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Video: Desperate Man Blues on

A film on vinyl collector Edward Gillen. NOTE THAT IT STARTS WITH OLD-TIMEY VIDEO OF A PHONOGRAPH PLAYING. COINCIDENCE? (If the embed is sucking for you, click here.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: Soundwagon mini abductor van is a tiny record player


Vintage: Battery-powered record player

Sharon Tandy sings “Hold On” via a battery-powered record player. Very SOOTHING (even with the sound on) in a Saturday night sort of way.

Vintage: A phonograph alphabetical

Love the dramatic start of this one (A.B.C Decca. Christopher Stone. Part 1. c.1935), the early 20th-century accent of the narrator, and the unexpected alphabetizing.

The close-up vid, however, prevents it from being SOOTHING. Still, recommended, if you are looking to close your day with a touch of yesteryear.

Tech / tunes links 8.24.07 – Dipping in batter, drowning in beer

*SoundExchange gave up on trying to DRM stream-ripping out of existence, and made a deal with big internet broadcasters to cap per-channel fees. Still wrangling with smaller broadcasters, though… [via] Internet radio is effing exhausting!
*Followup: the inexplicable mania of 14-year-old YouTube viewers; not only is Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” the most-viewed vid in the music category on YT (with over 50M views), the video now has over 133,000 comments.
*BusinessWeek report: Leveraging your workers’ World of Warcraft skills to up their productivity. [via]
*Vinyl: Whoa. ARG-like games were embedded on records back in the day?
*I posted the trailer for the Joy Division movie Control yesterday; here’s the soundtrack tracklist, from the ever-awesome Playlist.
*What IS the package? R. Kelly’s absurd hip-hopera ended its second season yesterday, and I must say that I was disappointed with a distinct lack of absurdity in story line this time around. Corny acting cannot measure up to corny storytelling. DAMN.
*Live Nation wants to ditch Ticketmaster (and maybe lower concert prices?): the market likes the idea.

Tech / tunes links 8.13.07 – Step 1: Acknowledge you have a problem

*ISPs in the UK are apparently freaking out about the bandwidth that’s going to be eaten up by people using the BBC’s iPlayer.
*David Pogue’s take on internet radio – and internet radios – in the Times.
*The WSJ on the Chinese factory –one of the largest in the world – at which iPhones (and tons of other elecs) are made. With video! And super-droney commentary!
*In honor of Tay Zonday: “Chocolate Radiohead,” courtesy of Ill Doctrine. [via]
*Yesterday was Vinyl Day, in honor of Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph way back in the day, like 400 years ago. If you are interested in the execrable local (which, of course, I mean in the most affectionate way possible), perhaps you will enjoy this Minneapolis vinyl-themed thread.
*What’s on Martin Scorsese’s iPod? Clapton, Van Morrison, Dylan, the White Stripes. Plus, he’s seen Arctic Monkeys live! [via]
*And, of course, need I remind anyone that R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” part 13 dropped today on the IFC? A little broad for my tastes (yes, even compared to the midget/stripper under the sink.)