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Links for March 5, 2012: Punk Lincoln iPhone case, floating raindrops, the end of life on Earth!

IMPENDING DISASTER: There is a 1 in 8 chance of a catastrophic solar megastorm by 2020. That seems kind of scary? Also, is it sort of awesome that there is a journal of SPACE WEATHER? I’m sure glad I learned about that before I got burnt to a crisp and the only civilization humanity has ever known was incinerated in a fiery ball! Me? I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the journal of Space Weather will be among the first publications to hire robot editors.

Presidents: I think this might be the most interesting iPhone case I’ve seen? It’s from Tim Shumate.

Ideas: This one has been passed around quite a bit, but it’s still worth a read. Jason Fried on ideas. And taking one’s time.

Upcycling: Old suitcases become boomboxes. Now show me an old boombox that is a suitcase. Please?

Minnesota: This foldable ice fishing house with walls made out of ice would be PERFECT for my proposed initiative that would record live performances of Minnesota bands ice fishing. (Next year?)

Women: The Desire Project.

Visuals: These images of fruits and vegetables photographed through a microscope will knock you on your ass. Who ever thought I would be crying looking at a picture of a corn husk? Other than my father! [bittman]

Art: How to suspend a raindrop in mid-air. This makes you question whether you really have been wasting your life by reading nothing but those “how-to lock your iPhone in portrait view” articles.

Video: Black Flag live in England. Hair!

Research: How are you being tracked on the web? How are you being tracked in Target?

Personal: I’ve been Pinteresting. And Svpplying. I’m not a visual thinker (nor any other kind, I don’t think), and I’m terrible at both. But it’s good to remind myself of my own shortcomings (and of the fragility of human life?) every now and then.

Today’s links: F.


Video: The Human Beatbox Festival #5 – teaser

Video: Robot Quadrotors playing the James Bond theme song

I had to do it. The pressure had become too intense to hold out any longer.

Video: Light Drive by Kim Pimmel

Those of you who have read the ‘nerd for a long time know that I used to put up a lot of super boring videos of old phonographs playing. Well. Wow.

Video: Like a bus

You need to assess why you sometimes check this blog. And then you need to think about that assessment for awhile. And then you need to decide how much you really think I can help you. And then, if you decide that I can help you at least enough for you to click-through to :57 video, you need to click.

And I’ll tell you this: I do not think you will be disappointed.

Links for February 25, 2012: The Badgermin, rock deaths, magical secrets!

Instruments: It’s pretty much impossible for me not to link to The Badgermin, a combination badger-that’s-been-made-into-taxidermy and theremin. In fact, this kind of thing is the very reason the listenerd exists today. Well, this and a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Yes, what you are reading is the verdant future you’ve long been promised. (All that last part is complete bullshit.)

Booze: You can buy wine at White Castle now. You may find this strange to hear, but White Castle has long been on the forefront of experimental marketing and product-mix best practices. TRUTH.

Death: Just Passing Through offers interested readers pictures of boring places where rock stars passed away. Show me a place where future rock stars WILL die, THEN we have something. [pop loser]

Cold: Terje Isungset makes musical instruments out of ice.

Mashups: For all you dubstep fans out there, I know you’ll appreciate this video of dubstep violin.

Magic: Teller actually gives some decent tricks of the magician’s trade in this article from the Smithsonian. For instance, keep the trickery outside the frame. And, to fool the mind, combine at least two tricks. Of course, this whole article could be some sort of sleight of hand?

Retail: Ransack New York is, SORT OF like many others, trying to make backstory a boon. They’re selling used goods with a sheen of cool for premium prices. For instance, you can buy a semi-vintage, blood-splattered Budweiser shirt for just $48.

Today’s links: Back to F. (Still unsure on the Tyrolean hat.)

Links for February 23, 2012: Visual mixtapes! Inside-out stuffed animals! Mushroom Death Suits!

Animals: See above for the brilliant Atelier Volvox project “Outsiders,” which entails turning stuffed animals inside out. If this doesn’t make you think about the nature of perception and self-perception, I don’t know what will. (Also, it would be cool if they’d do this with food. Huh?)

Imagery: These “visual mixtapes” of some of Noa Emberson’s favorite albums are out-and-out gorgeous.

Shrooms: In something called the Infinity Burial Project, Jae Rhim Lee is training fungi to decompose her body. The Mushroom Death Suit is a special outfit that will be embedded with the spores of the trained fungi. Look, this is some out-there cool circle-of-life shit that I can’t even begin to explain in this tiny space.

Recommendation: Bureau of Trade sends out some great e-mails of well-curated man things. [pocketmonsterd]

Eats: LOCAL Minneapolis artist Brock Davis does tiny, little sculptures with food. For instance, Rice Krispyhenge.

Indented: Inner Message Rings have patterns on the inside that leave temporary marks on the skin. Think hearts. Think words. I joked about this in some other echo chamber, but I believe Under Armour should jump on this — maybe with TEAM LOGOS — and run! [laughingsquid]

Fashion: A question for the fashionable readers of this blog – can a man of, say, 37 years old, wear some kind of modified, winter, 1960s throwback Tyrolean hat? While not looking like Robin Hood, of course. Or a pimp. This is a CHALLENGE. Also, how about Russian divers’ watches? A little help?

Today’s links: I kind of killed it today, people. I kind of fucking CRUSHED IT.

Links for February 2012: Mini guns! Uncle Con! Snowgrade! Tami Taylor!


First of all, thank you to Videogum for drawing my attention to this wonderful collection of pinup girls with Robert Downey, Jr.’s face painted on them.

Firearms: These miniature guns — the size of matchsticks — actually work! Can you imagine teaming up with a hunting dog puppy to chase a tiny, baby pheasant around with this miniature weapon? ADORABLE! [mefi]

Family: Local writer Andrea Swensson interviewed Conrad Sverkerson, long-time stage manager of Minneapolis rock club First Avenue and longer-time uncle. As I mentioned in a brief tumblr post, I’m always amazed that people are intimidated by Con! (For those of you who have never met me in real life, I am a terrifying combination of stony stoicism and unforgiving hellfire.)

Hip-hop: Check out Pop Chart Lab’s Magnificent Map of Rap Names (if you haven’t previously).

Local: Snowgrade, a pop-up shopping event for men who like the whole handade, American made thing opens its doors this weekend. Which is lucky for me, since I have been looking for a pair of leather underwear upcycled from saddles taken off of old burros. Each with its own story to tell. The saddle. And the burro. (And the underwear.)

Question: Is Pinterest everything that is wrong with the internet? Or is even ASKING if ANYTHING is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the internet what’s wrong with the internet? But really, is a platform that has even people with an extraordinarily liberal stance toward what copyright can and should do scratching their heads in bemusement a sustainable option? Funny side story. I’m terrible at the visual parts of Pinterest. But I think I can kind of kill it on the captions. Best regards.

Art: To be honest, I don’t even really know what this means. But I guess that is the key to great art? Check out  Chris Elzinga’s gimpressionism, paintings of gimps walking through the forest. [laughing squid]

Texas forever: Pour yourself a big ol’ glass of Chardonnay and read this post from the Hairpin on the sighting of one Connie Britton, one TAMI TAYLOR. 

Video: Doomtree’s “Bangarang”

I think I have a new video. Har Mar Superstar interprets Doomtree.

20th Century Fox Flute Edition

You had me at doot-doo-doo-doo.

Video: Terrence Howard saying “Mayne” in “Hustle and Flow”

Video: Russian parkour kid hangs from a crane

I’m not joking when I say that I soiled my pants watching this.

[the wuzzles]

Video: Watch as this washing machine tears itself apart

Actually, I found this – sort of weirdly – kind of hot????

Video: A girl who apparently sees words forward and back?