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Vintage: a very soothing moving image of a record player spinning

At the beginning, it looks like this vintage video may have been taped during an earthquake. But it eventually levels off, and is quite SOOTHING. I would recommend watching with the sound OFF.

Vintage: Incredibly soothing.

Round. And round.


An antique Victor Talking Machine model VV-IX 309747 G.


Tech / tunes links 8.11.07 – Don’t ever give up

*A study from Stanford and McGill monitors subjects’ brain activity as they listen to a concert. One- to two-second breaks in the music trigger a flood of brain activity. On an anecdotal note, I do my most pithy microblogging during the spaces between iTunes songs.
*Universal announced that they bought indie record label V2 Music for around $14M. So this week they bought a label, went DRM-free, thumbed their nose at Apple, and got sued by Veoh. [via]
*In other Universal news: their DRM-free tracks will be watermarked with unique identifiers, so if the tracks make it onto p2p networks, they’ll know who put ’em up. [via]
*A hand-crank media player ensures one can watch short, amusing videos during power outages. Also features a radio, flashlight, an mp3 player, and an e-book reader. [via]
*Master P has given his official endorsement to Barack Obama for president. [via]
*The Nokia N95, which we talked a lot about at CES for my day job (and which RULES), might be coming to the U.S. (with 3G). [via]
*Cool to see that Hypebot’s hopped on the vintage audio bandwagon. Looks familiar… (Still very SOOTHING.)
*Vicarious Music’s 100 Days That Changed Music. The best one: 9. “April 1, 2032, Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy released; Weeks after Axl’s death in a tragic tanning–bed accident.” Comforting to see Axl getting taken down a peg.
*Reminder: Episode 13 of R. Kelly’s magnum opus “Trapped in the Closet” comes out on Monday!
*On the way: A Halo-themed Zune. You know it’s Halo because the brown is much more military! It’s available for pre-order. [via]
*Chicago Tribune article on strong vinyl sales at some of the city’s newer vintage record stores. [via]
*SubPop has started its own internet radio station. [via Getty Images]

Vintage audio video: Convergence device of the future, from the past

This incredibly huge device from yesteryear can reproduce musical sounds via radio, cassette, 8-track, and album! Try them all!

(I recommend listening with the SOUND OFF for maximum SOOTHINGNESS.)

Vintage audio video: Phonograph

Jack Hylton and His Orchestra performing “Little White Lies.”

INCREDIBLY SOOTHING. And highly recommended with the sound ON.

Vintage audio video

Playing a record with your finger. It is somewhat soothing, though the fact that there is a human hand in the picture makes it somewhat less so than would be desired. I would recommend listening to it with the sound OFF.

Vintage audio video

The Multiphone at the House on the Rock. I would highly recommend listening to this with THE SOUND OFF. (Now digging into what kind of music player the “multiphone” really was.)

Vintage audio video

The Monkees’ “I Wanna Be Free” on Colgems cardboard.

Yes, everyone, a cardboard record (which came in a cereal box back in the day).

CEREAL BOX AS DISTRIBUTION METHOD FOR FREE MUSIC? How can we feel soothed when such measures – which, if they were true, would subvert the dominant paradigm and possibly overthrow an industry – are afoot?

Vintage audio video

The video includes a tad too much panning for my liking (about 3 seconds of panning toward the beginning), but if you can stick with it, you will be rewarded not only with the soothing images of a record spinning around and around and around, but also (if you choose to crank the volume up to listenable levels) to the sounds of a 1980s pop song.

Vintage audio video

Doubtless, you will find this video of vintage audio equipment playing old music incredibly soothing. The song is not all bad.

(Meta note: 200th post! Many of them admittedly cheap. But I started this blog less than two months ago.)

Vintage audio video – The Nixon Version

A bit different from the usual phonograph playing. President Richard Nixon playing a concerto on the piano. For the impatient: he begins playing around 1:25.

Vintage audio video

An insanely soothing gramophone. Listen to this one with the sound on. Best of luck. (Nervous tension!)

Vintage audio video: Meat Loaf on 8-track

The sound is your call on this one. But the visuals are, as usual, VERY SOOTHING. Also, very shiny.