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Links for 5.15.08: Apple’s DRM plans, The Beatles’ machinima…

*The Guardian: How is Apple changing DRM? Subscriptions rising?

*Extending album art: What your favorite albums look like beyond the cover… Did no one mock up that one Sugar Ray album? [tobs]

*Bloggers can feature Amazon MP3 tunes on their blogs now thanks to a widget. In boring news, I haven’t blogged about widgets in a long time. [coolfer]

*The New York Times writes up Kanye’s space alien aesthetic and his ego. Sure, he can pick on Entertainment Weekly, but what will Mr. West have to say about the paper of record?

*The Office‘s Creed has a platinum album to his credit with his band, The Grass Roots. [earfarm]

*FlyTunes: Add streaming video from the likes of Comedy Central and NBC to your iPhone. [listening post]

*Video: Machinima music video for The Beatles’ “I’m Only Sleeping” made with World of Warcraft. [urlesque]

*They may give Jammie Thomas, the Minnesota woman busted for music filesharing, another trial.

*Also: The RIAA is on Limewire like crazy. WATCHING YOU.

*Off topic. BusinessWeek on Twitter. If you want to understand social media, read this. [buzzwatch]

Links for 9.25.07: Amazon’s store, Beam’s beard, YouTube’s folly +

*The Amazon DRM-free music store finally launches! I recommend Manu Chao (especially if you have a 7-month-old.) Here’s a pricing structure explanation, courtesy of the Amazon blog. [via XRRXF] Side note: Oy. Another “public beta.”

*Reuters on album art: Die or go interactive. I say the former! [Idolator]

*A review or two of Iron & Wine’s “The Shepherd’s Dog.” The man has one of the most impressive beards in music today. Peefork says 8.6. See also: Wine in a can.

*The 2Pac blog says Tu is ALIVE. [Grooveshark]

*Radiohead dips into the geeky, frustrating world of the ARG (sorta), posting cryptic messages in its site.

*Is YouTube going to slap pre-roll and post-roll ads on videos next year? That would be depressing.

*Meet the Lego iPod dock. [Crave]