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Links for 5.27.08: Pork and Beans’ director, Bon Iver’s house, Jingles!

*The Wall Street Journal talks to Mathew Cullen, the director of Weezer’s net meme-packed “Pork and Beans.”

*Billboard talks to Pandora’s Tim Westergren: “What are you doing with Clear Channel and why?
It’s a trial that we’ll be running on some of their Web sites this summer, where they’ll be offering personalized Pandora playlists.”

*Pitchfork interviews Bon Iver: He bought a house for $70k. [pop candy]

*Touchscreen turntables do away with the vinyl. Video here.

*CBS readies to air a reality show about…jingles.

*I’ll be honest. I know nothing about Eurovision. YET. Ok?

*Napster is launching a mobile video service in Japan. [moconews]

*Paul McCartney gets an honorary degree from Yale. Wait. I thought Paul was daed.

*Off topic: A brilliant young man (call him a genius if you like) is trying to take a picture of himself using every known (and sanctioned?) beard style. [mefi]

Video: The Fishstick (a dance from You Look Nice Today)

Links for 5.22.08: Floyd’s pork, ?uestlove’s love, Rifflet’s allure…

*Crowdsourcing your way through musician’s block: Rifflet allows bands to post songs and encourage other musicians to finish them. [read write web]

*How much do you really want to know about Pink Floyd’s pig? Side note: I enjoy bacon.

*Who are the top 50 bands uploaded to Muxtape? The Rawking crunches it: 1) Radiohead, 2) MGMT, 43) Neutral Milk Hotel… Side note: I enjoy carrot flowers.

*Boy band discoverer Lou Pearlman got 25 years in the slammer for conspiracy and money laundering. [medialoper – who link blogs very well…]

*Byron Crawford notes that ?uestlove is eerily well-informed on matters pornographic. He begins a brief dissertation on Asian performers: “i was intrigued like most cats in the early 90s with Asia Carrera but since the tragedy with the death of her husband she has kept a relatively low profile in the past couple.”

*Video: Zach Galifinakis interviews Michael Showalter. Nice beard.

*Lemmy: The Movie. Lemmy is 62? [vicarious]

*Video: Best Buy video cameras capture an in-store dance party. [bb]

*Off topic: GOOD magazine does a round-up post on beards. They’re the new long hair. But on your face.

*ATTENTION: My love affair with Vodpod is over. THANK YOU.

Links for 5.17.08: Musicians nude, Radiohead’s data, Ludacris’ green…

*Who are the Top 50 Nude music stars? I don’t really know what this even means, but it’s an irresistible headline, right? (NSFW) [getty images]

*Awesomeness: Radiohead 2008 Tour Statistics. [urlesque]

*MTV has released a list of the hottest MCs. Kanye is at the top. [nah right]

*The Chicago Tribune covers the R. Kelly trial: “Yesterday, he looked rough, a couple of weeks worth of fuzz on his braids. And his beard? Well, it had more naps than a preschool.” It’s been too long since this blog mentioned beards. Thank you, Chicago Tribune. [good]

*Conde Nast acquires Ars Technica. (Obvs, CBS bought CNET earlier in the week.)

*Ludacris and Tommy Lee (mentioned previously on this blog for their participation in a green-themed reality show) are playing an L.A. concert May 28th to kick off the show, Battleground Earth. I think it would be funny to see the riders for this show. [treehugger]

*Shephard Fairey uses Zipcar? Interesting in that Banksy is an outspoken I-GO user. [not really]

*Off topic: I don’t know who plays The Sims 2, but those who do can now buy IKEA furniture for their game selves. I’m not sure if it comes pre-assembled in-game, or not.

Links for 3.18.08: Starbucks tunes, Limewire’s legit store, iTunes Unlimited?…

*Limewire is opening its own legal, for-pay music store. (I blogged about this many months ago; now coming to fruition.)

*Would you like to see a large photoset of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch? Read more. [waxy]

*Wayne Barrow, the dude who has been cast in the title role of the forthcoming Notorious B.I.G. biopic, has a blog. [cinematical]

*Do you want an iTunes subscription option? iTunes Unlimited. [venture beat] Also – hella cool – how to pause iTunes every time you unplug your headphones, via Lifehacker.

*You probably already know that The Big Lebowski is available in its entirety on Hulu. [kung fu grippe]

*For all your American Idol needs: [buzzfeed]

*The newest Gnarls Barkley album has moved up the date of its release (to this week) and is now #2 on the iTunes album chart. [idolator]

*Huge trend: BEARDS. Deal with it. BEARDS. [the moment]

*Mod a Rock Band guitar to use a real string.

*The New York Times brings the hate on Starbucks’ musical taste.

*Moby talks a lot. To Pop Candy this time.

*Reminder: You don’t want to go deaf. [brooklyn vegan]

Links for 1.20.08: Music’s best beards, Folk’s finest hip-hop…

*PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK I WILL POST ALL YEAR: A slideshow of the Top Ten Beards in Modern Music. Includes Devendra Banhart and Kyp Malone; no Ben Bridwell. [reddit]

*Rob Walker talks about theoretical listenerd favorite Yo Gabba Gabba! in this week’s New York Times Magazine. (Weirdly, I first wrote about Yo Gabba Gabba! for the day job in 2006 – long before it was even picked up.) Walker also invokes “kindie rock;” where children’s music and indie meet, but calls neologisms such as these “vaguely grating.”

*The New York Times Bits blog on Blu-Ray, the HD format wars and tech-buying in general: “To stay sane, any consumer needs to think of digital technology as a subscription rather than a product.”

*David Milch is going back to doing cop shows. [medialoper]

*The top 5 folk covers of hip-hop tunes (with videos) include “Straight Outta Compton” and “Gin and Juice.”

Links for 1.17.08: The Stones’ drop, Lebowski’s mash, iPods’ sharing…

*From CES: The miShare allows iPod users to share their music.

*Long-time listenerd favorite Daytrotter gets an investor. [coolfer]

*The Associated Press has already written Britney Spears’ obituary. [lost remote]

*The USA Today on the Facebook-driven Scrabulous kerfuffle. Luckily, I am terrible at Scrabulous.

*Bearded Band of Horses frontman (and recent convert to anti-Wal-martism) Ben Bridwell talks about appealing to 12-year-old girls. The guy is weird. [largehearted boy]

*The Rolling Stones plan a one-off release with Universal. Sorry EMI. [digital music news] The interplay between artists and labels bores me (sorry). The space between music and consumers is much better.

*Music: A Big Lebowski mashup. []

*Does Borders have an online music store on the way?

*Pediaphon: Use your MP3 player to listen to Wikipedia. [eHub]

*Video: Lasagna Cat. [pop candy]

Links for 1.12.08: Watermarks rising, Aiken not, “decidedly uncool,” the RIAA’s chances…

*Though DRM is dying, are watermarks ready to rise?

*Kotaku finds someone who’s modded real drums to work with Rock Band.

*Japanese “melody roads” play music as you drive over them, using cars as “tuning forks.” Whoa. [networked music review]

*The most inspiring beards of all time. ZZ Top, Kenny Rogers and Cat Stevens all represent. [pop candy]

*For the cyclist afraid his earbuds will get him run over: The 2GO iH85 is a bike-mounted stereo system. [treehugger]

*Newsweek interviews Clay Aiken. And it does not go well. Clay Aiken: “I couldn’t even get off the toilet the other day.” [huffpo]

*The New York Times ponders the potential demise of the Gawker Media empire. (Maybe they need to swap Idolator for the listenerd.)

*Mashable says maybe EMI won’t really kill the RIAA.

*Off topic: From Friday’s New York Times, the best quote I’ve ever seen make the front page of said paper. On the occasion of riot-control gas being released on soldiers and civilians in Iraq:

“An armored vehicle on the ground also released the gas, temporarily blinding drivers, passers-by and at least 10 American soldiers operating the checkpoint.

‘This was decidedly uncool and very, very dangerous,’ Capt. Kincy Clark of the Army, the senior officer at the scene, wrote later that day.”

Links for 1.3.08: Apples big moves, Earworm’s big mash, Sir Paul’s big op…

*Two (and a half) iTunes things:

1) Rumors swirl about a collaborative record label project coming from Jay-Z and Apple.

2) Radiohead relents, allowing iTunes to sell “In Rainbows” by the track, not just in its album bundle.

2.5) (But Amazon beats iTunes on unbundled pricing.) [1st link via daily swarm]

*Listen: To DJ Earworm’s mega mashup of Billboard’s Top 25 songs. [neatorama]

*Paul McCartney had super-secret heart surgery late last year?

*Free Music Zilla: Lets users grab and save music from Imeem, Pandora,, MySpace. [red ferret]

*Sex and phones: The Kiss Phone (has lips that simulate kisses from the person you’re talking to) vs. Rub My (iPhone) [NSFW]

*Britney Spears is readying for her return to the silver screen? (Who didn’t love Crossroads?)

*If you rock. And are having a kid. Try Rattle ‘n’ Roll baby announcements. [parent dish]

*M.I.A. is Marc Jacobs’ latest model. [brooklyn vegan]

*On beards: Gothamist examines writers’ strike beards. (If there’s one good thing that’s come out of the strike (so far), it’s the beards.)

*Napster is raising prices by $3 a month. Hmm… [mashable]

*One or two of you may be asking: What are the best country music songs of 2007? Here’s a Top 50.

*Why do records leak? [getty images]

Links for 12.28.07: Bono in 3D, Fergie in love, Strike Beards…

*HUGE NEWS: Fergie, our favorite pants-peeing diva from the Black Eyed Peas, is now engaged. And not to her craft. To Josh Duhamel.

*HUGE NEWS: The New Yorker on Strike Beards. God, huge beards rule.

*If you hate Bono as much as I do, you will probably not like U2 3D, a web production / 3D rendering of a live stadium concert by the band. [josh spear]

*Seriously: Fergie, Bono and awesome beards all in one day? X-mas effing miracle.

* offers up the Top Ad Music of 2007: Cat Power for diamonds at #8. (I really wish this site would update more often; it’s great.)

*Amazon adds Warner Music to its MP3 download store.

*Yes. A list. Top 5 Rock Songs Played by Classical Musicians.

*Black Eyed Peas ringtones are over. Get a tone that reminds you to keep your New Year’s resolutions. [textually]

*The A.V. Club interviews Walk Hard star and director Jon C. Reilly and Jake Kasdan.

MORE Links for 12.11.07: Fergie polls, Beards warm, Zeppelin rocks +

*DUDE. I may be getting my sorry ass handed to me in certain Hypebot music blog polls, but Fergie served the world (so to speak?) and landed atop iTunes’ best-seller list of 2007 with “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Listenerd second-favorite Soulja Boy lands at #3. Woohoo! [listening post]

*The CFO of Napster has stepped down. [xrrf]

*10 Incredible Sound Recordings: Perennial favorite Florence Foster Jenkins, a castrato and other ear-splitting weirdness. [kottke]

*Zeppelin and Metallica confirmed for Bonnaroo 2008? I’m scared. [metal sucks]

*ON BEARDS: Does a beard keep you warmer? Ask science. Or Sam Beam.

*On movies: The Making of The Shining (35-minute video; watch it).

Links for 11.15.07: Elliott Smith balls, NMH screwed, ringtones tank +

*Band of Horses’ bearded Wal-mart apologist Ben Bridwell has changed his mind, and will now NOT be taking licensing dough from the world’s largest retailer for the BoH indie smash “The Funeral.” Now I can die in peace. With a decent soundtrack. [nme]

*Ringtone sales are down – a 20% decline from October 2006 to October 2007. [coolfer]

*Wu Killa Bee. The RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan carefully explains his music and film influences. [via jimray’s]

*There’s a DVD coming out – from McSweeney’s’ Wholpin – that contains footage of Elliott Smith playing a Rastafarian basketball player in a Paul Thomas Anderson short film. [the playlist]

*Social.FM has launched a Facebook app that will scan users’ profiles and make a little player from their faves. [hypebot]

*Ars Technica reviews the new Zunes.

*Feel free to hate on Blender’s 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums. Not here, but at Stereogum. Or somewhere else. (NMH @ #32? Behind Wilco? Really? Arcade Fire @ #6. Wow. But really. Not here.)

*Hannah Montana now has a Tooth Tunes MP3-playing toothbrush. Also, she is not pregnant. [shiny shiny]

*The Times reviews R&B’s “eccentric visionary” R. Kelly. Except for the criminal/sexual issues, the guy is really interesting.

*RCRD LBL has launched. Here’s their intro.

*Warner Music is kissing Steve Jobs and making up (they want to use iTunes to sell music for mobiles). [ars technica]

*A friend and colleague of mine is a hybrid mom. Be kind. Recycle. Also, elimination communication.

Video: A phonograph playing in a soothing manner

A record player playing ZZ Top: Gimme All Your Lovin’.

Beards + vinyl.

Sam Beam on his music, his movies, and M and M’s

I like many things about Sam Beam, including 1) his movies, 2) his beard, and 3) his music. He recently did an interview with the A.V. Club wherein he makes clear that his attitude toward films that license his music is extraordinarily nonchalant (re: Garden State: “I hear it was good.”).

He also talks about my favorite song of his, “The Trapeze Swinger,” and how it was used in the awful movie In Good Company with equal shruggery.

In addition to Garden State, some other media in which Beam’s music has appeared that he’s has never seen:
*Friday Night Lights
*The L Word
*Gray’s Anatomy

He has seen the M&M’s commercial, and promises that he likes M&Ms.