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Video: a phonograph playing

An old phonograph SOOTHINGLY spinning. This is what YouTube was made for, people.

(Seriously, the visual aspects of retro music technology are not to be dismissed! Our current distance from the mechanisms of music making are not all bad, but it’s important to remind oneself – especially if you spend hours with the earbuds in, sitting in front of a computer – that much more tangible physical acts used to be NECESSARY to experience music.)

Video: An old phonograph playing

You may find it extremely SOOTHING or you may find it totally boring.

The good news: Contains weird, disappearing time-lapse FX. And flowers.

Video: a hand-crank gramophone playing

It is quite SOOTHING.

Video: a 1905 Edison Bell phonograph playing


Video: a gramophone spinning in a soothing manner

VERY SOOTHING, even with the sound on. Watch as the record spins, and the needle moves along its grooves, producing the sound of a tango.

Vintage video: a phonograph playing

SOOTHING (even with the sound on).

The performers are apparently Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders.

Vintage video: The 1895 Dickson Experimental Sound Film

There are a lot of WORDS in this video (which I should now note, is a potentially interesting cross-platform, a-contextual, medium-bending use of YouTube), but the moving pictures start at just about the 1:00 mark. This is supposedly the first live film with recorded sound, and shows William Dickson playing a violin into a giant phonograph – along with two guys dancing.

(There’s a thorough explanation of the project on the YouTube page.)

Vintage: a gramophone soothingly spinning

Watch it, even with the sound on. It is incredibly SOOTHING.

For the metalheads: skull made of heavy metal cassettes

1980s cassette tapes from the likes of Judas Priest and Motley Crue have been melted down by an artist named Brian Dettmer to form an INCREDIBLY LIFELIKE human skull.

Approximately 1000X better than cassette tape buckles.
[BB Gadgets]

Vintage audio: Edison phonograph

The news is about to start! (Also, nice watch.) Also: VERY SOOTHING.

Vintage: A homemade record player

The text introducing this video is priceless, and far more soothing than most vintage videos. Watching the record spin, too, is highly recommended – with the SOUND OFF. (Homemade record player.)

Vintage: Battery-powered record player

Sharon Tandy sings “Hold On” via a battery-powered record player. Very SOOTHING (even with the sound on) in a Saturday night sort of way.

Vintage: Record player with nice arms

Love the herky-jerkiness, which takes nothing away from the overall SOOTHINGNESS of watching this record spin, old school. Go nuts and listen with the SOUND ON. It’s “Hushabye” by the Mystics on a 1956 Philips radiogram.

Tape Findings: found cassette tape recordings

I like! Perhaps this is hoary, but Tape Findings is a site that collects “found recordings” (usually from years gone by, and on cassette tape) from thrift stores and garage sales. A sonic Found, in blog form. The site’s been posting found cassettes once a week, and is now on week 99. [Reddit]

I recommend:
Week 99: Saturday Night Messages
Week 95: Tape to grandma 68 (sort of reminiscent of Grey Gardens)