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Links for October 8, 2011: The care and feeding of isolationism

*Ads: Check out Audi’s interactive YouTube driving videogame. If you are in the market for a mid-high end automobile. Or like ads.

*Home: The thing I found funniest about this very good Lauren Collins article about IKEA is the description of the company’s founder’s home town: “Älmhult lies halfway between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, in Småland, a remote region of barren, rocky flatland. Smålanders are known, more or less, as the Scots of Sweden. Faced with the area’s harsh winters and lack of arable soil, many of them immigrated to Minnesota in the nineteenth century.” Right between the eyes: Scot, Swedish, Minnesota, lack of arable soil.

*Photos: A nude Gaius Baltar, who has apparently joined the Occupy Wall Street movement.

*Science: I highly recommend that you look at these sponge human body sculptures by Etienne Gros. One is of a butt.

*Hypermediated: Barry Ritholtz pull-quotes Nicholas Thompson wondering who will be the next Steve Jobs in the New Yorker: “[Mark Zuckerberg] gives every indication of being the next Bill Gates: a smart dude who has one great idea at the right time, builds a monopoly, and then keeps it by releasing stuff that’s good enough but never great.”

*Slides: This slideshow of cargo bikes reminds me that I would like to cut up a Burley and load it up with like half a dozen sheets of plywood. Or maybe paving stones. (For what it’s worth, you see more radically weird ones around here weekly.)

*Today’s links: F.

Audio: Ballroom Jeans radio spot

I have posted information about Ballroom Jeans’ television spots and billboard campaign, but I have been remiss in not addressing their radio campaign. (For those of you not familiar with the product, it is SUPPOSEDLY a pair of jeans that makes it more comfortable to crouch.) I therefore link to said now. For your testicular comfort.

Links for 5.28.09: Two years, high school pics, penal tour, groin shaving…

*Whatever: Today marks two years and nearly 2,000 posts (whoa!) on the Listenerd. Many thanks to everyone who has read it, linked to it, or sent in ideas. Humbling and much appreciated.

*Digital: Whoa, Dusty Tunes is almost like posting naked pictures of yourself online. It helps you create a page of your entire iTunes library.

*Visualizations: Feel stats like you feel a fork digging into your eyeball. In-Formed adds a layer of the tactile to conceptualizing information. Ouch.

*High school: Rolling Stone collects up a bunch of year book pictures from rock stars. I’ll be honest with you: I had a mullet. But at least I had hair. [spincity]

*Autism: This dude I follow on Twitter wrote an article about autism and Star Trek that’s worth reading.

*Sports: Next month, a penal version of the Tour de France will be held – with prisoners. Though I am not in general a fan of cycling (nor do I cycle frequently myself), each year I’m fascinated by the social aspects of the Tour de France. Adding a criminal element to this grand psychological experiment makes it even more thrilling. [s4xton]

*Economics: If you want to yell at the economy, look into this art project. “As a first step to redress this process, Floating Lab Collective has launched Scream at the Economy, inviting anyone and everyone to call in and scream at the economy, expressing desperate and instinctive expressions of survival, warnings of danger, cathartic affirmations of power, explosions of anger and despairing utterances of anxiety and hopelessness.” [eyeteeth]

*Ads: Gillette tells you how to shave your groin. Or as they call it, “the hair down there.” Stay classy, everyone. Forever.

*Today’s links: Goodbye.

Quick links for 3.7.09: Lit, tweets and melody

*Literature: The book the most people lie about having read is 1984. Why lie about a book so short? For this, I would go with Pynchon. Just one man’s opinion.

*Advertising: Ads will appear at the end of Tweets written by people being paid for their placement? This sounds weird. Pepsi. [murketing] Related: Oh, and this is supposedly Mark Zuckerberg‘s account. [sai]

*Music: Melody and its place in the world. I like the subject, but find the post to be wandering. Is that rude? I’m sorry, Suzanne Vega.

*Today: F

A Great Recession Guide

I link to economy stuff sometimes, and it’s often pretty depressing. Sorry. The global economic meltdown itself isn’t anything close to a light topic, but there are a growing number of sites out there aggregating the ideas, images and other ephemera that detail our economy’s decline – often explicitly referencing the 30s and The Great Depression as they do so. Below is a mini-guide to the lighter side of the current, prolonged recession.

*Brands: Salon has created a brand graveyard for dying companies.

*Images: The Guardian has started a recession photo pool on Flickr (apparently with a good number of fakes finding their way in there).

*Markets: This tumblr aggregates pictures of stock brokers with their hands on their faces. Crying, crying into their cupped hands.

*Work: Try reading Unemploymentality, “the definitive unemployment blog.”

*Housing: Slate launches a photo gallery of abandoned houses.

*Happiness: The Bright Side Project – “sunshine delivered daily” to offset the gloom. [kate]

*Facial hair: Buzzfeed calls recession beards the look of the day. I always called them drifter beards.

*Fashion: The Recessionista is a blog dedicated to “savings on fashion, dining out, and entertaining in the global economy.” (I couldn’t find much in the way of Depressionistas…yet.)

*Video: Gawker recently created compiled a collection of recession-themed ads that you may watch.

*Music: Here’s Phish’s summer touring schedule, and some comments from Trey Anastasio: “As a longtime fan of Depression-era swing bands, he has been thinking about Phish’s role in the current recession.

“For people in hard times, we can play long shows of pure physical pleasure,” he said. “They come to dance and forget their troubles. It’s like a service commitment.” (Earlier this year, I noted that Bonaroo, Coachella and other music festivals were offering layaway as an option to fans who didn’t have the immediate funds to purchase tickets.) [via itsworsethanyouthinkitis]

*Local note: Good news. The casserole is the king of recession-era foods.

*Note: Kansas has been considering ending the death penalty in the state. Due to recession-fueled budget pressures. The bill moving to abolish it is was on hold, but is now BACK on the table. Regards.

Links for 2.1.09: Journey’s Pineda, Norm Coleman and The Big Fix…

*The Economy: The economy is fucked. Here’s a long NYT magazine article on “The Big Fix,” Obama’s options in reforging America’s institutions.

*Journey: Arnel Pineda, Journey’s new lead singer, rocked the faces of America’s corporate elite at the Super Bowl pre-game. According to reliable sources. Well, sources.

*Mixes: The Daily Swarm interview’s Justin Ouliette on the new Muxtape – “If you’re a band, Muxtape will be the place to do all these things as a complete alternate to MySpace. Or if nothing else, as an alternative to having a web geek in your band.” Sorry, web geeks.

*Football: You can rate Super Bowl commercials at Thummit. (Re-watch them here, too.) [somewhat frank]

*Writing: Remembering John Updike at the New Yorker. I never knew him.

*Twitter: How Twitter Was Born.

*Local: Norm Coleman vs. Rod Blagojevich. Wow. “I can’t think of a good reason why Rod Blagojevich has become the most hated man in America while Norm Coleman still walks the streets with his head held high.” [minnpost]

Video: Avatar-based Super Bowl commercial for Coke

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: The T-Mobile Dance @ the Liverpool Street Station

It should be noted that I owe T-Mobile nearly $100.


Video: Ninja Kittens (Toyota commercial)

According to Autoblog, this video is an ad for some Australian-version Corolla.

In a rare, stellar comment from a YouTuber, ohiohay says: “I would watch a whole movie of this.”

(It seems like it should be named Kung-fu Kittens, though.)


Links for 11.2.08: Lil Wayne’s health, Joe Perry’s vote, Hank Williams’ beer…

*Rumors: Lil Wayne is not dead, I guess. Despite rumors to the contrary.

*Country: The life of Hank Williams. There was a tear in his beer. Also, I am now ready for some football. Also, Hank is dead.

*Endorsements: Aerosmith’s Joe Perry endorses John McCain. Being an understated asshole aside, I cannot imagine ever casting a vote for someone who purports to despise – and even mock – eloquence.

*Recession: Ads in Rolling Stone are down 18%. Ads on the listenerd holding steady. [dailyswarm]

*Off topic: Wait. Gas prices dip for a week, and Americans are back to buying SUVs?

Video: Johnny Rotten does a butter ad

You may know the spokesman for Country Life butter as Johnny Rotten or you may know him as John Lydon. Or you may have never heard of him.

Video: Cloud Cult’s Esurance commercial

Minnesota localites Cloud Cult license their song, “Lucky Today,” to Esurance.

Video: Chris Brown’s “Forever” is a gum commercial

Recently released as a regular old pop song, the Wall Street Journal says that Chris Brown’s “Forever” is actually the jingle for Wrigley’s chewing gum – it includes the line “double your pleasure / double your fun.”

People freaked out last year when Fergie was going to do this kind of thing for Candie’s.

[daily swarm]

Video available here. (Oh vodpod, why have you forsaken me?)

Video: Ludacris and Tommy Lee for Planet Green (commercial)

Vodpod videos no longer available.