting art, Plasticizer, by Liu Bolin. It’s from an incredible set of images of 21st century China. (This is really a must-see photo collection.) [fallows]

*Art: These dioramas, MINIATURES NO LESS, were created underwater. You heard that right. UNDERWATER. Look at them and allow your jaw to DROP. (You’ll note that I RESISTED the urge to make a crude “under-toilet-water sculpture” reference. Almost.) [coudal]

*Sartorial splendour: TieSight is an app that uses a MacBook’s camera to step one through tying a tie. I don’t wear ties, but I would someday like to learn how to shave? [poploser]

*Holidays: I don’t know what I will be dressing up as for Halloween, but the costume will definitely include a 300-piece chocolate gladiator bikini.

*Greenery: This microblog on microlawns is fairly amusing? “Unexpectedly erotic mons pubis form, measuring 3 feet across, deemed so provocative that Its location has been hidden by the Censors.” [mefi]

*Chestnuts: Coudal reminds us of this old chestnut, while that fall nip in the air reminds us that It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers.

*Ideas: Fluevog is putting a vending machine full of smart, handcrafted gew gaws in its public break room and Flueseum. Nurturing creative ideas = good for workers, good for business.

*Local: Polica is going to be playing at the Turf Club – right down the street! – on November 7th.

*Fun fact: One of the most popular searches for this site is “Coke bottle in ass.” That sounds terribly unappetizing!

*Today’s links: F.

Links for October 20, 2011: The Waiting Ball

*Gifs: This Waiting gif is incredible. Mesmerizing. How can something that should elicit a stress response soothe so naturally? [mktg]

*Today’s link: F.

12.14.08: Famous musical muses, Musclephone, Wear Your Music…

*Muses: Meet the people who inspired such songs as Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” as well as “Layla” and “Suzanne.” If you haven’t met them already. [mefi]

*Fashion: Spendy guitar strings from Wear Your Music combine cause consumption with the reuse ethos of the sustainability movement. Famous musicians donate their guitar strings, which get made into bracelets and sold to fans. The money goes to charity. Spendy, but a decent idea. (Looks like you can get an Avril bracelet for $150!) [treehugger]

*Songs: BuzzFeed puts together a playlist of earworms.

*Dessert: Chocolate Grace Jones. Thank you, Kanye.

*Lip dubbing: Offer up your best lip synching to the musical stylings of “Flight of the Conchords.” I have been told that I have a similarity in features to the ugly one. [urlesque]

*Fitness: The GettaGrip Musclephone is a cellphone with hand exercisers built in on either side of it. God, I hope this is the kind of shit I see a ton of at the Consumer Electronics Show. [textually]

*Twitter: Read this and this and this. Now do you understand what I’m talking about?

Links for 7.9.08: Lil Wayne marketing, torture music, pays indies…

*Money: will pay royalties to unsigned artists for the songs streamed through their service. Label this! Hypebot captures the response of Merlin (the “indie major”). [techcrunch]

*Torture: Torturers might owe royalties to artists for the music they play over and over to torture victims.

*Cellular: Call a rapper, get a freestyle ringtone. [WAIT – my day job?]

*Television: Wine bar music comes to Sesame Street as Feist performs with Elmo on PBS on August 11th.

*Industry: Is myAWOL (My Artists Without Labels) a new kind of label? Which is to say a media channel meant for music and optimized for the internet. (Hey, that aside wasn’t droll at all!)

*Contest: Would you like to compete with Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. to create the best song from the lyrics of The Honeydogs’ Adam Levy? It’s for Minnesota Public Radio! OK, I would not either.

*Tapes: The Cassette Tape Pouch. It does not play music.

*Marketing: NPR deconstructs Lil Wayne’s marketing strategy for The Carter III. [the rap up]

*Politics: Barack Obama gives a shout out to Weezy’s lyrical skills at a Georgia campaign event.

*Song title of the day: “Too Drunk to Fuck” by Buckcherry. Video.

Links for 5.25.08: Suburban slumps, crowdsourcing the pie, booming female DJs…

*I’ve written about or mentioned the crowdsourcing of various elements of music many times in the past, including linking to SlicethePie, a site that allows fans to finance bands they think can make it. The Telegraph reports on SlicethePie’s progress. [largehearted boy]

*In Europe: Rise of the female DJ?

*The A.V. Club pans Mates of State’s newest album, and blames it on a “suburban slump” (aka having a kid).

*Muxfind: Find tunes you want to hear on Muxtape. I guess I should finally make one of those things. [vc]

*Sneakers: If you want to wear designer metal shoes, it will cost you around $225. [hypebeast]

*Sorta off topic: – a simple tool that lets you check who’s listening to whom on Twitter. [mediaeater] Also, Crowdstatus allows you to create Twitter groups. I haven’t tried to use it yet. Generally, I dislike large groups.

OK GO brings the bons mots re: Net Neutrality

OK, does OK GO’s editorial on Net Neutrality from today’s New York Times mean I have to start liking them? Even on some level? Because I’m not crazy about the idea.


“OK Go, has been among the first to find real success on the Internet — our songs and videos have been streamed and downloaded hundreds of millions of times (orders of magnitude above our CD sales) — so the committee thought I’d make a decent spokesman for up-and-coming musicians in this new era of digital pandemonium.

I’m flattered, of course, but it makes you wonder if Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner sit around arguing who was listening to Vampire Weekend first.”

Next steps for Slide

Recently, we learned that Facebook widget-maker Slide had gotten venture funding and been valued at around $500M – sort of a lot of money. Such eye-bulging numbers will mean increased expectations.

Hence, Superpoke recommendations I have seen (verbatim):

“I’d like to vomit on people”

“for thanksgiving you should have had the option of basting or stuffing people!”

“So-and-So has punched you in the throat.”

“Given you a Sub-prime loan”

“Can you please add a “Throw a Pallet” option. It would be great for everyone who works in a warehouse setting”

“shake hands politely with (in a traditional manner)”

“i want to be able to “facepush” people”

“You should be able to throw a carrot at someones eye”

“Can you add the option of having had Chipotle with someone???”

“I think invaginate should be an option.”

“Has giving you French Onion soup.”

$500M. Yeesh. Makes me want to suggest “grant options to.”

Video: Videogame Audiosurf lets you “ride your music”

Apparently set for a February 2008 release, Audiosurf turns tunes from your personal library into videogame roads that you navigate. Chill songs mean serene landscapes and faster ones equate to more action-packed atmospheres. Pick any MP3 or WAV (or otherly formatted) tune from your library.

Video: Charge your iPod with an onion

[our digital music]

Links for 12.24.07: Idolator selling, Norris suing, Iran rising…

*Is Gawker Media’s Idolator up for sale? Maybe The Daily Swarm will buy them. (Also, Idolator’s OK sometimes, but the site name – from which all blog mojo flows – sucks.)

*A readable article from In These Times on the Tehran, Iran underground rock scene. [3 quarks daily]

*Watch: The Zero Punctuation review of Guitar Hero III. [plasticbag]

*Chuck Norris is suing Penguin for publishing a book of fake Chuck Norris facts. Sort of a David v. Goliath. [triumph of bullshit]

*Who likes country music?

*Read CNet’s roundup of digital music services that launched in 2007. [hypebot]

*A recent Apple patent means iPods will be able to lower the sound to protect listeners’ hearing. [xrrf]

Links for 12.23.07: Dylan went electric, Segway soc net, BMG MP3s…

*Sony BMG is ready to jump into MP3s with artist-specific digital download album cards. Weird way to do it.

*Is the Virgin Megastore so done with Union Square? [brooklyn vegan]

*Readable: an essay on Bob Dylan and electricity. [murketing]

*It exists: a social network for Segway enthusiasts. [mashable]

*Hardware maker Neuros has introduced an “unlocked” logo to indicate that products and files bearing it are DRM-free.

Links 12.21.07: Top ringtones, GHIII wireless, Brother Ali’s box…

*From AT&T: The top 10 ringtones of this year include songs from the likes of Soulja Boy, Fergie and Akon. [hypebot]

*iLike and Qloud hop into OpenSocial. With widgets.

*Lou Reed will be delivering the keynote speech at the 2008 SXSW Music Conference and Film Festival. Maybe I should go? [the daily swarm]

*The Future of Music: Super-compressed DRM-free files.

*Fimoculous has come out with its Best Blogs of 2007 That You Maybe Aren’t Reading. Otherwise known as 25 blogs that are better in concept than they are in practice.

*BB Gadgets highlights the iPhones “Rub My Clit” application (NSFW). Oh my.

*Verizon has secured an exclusive wireless deal for Guitar Hero III. [hypebot]

*Mashable runs down its top music stories of 2007.

*Local: Brother Ali’s boombox is available on eBay. [mediation]

*I would be remiss if I did not pass along Am I Wasted (not exactly safe for work – or safe for the holidays). Buddy Lee.