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Links for 6.7.10: I don’t have an iPhone 4

*Food: The Ka-Pow is a candy bar MADE OUT OF COFFEE. HOW LIFE-GIVING DOES THAT SOUND? God, I’m a fatass.

*Blogs: I recommend checking out American Drink, a new blog from some very smart Twitter people I follow. In other quasi-Twitter links, Lonely Sandwich’s post on Apple and video is pretty good (especially the bit about hot and cold video).

*Media: NPR: Tastemaker or donation whore? I, for one, appreciate being able to find music that I like through public radio. Which point that buttresses, I don’t know. Buttresses. Heh.

*Music: Prince has a new song out today. It’s called Hot Summer. It’s also Prince’s birthday. I haven’t seen him around for years.

*Images: Hot Box by Skewville is an amusing visual pun brought to our attention by C-Monster. Who is also tumbling.

*Lists: The L.A. Times offers up the top 50 guitarists ever, one of whom (#25 alphabetically) was my father-in-law’s college roommate.

*Remembrances: I used to post prose that ripped my face off. My face is still here right now. All too here.

*Today’s links: F.