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Tech / tunes links 8.8.07 – If you find yourself falling apart

*SpiralFrog, who’s had a rough run, says they’re read to go live, and will offer free ad-supported music downloads sometime this year. Beta has launched. [via]
*The 25 best opening lyrics. Highlight: “Go, shorty! It’s your birthday.” [via]
*Hip-hop violin by Paul Dateh. (Still, he’s no Miri Ben-Ari.)
*The RIAA spent $658,000 on lobbying in the first half of this year. [via]
*Video interview with Fake Steve Jobs Daniel Lyons. Preceded by a way-annoying number of commercials.
*The Freakonomics blog has been snatched up by the New York Times. (This as it’s become apparent that Forbes will swallow the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Also, Treehugger, which is a little different deal, was recently purchased by Discovery.) Interesting in that in my (admittedly know-nothing) opinion, the Freakonomics blog has been awful for the past 6+ months. I consider taking it out of my feed reader about every other day.
*Minesweeper: The Movie. [via]

Vintage audio: Soundwave cassette player

Not only is this AWE-INSPIRING, it is also INCREDIBLY SOOTHING. (Sound on OR off!)

All you need is luvs

The Beatles tune “All You Need Is Love” has been, of late, used in a TV commercial to sell diapers (lyrics changed to “All you need is Luvs”). The London Times writes about the kerfuffle, offering this amusing tidbit: “A Dutch fan said that if Lennon was still alive he would be an advocate of washable cotton nappies.”

Vintage audio: Tapes and tapes

Designboom on the culture of cassette tapes. [via]

These guys sell very specific cassette tape belt buckles: Blank Sony tapes (sold out!), Bobby Brown, Bob Seger, even Prince and Tears for Fears.

Also: the cassette tape wallet.

Also: cassette tape MP3 player (not that sexy).

But THIS is sexy. Totally freakin’ awesome cassette tape-playing video follows!

Vintage audio video

Today’s presentation: Phonofiddles. Extraordinarily SOOTHING.

Tech / tunes links 8.5.07 – Back with my brand-new invention

*The Times Online reports on Sellaband and SlicethePie: two quasi-futures markets for new music. Fans put down real money, helping to back a band who has uploaded demos, and can then get returns on their investments if the groups gain popularity and start selling well. Somebody’s ready to start crowdsourcing the money men now, it seems.
*As hotels have been doing for years (W Hotels have been creating, and even selling, special mixes for a long time), for-sale condos are starting to carefully tailor their soundtracks.
*Top 10 covers of videogame songs on YouTube.
*Guitar Hero III’s 11 new tracks announced; they include the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Suck My Kiss” and Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast.”
*The WSJ reports on mp3 collections, individualism, and identity within the institution of marriage. (Also at issue: whether newlyweds should combine their blogs.)
*Prospect magazine on the economics of modern music. (Where selling CDs at your concert can cannibalise your t-shirt sales and destroy profits.)

New video from Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas

Yes, we at the ListeNerd love anything remotely related to the Black Eyed Peas, America’s most inane and fitting super-group.

What follows is a new video for “I Got It from My Mama” from the most whimsically punctuated Pea of all, Will.I.Am. Please note the musician’s incredible discipline, repeating the same mantra-like lines over and over again, grinding them into the helpless listener’s brain like a drill. Enjoy!

Big old Jed had a light on

Think you may have misheard a song lyric or two? Don’t check an extensive database of actual song lyrics, go to YouTube, where misheard lyrics are a genre all their own. (It seems like this sort of comedy would be the optimal use for video wikification.) [via]

The best of the bunch, to my mind: Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter.”

(Note: can’t remember which comedian the post’s title is stolen from.)

Trapped in the Closet…again

Billboard reports that R. Kelly will release 10 new chapters of his INSANELY LUDICROUS YET STUPEFYINGLY AWESOME video series “Trapped in the Closet” via DVD on August 21. [via]

BEARD NEWS: Kelly will be playing the part of an old man with a belly and a fake beard in the latest “Trapped in the Closet” installments.

Beardfilter: Video version

A must-watch video, starring one of America’s most compelling beards: Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” as interpreted by Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

Architecture in Helsinki in Paris (without much architecture!)

Fun Take-Away Shows feature: Architecture in Helsinki playing Heart It Races.

(Is it just me or has Daily Motion recently made it a major pain in the ass to embed?)

More links, more music, less tech.

*I really will get Music 2.0-y again. Soon.
*Country dude Brad Paisley = MySpace geek. (What is Jason Alexander doing, anyway?) [via]
*The Beatles: All mashed up. Photoshopping the Fab Four into anachronistic situations.
*More Beatles, more covers: Cheap Trick to perform Sgt. Pepper album in concert. (Yuck.) [via]
*There’s going to be a Big Lebowski sequel???? [via]
*Hotel lobby music: These are the people who pick it. (A six-person consultancy that is projecting $2M+ in revenue for 2007!)
*A straggling list: 77 unforgettable movie songs. Nicely YouTubed! Wayne’s World at #1, though? [via]
*The album is dead? AC/DC’s 1980 album “Back in Black” sold 440,000 copies last year.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

via Fimoculous comes:


A religio-musical mashup. (Not soothing, but RECOMMENDED.)

GWAR, what is it good for?

(Actually, this is not GWAR at all.) Manic, insane and amazing World of Warcraft music video machinima nerdity: “I Am Murloc.”. [via]