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Links for 9.19.07: Mozart sucks, Slash hates reality TV, SX deals + more

*SoundExchange inks a deal with some small webcasters – but the small internet radio stations would still have to pay a higher royalty rate on artists who aren’t SoundExchange-affiliated. More (and more coherent) commentary at Listening Post.

*Notes on the Future of Music Policy Summit from the WaPo. [Coolfer]

*The A.V. Club interviews Slash. The modest guitarist on reality television: “It has just turned into the lowest form of entertainment. It has become the kind of medium where it’s taken the human condition and exposed it to the point where there’s actually no personality left. It’s just all so commonplace now, and there’s no privacy and no mystique to anything.” [A.V. Club]

*R. Kelly says he can’t explain Trapped in the Closet, calling the project “my alien.” [Rolling Stone via MeFi]

*First Baby Einstein goes out the window, now classical music, too. A recent study says that there’s “no compelling evidence” that listening to classical music will amp kids’ cognitive development. Unless it’s Mozart’s “Leck mich im Arsch.” [Mental Floss via Grooveshark]

*The execrable local: City Pages’ local music issue, Picked to Click, is out. I haven’t read City Pages in probably a year, but I link out of sympathy.

*Hip-hop pop-ups: A brilliant site that plays hip-hop tunes and produces pop-up ads of brands mentioned as they are invoked. [Fimoculous]

*Behold: The iPod Nano embedded in a cassette tape. But has anyone yet embedded a shuffle into a first-gen iPod brick? Hello? [Crave]

Infographics + Trapped in the Closet = Better than an iPhone store credit?

Old but just saw this: two great tastes that taste great together: Earl Boykins’ Andrew Kuo does up his infographic stylings on the subject of R. Kelly’s hip-hopera Trapped in the Closet.

Tech / tunes links 8.25.07 – Nervous tension. Nervvvvvous tension.

*Chuck Klosterman does a Trapped in the Closet roundup for the Guardian. [via]
*Twitterment answers the question: What are we twittering? The app allows the curious and the bored to examine the subject matter trends of Twitter users. Looks like mentions of dogs and cats are about even in the mornings, but dogs start to pull away in the afternoons. Wheeeee!!!!!
*I hadn’t noticed Mashable Invites before, which allows Web 2.0 junkies to sign up, and stand in line to receive invites for 2.0 applications in beta (or sometimes alpha, I guess) mode.
*A long TechCrunch post on how to find DRM-free music online.
*Digital Audio Insider on using as a tool to measure fan devotion. Includes a massive chart!!! [via]
*A Virtual World Radio Network launches in Second Life, and it sounds like they want to be the BBC of the metaverse everybody now loves to hate. [via]

TiTC on the IFC

If you haven’t been paying attention, there are now only 2 segments remaining in this second flight of Trapped it the Closets, and I have to say, it’s been a disappointment. It has all of the broadness of the first 12 episodes, but none of the poignant absurdity. Although there’s somewhat of a Trapped in the Closet reveal in Chapter 20, there is no incontinent, asthmatic midget stripper to be seen. And thus, I am saddened.

Watch the latest here, and tune in over the next couple of days to see if the absurdity can be recalled, and the series can be redeemed.

Trapped in the Closet with some IFC geek

New York mag covers the official premiere party for R. Kelly’s deliciously absurd and retarded “Trapped in the Closet” video series (where Michael Portnoy, aka SOY BOMB, apparently made an appearance!).

The series continues apace, with chapters 13-22 produced, and now strangely debuting on the website of the Independent Film Channel. Prior to each episode Kelly sits with some nerdy IFC dude, drawing out the plot points he believes to be salient. While many people have wondered aloud why the IFC has taken on TitC, I keep thinking the exact opposite. The series appearing in this context (or in any context, for my money) – with Kelly offering jocular commentary and nearly mocking his own work (please leave that to others) only detracts from the STRANGENESS and acontextuality that make the series worth watching at all (and it IS worth watching. I mean, come on.). This 20+ part music video opera is exactly the kind of endeavor YouTube’s the ideal place for. Leave couch-sitting, the IFC geek, and the entire director’s commentary for the bonus materials section of the DVD, and let’s keep this thing acontextually absurd, as it is meant to be.

The Independent Film Channel’s GM on R. Kelly’s TitC

The general manager of the Independent Film Channel sees fit to comment on why the cable channel will be posting the next 10 parts (parts 13-22) of R. Kelly’s brilliant, absurd music video cycle, “Trapped in the Closet.”

“Perhaps…it’s the way that Kelly pits the most influential, stereotyped elements of black pop culture – the religious figure, the ex-con, the down-low homosexual, the cop, the ignored woman and, yes, the hip-hop star – against each other in an irreconcilable moral conflict.

Perhaps it’s because “Trapped” takes the traditional production values of a music video and turns them on their head. There’s no hit single; there’s no cute hook or catchy lyric… The focus is on story and character, usually at the expense of a hummable tune.”

I think the series remains compelling for one other, very particular reason: it represents raw artistic vision at its best – which is to say, at its most willfully ignorant. Crash!

Trapped in Stereogum

Stereogum posts a trailer recapping R. Kelly’s fantastical serial absurdity “Trapped in the Closet,” with the last portion of the video dedicated to previewing upcoming events (there are 10 chapters to come in August).

Now with 100% more YouTube: