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Video: A Russian crow tubing down a snowy roof

Video: The Rapper Supercut Spelling Bee

Lots of rappers. Spelling.

Video: Taiwanese garbage trucks play music

Video: Iron and Wine’s “Godless Brother in Love” video

“It kind of reminds me of a Levi commercial.” – YouTube commenter.

The song itself is strangely centerless! Like THE WORLD ITSELF!

Video: A MUSICAL airport walkway

OK, my skills in Dutch are rusty, at best. But I believe this Me-lo-dy “suitcase symphony” walkway is being positioned as the melodic alternative to taking the moving sidewalk.

Close inspection of the video, however, reveals the walkway to sound like one of those croaking frogs you rub a stick along the back of. This conversation is over.


Video: Fiddlesticks!

Just the name DEWEY BALFA FIDDLESTICKS should strike terror into the heart of any prospective video watcher.


Video: James Gill “Flyin Out My Gates”

Wait. A British rap. About cycling?

Video: Prince performing “Mountains” in 1986


Video: Don Cherry’s Piano Desk

I do this all the time, and would, in fact, love to have a piano desk of my own.

Video: 2011’s United State of Pop by DJ Earworm

An annual link. 5 minutes, the year’s 25 top songs.

Video: The Trapeze Swinger performed live

Who among us is not crying into his or her own cupped hands right now?

Also, I enjoyed this comment, by alexanderalexanders: “GOD I WOULD FUCKING RAGE IF PEOPLE WERE TAKING´╗┐ THAT MANY FLASH PHOTOS OF ME”

Video: Polica does “Wandering Star” for Radio K

Heh. College music.

Video: Guy whistling “On My Mind” – You must watch this video.

Trust me. Please. (Also, the top comment is pitch perfect?)


Video: Bon Iver’s workout plan

OK, everyone loves linking to a good hard body video. But I can’t help myself. How Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon stays (gets?) in shape. (The guy has a decent turnaround jumper?)