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Links for 8.2.08: Raising McCain, Sa Dingding, Amazon’s MP3s…

*Profile: The Christian-Science Monitor highlights China’s biggest pop star, Sa Dingding, whose music is described as synthy electronica, quirky and sometimes experimental. She’s currently making a push into the West, and has gotten some attention via the BBC.

*Healthcare: Amy Winehouse has been released from the hospital. What was she in for, you ask? Being Amy Winehouse. And now I’m sad.

*Clips: The Wall Street Journal looks at Conor Oberst’s new album, Conor Oberst.

*The Times profiles Sub Pop on the occasion of its 20th birthday. “Their last anniversary bash in 2003 was promoted as ‘Sub Pop’s 15th Anniversary – Ten Years of Great Music’.” [largehearted boy]

*Politics: Country singer John Rich of Big & Rich has written a song, “Raising McCain,” in support of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Mr. Rich also has a writing credit on the politically charged Big & Rich polemical, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).” [daily swarm]

*Money matters: CNNMoney looks at the Amazon MP3 store, and analyzes its chances against Apple and iTunes, with specific attention given to Amazon’s deal with the imminent MySpace Music initiative. I’m a huge Apple fan, but the Amazon MP3 store’s overall user experience and value is currently superior to that of iTunes. Best of luck in your future endeavours.


Links for 7.23.08: Wax Winehouse, Hype Machine hype, Zune tatts…

*The media: Fortune catches on to the Hype Machine.

*Hands-free: Wired introduces a music player you can control with your eyes. I’ll be honest: it looks a little bulky to me.

*Video: Kara Swisher of All Things D visits the offices of the Facebook-fueld social music company iLike.

*Body art: The guy with the Zune tattoo is sick of his Zune tattoo. And his Zune.

*Wax: Would you like to see a wax figurine of Amy Winehouse?

*Discovery: StumbleAudio is StumbleUpon for music.

*Lollapalooza: Barack Obama will introduce Kanye at the music festival. Should it be the other way around?

*Question: Did you get here because you were searching for: Devendra Banhart and pubic hair? I did.

Links for 7.5.08: Lil Wayne champagne, net neutrality album, more Kanye shoes…

*Hot on the heels of Lil Jon’s announcement that he’s launching a winery, Lil Wayne comes out with his own champagne, Halo. [buzzfeed]

*Bands vs. Fans: On the occasion of Amy Winehouse cold-cocking a fan, the Times lists (with some good video linkage) their top 10 fan/band altercations. Includes: Tim Mcgraw vs. Fat Guy and Akon’s “Dry Humping Incident.”

*Video: Flight of the Conchords perform “Ladies of the World.”

*Rock The Net, an album being made to support of net neutrality – will drop later this month. Stream Rock the Net tunes here. The album features Bright Eyes, Aimee Mann, They Might be Giants, and others.

*Kanye teams with Louis Vuitton to design some shoes.

*What the fuck is a modular sound flute?

Video: Amy Winehouse hits Glastonbury audience member

Links for 6.23.08: Winehouse woes, Beatles games, Will.I.Am acts?

*Reps of the Beatles are in talks with MTV Games and Activision to create Beatles-themed videogames. [paid content]

*Executive changes at Live Nation: 360 deals for mega acts to slow?

*Video: Will.I.Am talks about the new X-Men movie (he’s in it), X-Men Origins: Wolverine. [cinematical]

*Hypebot compiles a list of the top 10 indie music marketing tools. Marketing is a tax you pay for being unremarkable?

*Amy Winehouse’s father is saying she has emphysema.

*What’s the value of Stairway to Heaven? Answer: Wow. [pop candy]

*Off topic: George Carlin on YouTube. He died.

Links for 6.8.08: Prince’s b-day, Reznor’s rage, Winehouse’s racism

*Prince turned 50 yesterday. The BBC has a timeline.

*The New York Times on Trent Reznor’s “Frustration and Fury“: “Fear has governed my life, if I think about it.”

*I did not watch this video. And I usually don’t link to much Amy Winehouse stuff. But, the usual. [fiddlr]

*I wrote about these for my day job back in the day, but mefi reminds me: Smart Shorties are multiplication tables set to hip-hop beats. [mefi]

*Jakob Dylan is almost 40 and he has 4 kids.

*Off topic. Borges comes alive (kinda). “Uncreative writer” retypes the New York Times. Next up: Uncreative blogger does nothing but link to shit. [swissmiss]

*Off topic: A German nursing home has created a fake bus stop in its neighborhood to keep Alzheimer patients from wandering off.

Video: Winemouse

I’m terrified, as usual.

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Links for 4.26.08: GTA’s music sales, Starbucks roasted, Pitchfork announced…

*There’s a Coachella webcast, for those of you still behind your computers. It’s very ad-heavy. [more cowbell]

*The lineup for the Pitchfork Music Festival has been announced. Also, I am old and poor.

*Countertrend (local): The Mill City Live (free outdoor music) slate has been announced. [switchblade comb]

*More on Grand Theft Auto’s music store (and other music ties) from Scientific American. [mediaeater]

*Starbucks and in-store music apparently no longer mix.

*Countertrend: Midlake guitarist launching his own line of coffee. [getty images]

*Madonna’s new album, the execrable (surely?) “Hard Candy” is streaming on her MySpace page prior to its official release. [mashable]

*Amy Winehouse was arrested for headbutting a guy outside a London bar, but she was not charged by police. Headbutting. [huff po]

*The Dead are history. (They’re donating a bunch of old stuff – not their recordings, though – to a university library in Santa Cruz.

*Add your (or others’) twitters to your online calendar with Twistory. What people do with Twitter data is getting more and more interesting. (My relatively boring Twitter stream is here, fwiw.) [techcrunch]

*I will post less boring things soon. Also, this is my 1,000th. In under a year. Lots of stupid videos, but still. Goodbye.

Video: The Amy Winehouse Celebrity Rehab Remix


Outgoing links for 9.21.07: youtube starlets, warped vinyl, dirty old recordings +

*Missed this from earlier in the summer: The New York Times wrote about a found phonograph recording from the 1890s that contains all kinds of smutty, vulgar, obscene content. COOL.

Check out “Actionable Offenses: Indecent Phonograph Recordings from the 1890s,” which includes audio samples of 100+-year-old filth! (Tracks include: The Whores Union and and The Lady’s Friend.)

*The Air Guitar t-shirt from Busted Tees. [notes]

*Also: Kick-ass video game guitars. [Kotaku]

* calls out the Top 5 YouTube Starlets: Marie Digby, Mia Rose, Esmee Denters, Terra Naomi, Ysabella Brave. Lots of video (most of it meh, but can millions of views be wrong?).

*What does Amy Winehouse require for each concert she plays? The Smoking Gun has the answers. (One requirement: sober roadies.)

*The Record Flattener: The machine to fix your warped vinyl. [Crave]