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Video: one year walk / time lapse beard

This post combines two of my favorite things – beards and short internet videos. [swissmiss]

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Video: “Skinny Love” with Beard (Bon Iver)


Video: A guy playing his beard as an instrument

Hermeto plays “Som de Barba” on his beard. One of his finest performances.


Links for 9.18.08: Metallica beard, Twitter song, Search Engine Rap, and UTTERZ…

*Pictures: Some time in 2006, Blackmocco promised not to shave his beard until Metallica released a new album. He offers the world this Flickr photoset as evidence of his devotion, and has recently shaved his beard. [seriouslyomg]

*Songs: Ze Frank wrote a children’s song for adults. He is tall and has more hair than I do.

*Listening: Yahoo! Music, thanks to a partnership with Rhapsody, now lets curious searchers listen to entire songs for free after searching for tunes. Limits include 25 per month (for more, you have to sign up for Rhapsody) and a limit of 4 songs per artist.

*Blogging: Sergey Brin launches a personal blog (and is at risk for Parkinson’s). [techmeme]

*Video: Entertainment Weekly offers a preview of the Ting Tings on kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba. [music slut]

*Quiz: Do you know your fictional bands? (Too heavy on the nerdy and nostalgic, rather than the strange and fascinating. [neatorama]

*Geekery (and video): Search Engine Rap Battle – the web site. It’s MSN vs. Google. Are you going to bludgeon me for boring you? Sometimes I worry about that as I’m posting links. [buzzfeed]

*Song: “You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter.” Also, you’re only 3/5 of a person if you have under 300 followers. Or that is what I’m told. [waxy]

*Followup: Way back in the early days of the Listenerd, I called out a startup called out UTTERZ as having a questionable (though amusing) name, even shouting out (somewhat jokingly) to the Name Inspector (a site run by a dude who helps name companies) for a critique. The Name Inspector obliged, giving the name a mild review, then everyone forgot about Utterz. Now, it turns out Utterz has thought better of their name, and will henceforth be known as Utterli.

Video: Haley Bonar performs “May Day” at the Current studios

I don’t believe I posted this one when it went up a couple months ago. The drummer has a beard.

Video: Bon Iver does a Black Cab Session

I wish I could embed this video of Bon Iver singing and playing in the back of a black cab, but I am unable to do so. Due to my own incompetence, no doubt.

There is flannel involved. And a beard.