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Links for November 2, 2011: Eating glass, walking on hair

*Shockers: The headline of this article says it all – Did you know that hard candy is actually a glass? I’ve never eaten glass, but I have had my car windows smashed twice in the last five years. Odd coincidence. [mefi]

*More eating: On a similarly shocking food note, there’s no rib in a McRib. I HAVE eaten a McRib. And have suffered ZERO rib injuries in the past five years.

*Furthermore: Speaking of things that are somewhat edible, have you read about the gonad-eating bacteria, Wolbachia? It can CHANGE THE SEX of mosquitos. When I mentioned “things that are somewhat edible,” I was referring to mosquito gonards, and was speaking from the point of view of a bacterium. [originalspin]

*Video: Is this some sort of perversely compelling advertisement for Stolichnaya? Because it is working. My GOD, is it working. (Not safe for work, I guess? And super weird?)

*Social: Mint Digital has taken a device that turns social media messages – from the likes of Twitter and Instagram – into smells. Considering the people I follow on Twitter, I have no desire to test this product. [psfk]

*Inventions: If you worry about bears when you’re out camping, try a portaledge. [popgadget]

*Going down: Walk on hair! Jessica Wohl’s Hairy Stairs art installation has sickened me beyond all possible words. At least, I guess, it’s not pubic hair. [neatorama]

*France: When it comes to Adam Gopnik, I couldn’t possibly say it better than Choire Sicha – “I love elitist rich people things and even I want to bonk Adam Gopnik on the head.

*Devices: The PlugBug has one plug-in and two chargers, for charging up more than one device at once. [daringfireball]

*Nerdly: Read this piece if you care about the unfortunate recent changes to Google Reader. I’m seeing people recommending Newsblur or Readability as alternates. [barbarism]

*Local: Sad to see that local radio guy Tom Keith died earlier this week. He’s better known to morning show listeners as Mr. Sports, Mr. Action, Mr. Jim Ed Poole. He was just 64.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for October 28, 2011: Let’s play with Diamond Dave’s crotch

*Games: The Van Halen edition of Asteroids, Assteroidz, entails shooting bullets out of Diamond Dave’s crotch.

*Connectivity: The average smartphone user checks their phone 40 times a day.

*Fashion: I’m not really sure what’s going on in this NSFW “Les Fleurs du Mal” Agent Provocateur ad, but I’m pretty sure it should be made into a full-length feature film. Trilogy.

*ZZZ: Hive is an art installation by Kristiina Lahde of phone books that look like honeycomb. I usually throw my Yellow Pages directly into the garbage. [notcot]

*Headlines: Golden Fiddle linked to this headline, but it’s too good not to repost: “Kauai charger gets pantsed by Teahupoo monster during Code Red swell in Tahiti.” Every word is like a delicious burst of nougat.

*Rides: Be mesmerized by Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei.

*Film: Director of photography John Alcott talks about what it was like to work with Stanley Kubrick on “Barry Lyndon.” Personally, I found “Barry Lyndon” to be the perfect combination of well-lit and depressing. [coudal]

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Radical spinning metal sculpture

This sculpture was done by Czech artist David Cerny.

Links for 3.28.11: Today is a new day.

*Instruments: Swedish police have seized a double-barrel shotgun built into the neck of a guitar…FOR EXCESSIVE AWESOMENESS. [neato]

*Books: By asking if Bono is quixotic, The Paris Review combines some of my favorite things with one of my most hated things. Classic shit sandwich, in addition to being a gentle musing on the continued cultural relevance of Cervantes’ classic. Thank you.

*Videogames: FarmVille has raised more than $3M for victims of the Japanese earthquake. Despite this fact, if you ever discover that I have played FarmVille, you have my permission to excommunicate me from your life. Further FarmVille reading: The Sunk Cost Fallacy. OK. Huh.

*Audio: The site GirlsMakingGunSounds consists of videos of girls making gun sounds. The site WorstGigs consists of musicians recounting some of their worst gigs. Is there no art left in the claiming of URLs?

*Platforms: Albums optimized for the iPad, if considered as an industry strategy, seem like the ultimate misunderstanding of how to survive, or how to become modern. You’ll note that I have more to say on this matter. Best regards.

*Art: Scott Campbell’s “Noblesse Oblige” includes a skull sculpture cut from $11k worth of dollar bills. Have I ever told you about the throne I’m making out of second generation iPads? (I told you about it yesterday.) [notcot]

*Note: I have eaten so few carbs today, I may have a permanent headache. Forever.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Christian Falsnaes’ art

Better than Let’s Shave and Paint and Run?

Starting at the 1:55 mark, Mr. Falsnaes allows the crowd to paint a wall canvas using his head.

Video: Leo Villareal and LED art


Links for 7.5.10: I had a large chocolate malt yesterday.

*Liberty: Forensics on the Declaration of Independence show that at one point, Thomas Jefferson crossed out the word “subjects” and replaced it with the word “citizens.” Good lord, to have your drafts tracked like that…

*Taxonomy: What, if anything, is Big Bird? A slideshow. But so much more. And better. [harper’s]

*Art: David Grann, in The New Yorker, writes about Martin Kemp, an art authenticator who must guard against his own signature being faked. If you’ve never seen me sign anything, you might want to see it some day. It’s like a window into my soul.

*Pictures: For the finest in authentic mustache imagery, check out Greg Reynolds’ “Jesus Days.” [c-monster]

*Shoes: Zappos, get on this – Asics that come with wine, a leather wine bladder and a matching handkerchief. [notcot]

*Beverage: Booktails – a look at famous cocktails from literature, including Gatsby’s mint julep and Raymond Chandler’s gin gimlet. Related: Hemingway branded barware. See what I did there? [mktg]

*Obits: Bob Probert from NHL ’93 died. There are real humans we now know primarily through playing as their videogame avatars? [pop loser]

*Writing: Here’s a piece about Nabokov. In Berlin. I wonder what he was drinking. And what videogames he was playing. “He always supervised his readers on how not to misread him.” Yet I have no idea how I am supposed to read him still.

*Local: There is a confused pit bull wandering the neighborhood for the second day in a row, but animal control has the day off. FYI.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 5.27.10: I am thinking about doing an experiment.

*Ideas: This “vodka eyeballing” story is probably the most amusing concept that has crossed my desk in the past three weeks. Then again, that might be the vodka in my eyeball talking.

*Music: Ellen DeGeneres has started her own record label. Take that, Peter Rojas. Take that.

*Art: Needlepointing slides is kind of like uploading videos of phonographs playing music. Except with thread. [eyeteeth]

*Ideas: “Stolen Pieces” is art made from scraps of other artworks (by the likes of Kandinsky, Duchamp, and Warhol) that have been stolen previously. [c-monster]

*Words: I tweeted about this earlier today (on my lame @iconojosh account), but it bears repeating. The VQR talks about the rise of the “written author interview.”

*Smells: Whenever I wear Shirtless Kirk cologne, I feel shirtless. And Kirky.

*Video: Watch this video for Josh Ritter’s “The Curse,” a song about the love between an archaeologist and his mummy. I also like the one in which he fucks his boat. Or eats it or burns it or whatever.

*Note: I am endlessly amused by the headline of this post. And that’s what this is all about, right?

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 2.14.10: 27 Tips for Better Abs

*Art: Cassettes can be art, if you add a little light to them. I know you’ve been wondering about this. I have. [notcot]

*Humanity: Does keeping chickens teach you about how societies work? “Watching chickens helps us understand human motivations and interactions, which is doubtless why so many words and phrases in common parlance are redolent of the hen yard: ‘pecking order’, ‘cockiness’, ‘ruffling somebody’s feathers’, ‘taking somebody under your wing’, ‘fussing like a mother hen”, “strutting”, a “bantamweight fighter’, ‘clipping someone’s wings’, ‘beady eyes’, ‘chicks’, ‘to crow’, ‘to flock’, ‘get in a flap’, ‘coming home to roost’, ‘don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched’, ‘nest eggs’ and ‘preening’.”

*Landslide: Look at this art inspired by Stevie Nicks.*
*Look only if you don’t have an eye for art. [coudal]

*Media: I like both the angry Russian propaganda-inspired design of TPUTH and headlines such as “Penis Roulette Creator Finally Speaks.”

*Art: These iPhone wallpapers by Mark Weaver – including A MAN WITH AN ELEPHANT HEAD HOLDING A GUN – are pretty awesome. [notcot]

*Lists: Who were the 50 most loathsome Americans in 2009? I would express my relief in not being on the list, but I only read half of it, then passed it on to you as if I were entirely familiar with it. (Minnesota’s own is #4!) [harper’s]

*Writing: Whatever you think of the story and the subject (it’s John Mayer), this headline from Vulture is excellent.

*Video: This robotic vibraphone is probably cooler and less erotic than you were expecting it to be. Sounds like a paradox, I know.

*Tip: Eat less.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 11.29.09: “A work of art has no importance whatever to society.”

*Books: Vladimir Nabokov’s son Dmitri ignored his father’s dying request and instead of destroying his unfinished work upon his death, he published it. (Somewhat related is this Lolita-inspired coffee table.) On “Original of Laura.” I ask that upon my death, both my unpublished AND published work be destroyed. Thank you all. [3quarks]

*Video: Here’s some video of the Air Sex World championships. It’s both odd and probably not safe for work. And it has nerds with beards. And umbrellas. And a guy named Dick Oxygen. But it’s not as good as it sounds. Weird, I know.

*Nostalgia: For some reason, I love that this incredibly long interview with Vanilla Ice starts off with lyrics from his most famous song. You know, to set the tone. Huh? [mefi]

*Blogging: The format of this new music blog, Left As Rain, is interesting. Setting humility aside for a moment, I think my style would be suited to it. [notcot]

*Art: Olivier Kosta-Théfaine uses a cigarette lighter to burn incredible images into ceilings. I once carved “K-Ball” into a high-school commons wall. Peer pressure. [neatorama]

*Lists: eMusic lists their Top 100 albums of the decade. Wow; The Hold Steady comes in at number two. [spincity]

*Sales: This vending machine sells ideas for $.50. I have been thinking about a similar micro-business: A person would friend me on Facebook and tell me his or her screen names on various social networking sites. I would then examine the person’s digital identity and write up an objective assessment of what his or her spirit object is. [adverlab]

*Meta: I tumblr’d ONE POSSIBLE explanation of my magazine/toilet avatar.

Video: Messa di Voce – Insect Nature Show

I wish I really knew what was going on here.


Video: Harvest by Alunda Kyrkok

This video symbolizes all the the listenerd aspires to someday stand for. Also, what the fuck?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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[networked music review]

Links for 11.7.09: Surly beer, mushroom pants and God’s jail

*Art: The Manshroom – for your walls. And loins. I don’t know why I said that. [eat me daily]

*The Law: Oklahoma is starting a prison for Christians that will be run by Christians. [harper’s]

*Drinks: The company that makes Angostura Bitters almost went under due to the recession, which would have kicked off a martini and old fashioned crisis the likes of which the world has never known.

*Video: Watch all of this season’s one-liners from Mad Men’s Roger Sterling. [vulture]

*Beer: Read this interview with the couple behind Surly Brewing. “The turning point probably was in June 2007, when Beer Advocate magazine named Surly the number-one brewery in the United States.” [heavy table]

*Music: Learn about songs that retell works of literature via Wikipedia. Let’s not forget that The Decemberists’ “On the Bus Mall” is based on “My Own Private Idaho.” (I don’t know where that came from either.) [neatorama]

*Charts: This movie narrative chart of “Lord of the Rings” from xkcd is like Andrew Quo nerdness X3. I prefer nerdness to nerdiness in this case. Not sure why. Go forth and conquer.

*Today’s links: There are no words.

Links for 10.10.09: Meat paintings, dirty avatars and monotony

*Art: Paintings of meat. Ruebenesque. [neatorama]

*Politics: What kind of art have the Obamas put up in the White House? Not a single painting of meat.

*Words: I’ve long admired Portuguese poet / identity-shifter Fernando Pessoa. Maybe you would like him, too? Here are some translations from Poetry. Anyone familiar with an old blogging alter-ego of mine, Kelvin Gordon, will note that Pessoa’s commentaries on monotony were an influence.

*Business: The Gartner Group says you should put some damn clothes on your too-sexy avatar. [digits]

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s grade: F.