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It’s coming!

The future returns! And this time it’s out for blood! Not really! (Actually, I don’t think that even makes sense?)

I’ll soon be bringing the listenerd back in a brand-new format. The new ‘nerd consist of all the nonsense anyone who still checks in here came to love oh-so-many years ago, but lovingly wrapped in a 3x-per-week newsletter that’s INCREDIBLY easy to delete.

So that’s the idea: The excitement and inspiration of the world’s greatest ideas, PLUS the impermanence of a city painted in sand.

To get updated on it, go here.

Corporations as hostile Artificial Intelligence

Corporations as hostile Artificial Intelligence

Remember when I used to do links? (This link is brilliant and awful.)

Goats Yelling Like Humans

Just proving that I’m alive.

Video: Unicycle freestyling!

“Baby Got Back” via a mega movie mashup

Video: Surfin’ Bird

I used to post a LOT of videos of phonographs playing music here. The joke was (well, it wasn’t all that much of a joke) that I would always say how “soothing” they were. 

And without further ado, I present you with The Trashmen’s “Surfin’ Bird.”

Video: Caine’s Arcade

Worth every minute.

5 Endorsements from Someone Who Knows Nothing

1) Mark Lisanti’s exuberantly disturbing Mad Men Power Rankings on Grantland.

2) Shane Cyr’s tonally flawless Louis vs. Rick

3) Andrew Ti’s Yo Is This Racist? 2012’s Ann Landers.

4) Travis McHenry’s Coffee and the Newspaper – You have to give me this one. Please. I think one could create an algorithm that correlated images based primarily on color scheme, then it could match EVERYONE’S Facebook profile with a picture of food. (I don’t know why that would be valuable.) Anyway. On the other hand, maybe one could also upload a picture of a meal and get outfit suggestions? Trust me. Potential.

5) Spencer Sloan’s Golden Fiddle*.
      *lifetime achievement

Video: Robot hand for remote (robot) handshaking!

Good week for Screenshots of Despair

I started a tumblr awhile ago called Screenshots of Despair. It was inspired by serendipitous sightings of ennui-inducing automated social media messages, along with Rob Walker’s Gallery of Default Anonymity. After a couple dozen pics had been gathered, Rob (feels weird to use his first name; we’ve never met) wrote up an excellent analysis/explanation of the mini-project for Design Observer

Since mid-last week, thousands of people have started following the tumblr, many more have come to the site or tweeted about it and it’s gotten shout-outs from a ton of people and media outlets I respect. (Also, I’ve had to think a lot more critically about ennui, the modern human condition, and the interface of man and machine??)

Consider this a thanks to Rob for nudging this idea into being, as well as a shout out for examples of this idea captured in the wild. 

Video: Break ton neck

[via john coltrane]

Video: “We Are Ready” by Dancefloor Diplomacy

A live mashup!



Video: EaTheremin is a fork-like instrument that plays as you eat

Links for March 5, 2012: Punk Lincoln iPhone case, floating raindrops, the end of life on Earth!

IMPENDING DISASTER: There is a 1 in 8 chance of a catastrophic solar megastorm by 2020. That seems kind of scary? Also, is it sort of awesome that there is a journal of SPACE WEATHER? I’m sure glad I learned about that before I got burnt to a crisp and the only civilization humanity has ever known was incinerated in a fiery ball! Me? I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the journal of Space Weather will be among the first publications to hire robot editors.

Presidents: I think this might be the most interesting iPhone case I’ve seen? It’s from Tim Shumate.

Ideas: This one has been passed around quite a bit, but it’s still worth a read. Jason Fried on ideas. And taking one’s time.

Upcycling: Old suitcases become boomboxes. Now show me an old boombox that is a suitcase. Please?

Minnesota: This foldable ice fishing house with walls made out of ice would be PERFECT for my proposed initiative that would record live performances of Minnesota bands ice fishing. (Next year?)

Women: The Desire Project.

Visuals: These images of fruits and vegetables photographed through a microscope will knock you on your ass. Who ever thought I would be crying looking at a picture of a corn husk? Other than my father! [bittman]

Art: How to suspend a raindrop in mid-air. This makes you question whether you really have been wasting your life by reading nothing but those “how-to lock your iPhone in portrait view” articles.

Video: Black Flag live in England. Hair!

Research: How are you being tracked on the web? How are you being tracked in Target?

Personal: I’ve been Pinteresting. And Svpplying. I’m not a visual thinker (nor any other kind, I don’t think), and I’m terrible at both. But it’s good to remind myself of my own shortcomings (and of the fragility of human life?) every now and then.

Today’s links: F.