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Links for 9.21.07: Fan club cheaters, rap tv, the future of an industry +

*From the Future of Music Policy Summit, Ars Technica reports that licensing music is a pain in the ass.

*Stereogum has launched mp3 page.

*Even though I hate the Freakonomics blog, I’m linking to them (cuz I’m the bigger man?): Read their post on the future of the music industry. Lots of interesting comments.

*The WSJ reports on a concert tix controversy: Fan club members (who get special ticket treatment) are (and have long been) selling codes that allow buyers to get tickets early to non-members via eBay.

*DMC posts his commentary on MTV’s epic Celebrity Rap Superstar battle: “Sebastian [Bach] is good, he is Hip Hop!” The state of the genre.

*Timbaland will be making a guest appearance on One Life to Live. I guess hip-hop is doing alright after all.

*The local. Doomdrips: A poster series with its own blog.

*Widgets: Gruvr is another site (now with a widget!) that maps upcoming concerts in your area. Effing widgets. [Mashable]

Links: SO DRAB

*“How Guitar Hero Saved Guitar Music” on Machinist. [via]
*Nerd heaven: Via Mashable, YuDoMagic is a video aggregating site for magicians. AWESOME.
*Musicane has a widget that sells DRM-free music from…yes…uh huh…innovatively punctuated Black Eyed Pea Will.I.Am. What’s interesting (in addition to this being the Black Eyed Peas) is that they’re doing revenue sharing for bloggers and soc-netters who embed the widget on their sites and sell music. Love it: Expect to see a Will.I.Am ListeNerd widget within days. [via]

Tech / tunes links 8.14.07 – Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

*MediaPost comments on recent DRM-free moves by the labels, pondering whether they feed into plans for free, ad-supported models in the future (in addition to subscription and download models). We’ve talked about this crap at the day job for a couple years. A quote: “For now, music labels are just trying to stimulate competition by giving other companies a way to compete against Apple, which will sell about 20% of all music sold, not just digital, in the United States this year.”
*TechCrunch covers Strayform, a startup that enables musicians to upload their music, then beg for things. Bands make proposals – asking for donations and offering, among other things, to mention contributors in future songs. Fans, of course, get to download the music and maybe catch a tech-savvy band on the rise.
*gBox – not owned by Google – will be selling Universal’s DRM-free tracks. Google will just serve up ads (there was confusion about this, including by me, when the announcement of UMG’s partners came out). Is this “California-based startup” they’re talking about the gBox that doesn’t support Firefox? (IE only?!?) [via]
*Pitchfork interviews Manu Chao. The Dude’s favorite song, hands down, is “Bongo Bong.” A quote: “Tradition is something that is in permanent evolution, you know? It’s difficult to think about what’s going to be traditional in 500 years. Maybe traditional will be Motörhead. They will find a CD of Motörhead and say, oh, that’s the music they listened to 500 years ago.” On the dude tip: Rock-inspired baby stuff.
*Mashable hauls out 30+ tools for iTunes; Display lyrics! Set up hotkeys! Show your latest played tracks on your blog! Exhausting.
*DJ Envy presents mixtapes for mobile phones, to be distributed through Cellfish, which I wrote about a while back. I have been wondering about ringtone subscription plans that introduce an element of surprise and serendipity into the subscriber’s life (not just the people around him or her) for a while now. I think the fun of a whimsically changing ringtone outweighs the utility of knowing which ring is yours for the majority of people under 40. Okay, maybe 30. [via]
*I had no power all last night, and just got it back this morning. I am tired. [via my airconditioner]
*AT&T admits it’s censored other bands, before Pearl Jam @ Ooza ’07.
*Sampled + Sorted charts the Top 20 music 2.0 sites for July 2007. Oooh. Pretty colors.
*Yanko Design‘s combo MP3 player / CD player has wicked style. The nutcracker of MP3 players! [via]
*Dinner with the Band TV! [via]
*Great YouTube collection of unusual music performances on TV (but inexcusably leaves out Tay Zonday’s Jimmy Kimmel performance!). [via Getty Images]

Tech / Tunes links 8.2.07 – Wider awake than ever

*Get ready iLike. Pandora leaps onto Facebook.
*Otocky integrates music and videogames. Not in a kick-ass Guitar Hero way, but in a kid-friendly boop-boop way. (Warning: longish video.)
*Elton John on the internet:
-“The internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff.”
-“Instead they sit at home and make their own records, which is sometimes OK but it doesn’t bode well for long-term artistic vision.”
-“It’s just a means to an end.We’re talking about things that are going to change the world and change the way people listen to music and that’s not going to happen with people blogging on the internet.”
-“I mean, get out there — communicate.”
-“Hopefully the next movement in music will tear down the internet.” [via]

*Napster losses down, subscribers down, too.
* adds the ability to embed videos. (I almost posted a BEPs vid yesterday, but held off. For you.)
*Oooh. Crave gets ahold of the Venzero Slickr.
*Rock Band wins Best in Show at the Game Critics Awards.
*Concert-goers need not resort to the backlight anymore. Virgin Mobile is offering a “virtual mobile flame” in its Mobile Festival Survival Kit – turn your cell phone screen into a flickering torch, a bright spotlight or a flashing beacon.
*The Terra Firma-EMI thing is done.

Tech / Tunes links 7.23.07 – The Lights Are Blinking

*More widgets: Social media widget-maker-for-the-musical-stars (sorta) Nabbr has been (mostly) snatched up by the S-Curve, the label responsible for “Who Let the Dogs Out?” [via]
*From hypebot: wants indies (and super DIY indies!) to waive their royalty fees. Clear Channel just decided NOT to do this.
*Zune 2.0: They’ll drop a new Zune soon; with enhanced wireless capabilities. Oh, and they’ve hit the 1 million Zunes sold mark now. The article also points to rumors of a Zune 2GO – a supposed iPod Shuffle competitor that’s basically a “music playing SD card” and a “sleeve” with music controls and headphones. [via]
*MediaEater’s links show the world how to download links from Hype Machine.
*Inflammatory headline: Digital audio players won’t exist in two years” says Sony exec. Not like they exist today. Goes on to talk about the phonification of the MP3 player market (and the potential for further phonification). The subject of social networks, music, and mobility (though not mososos – mobile social software applications – in particular) comes up, as well. MuMoSoSos? I call coinage.
*A gadget that swallows up your ringtone, instead blinking when a cellphone placed inside it receives a call. The perfect gift for office “buddies.”

Tech / Tunes links 7.18.07 – The 5:30 AM Wake-Up Call

*Everyone hates Prince. Except the couple million people who got his record for free. Ars asks if albums still matter (from a $$ standpoint) to artists?
*There is a new overlord in town. (Same as the old overlord.) Blender’s Powergeek 25 puts Steve Jobs on top. Others: Perez Hilton (uggggh), Pete Wentz (ugggh) and Scott Stereogum. Actually, I’m sort of surprised that Fake Steve Jobs didn’t land SOMEWHERE on the list. [via]
*A grainy, 9+ minute educational film from 1983 on “Discovering Electronic Music” from Regine’s (of We Make Money Not Art) links. The visuals are awesome (and incredibly soothing!!).
*The widget world wars continue: ReverbNation launches a new one, MyBand. Meanwhile, iLike’s insanely popular Facebook widget has bifurcated its audience. There’s apparently a big diff between Facebook iLikers, and non-FB users.
*Sex, drugs and quidditch tournaments: UK Borders shoppers want Irvine Welsh (author of Trainspotting) to take over the Harry Potter book series.
*On Thomas Mann RE: how music and culture can inform identity and nationalism. [via]

Tech / tunes links – 6.25.07

*Did you know that Apple is coming out with a music player that is also a PHONE? It is called the iPhone.
*The MusicBrainz database (buzzwords: open source and community generated!) is being integrated into the BBC music site; it’ll loop in track listings and discographies. More here.
*Music playing widgets! They sound boring! And maybe they are. ReverbNation is a widget for the people. The people with bands. Who want other people to hear their music. [via] On a side note, who knew so many entrepreneurs would actually be in business MAKING WIDGETS? The next new economy hotspot: thing-a-majigs.
*Remember how the Smashing Pumpkins were OK again for about 12 seconds back when their web site was all user generated and shit? Well, they’re on the outs again after releasing four different versions of their latest album. However, I’m not really sure how big a deal this is. Are there really a lot of Pumpkins completists out there? [via PSFK]