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Video: I think this animation (called Mound) is scientifically designed to freak you out

After about :20 seconds of Allison Schulnik’s experimental animation video “Mound”, it starts getting a little weird. In a good way. (I soiled my underwear. In fear.)

Links for October 10, 2011: Neurotypicality be damned

*For rent: The world’s largest shopping mall, the New South China Mall, currently has a 2% occupancy rate. (Maybe this is an opportunity for an Occupy The World’s Largest Shopping Mall movement? Need + Need = Virtuous Circle? Of Need? Let’s do this.)

*Games: Someone should start a game that allows people to bet on who will make the next egregious business misstep, Netflix or Groupon. A Futures Failures Market.

*Photos: The daily Occupy Wall Street photo: Kanye West (not nude).

*Money: Incomes in the U.S. have fallen more since the recession “ended” than they did during the recession. Workers are in a vice.

*Midgets: Some people who have made a bunch of recipes for foods from the “Game of Thrones” books have scored themselves a cookbook deal. [coudal]

*Animations: I normally hate Slate’s manipulative, knee-jerk contrarian headlines, and hence link infrequently to that site. However, the animation of the 2012 Republican campaign as a horse race is very good. Also, after hearing about how Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast was very good for a LONG time, I finally allowed myself to listen to it. And it’s very good. Ugh.

*Music: First of all, I did not know that Toby Keith had a song called “Red Solo Cup.” Second of all, I did not know that the red solo cup is currently being redesigned. FACTS.


*Please note: Neurotypicality be damned. Can anyone tell me what a caddis fly pupa looks like?

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Kanye West’s “Heartless”

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Video: Cloud Cult’s Esurance commercial

Minnesota localites Cloud Cult license their song, “Lucky Today,” to Esurance.

Video: Gorillaz dudes create animation for Beijing Olympics

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An animation featuring Monkey and friends headed to the Beijing Olympics by the Gorillaz team of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewitt, this was broadcast on BBC TV in the UK. [slamhype]

More links (7.14.08): Prince’s skills, iPhone sales, your carbon footprint…

*Green: If you are willing to calculate your carbon footprint, you can get a free Radiohead live track. I planted a tree last month. Apropos of nothing.

*Video: Animated music video of Flairs’ “Better Than Prince.” [mnspeak]

*TV: Shepard Fairey pimps for Dexter. I like posters.

*Tech: Apple sold 1M 2nd-generation iPhones in its first weekend.

*Magazines: July / August is the Believer‘s music issue. Admission: Last year I gave them a pity subscription (they were short on cash), but this year I let it lapse. I’m just trying to be honest here, readers. [idolator]

*Street art: Banksy may have been unmasked. I’m betting that I’m under some sort of contractual obligation as someone with a blog to mention this? [waxy]


Video: John Lennon interview set to animation

A 1969 hotel room interview with John Lennon, now set to animation by Josh Raskin.

[fresh creation]

Off topic video: Graffiti comes alive

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Links for 11.11.07: Jay-Z vs. Jobs, Rock rides, rap charts +

*Steve Jobs vs. Jay-Z = the new Kanye vs. 50 Cent. (Not really.)

*More on The Poetics of Space Bars (internal link): Hip-hop comes in chart form. [murketing]

*The New York Times on “Band as Brand.” On the art of the 360 deal.

*Animator Michael Levy puts moving pics to Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” [mefi]

*Technology Crisis and Technology Crisis II, by Cicada are both videogame soundtracks without videogames. A win-win. [bb gadgets]

*Music-inspired theme parks: Decades and The Hard Rock Theme Park. [xrrxf]

*Prepare yourself for a Run-DMC biopic.

*BBC Radio Labs: Beta blogging from sound nerds at the BBC. [magnetbox]

Video: M dot Strange’s Str8nime

Wired writes up nuevo auteur M dot Strange’s Str8nime, a genre that combines strange, 8-bit, and anime. Their take on We Are the Strange: “a triptastic triumph of DIY filmmaking.” (I wrote up M dot for the day job a year or so ago.)

Here’s a mini-doc that explains “the new radical animation style invented by m dot Strange that will make your head explode because of like an overdose of mega awesomeness.”