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Vintage video: Saved by the Bell’s “Jesse’s Song”

This video was featured on Fark recently with the headline “The single greatest moment in the history of televised media.”

That might be hype, but the song is burned into my brain.

Video: Flight of the Conchords meets Footloose

I like that the energy drink at the beginning is bright pink.

Video: Al Michaels’ Kanye v. 50 prediction.

On a recent Jimmy Kimmel, Al Michaels, a well-known conservative (which explains his 50 affinity), comes out on the side of Fiddy in the Kanye/50 Cent album battle. Also, Fiddy is sitting right next to him.


Har Mar Super* reality show: Holding Out for a Hero

The execrable local: Har Mar Superstar is shooting a pilot episode for a reality show, and he needs some helpers. If you’ll be in L.A. on Friday, I strongly urge you to help the man out. Details at Filter.

Also, I understand they closed the Marshall’s at the Har Mar Mall. As long as they still regularly have agate shows, I’m fine with that. [Note: TOTALLY NOT KIDDING!]

Tech / tunes links 9.2.07 – Hangin’ loose in the big town

*Breaking: Turkish rocker Baris Akarsu’s video for “Islak Islak” has passed Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” as the most commented-on YouTube video of all times. As of this writing, the tallies are Akarsu: 142,530 and Lavigne: 137,628. America, you have disappointed me again. (I wonder if YouTube’s new comment voting functionality – with the ability for users to mark spam – will make it harder to get to 150,000 comments on a single video.)
*Sasha Frere-Jones writes up Manu Chao (the dude’s favorite) in this week’s New Yorker, saying: “Few pop performers take the idea of being a global musician so literally. Chao’s new album, “La Radiolina,” consists of twenty-two tracks in five languages.” Also, his schtick plays great with six-month-olds.
*BMG is settling the Napster copyright infringement case; Bertelsmann AG will pay $130M. [mediaeater]
*The ULTIMATE in soothing vintage video: Check out this 48-minute documentary on John Lennon’s jukebox, an old-timey number he filled with singles to take on tour with him in 1965. [Metafilter]
*Read/WriteWeb offers a guide of online tools for musicians.
*Money on NBC’s web strategy as they move away from iTunes: Among other things, they see a bigger business in ad-supported online content than they do in paid-for downloads. (Despite looking dumb over the past week, they’re probably right about that particular point – for a while.)

The ListeNerd’s AVOID: an irregular anti-recommendation public service

Two nearly identical music shows – The Singing Bee (hosted by Joey Fatone) and Don’t Forget the Lyrics (hosted by Wayne Brady) – debuted on primetime network TV recently.

BOTH OF THEM ARE TERRIBLE. Avoid. You have been warned.