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Quick links for 4.6.09: The Half-Assing Edition

*Digital music: Check out the Tone Matrix. But first “Please install latest flashplayer.” Also, I am an idiot.

*Albums: Bearded Iron & Wine singer-songwriter-maniac Sam Beam is putting out an album of rarities called “Around the Well” on June 1st. What are the odds he will include an idiosyncratic-but-charming podcast on that album? 0%.

*Cooking: Kate Moss has a cookbook coming out. Somewhat related: Blueberry is Minnesota’s state muffin. I’m a cranberry/white chocolate man. But you knew that already. And I’m not talking about muffins. (WHAT?)

*Beef: If you love beef, you will love Toby Keith vs. Ethan Hawke. There are no losers in this beef. Because there are no winners in this beef. And I hate Ethan Hawke.

*Heroes: Browse this gallery of Mexican Superheroes. [lyrical_miracle]

*Work: The Workaholic Suit is padded so you won’t hurt yourself if you keel over. They couldn’t have at least made the tie striped? I mean…

*Local: A Minneapolis bike company hired a local writer to compose a series of 17 fictional posts as a way to build traffic and brand recognition.

This dovetails with something I’ve been wondering. For any localites (or non-Twin Citizens, I suppose) reading this: Are there any qualitatively good twitterers from Minneapolis or St. Paul that I should know about? I don’t care about numbers of followers. I do care about signal vs. noise (I’m for the former), entertainment or insight (I’m for either), and generally low volume (not, like, 20 a day). Any suggestions appreciated (it’s complicated, ok?). I may not follow your advice.

*Today’s links: F. Never half-ass it.

Links for 3.6.09: Crack, beef and videogames

*Games: Fall Out Boy and Pearl Jam both have videogames.

*Law: Coolio was arrested at LAX airport on suspicion of possessing crack. Note: Don’t bring crack to an airport. [tds]

*Maps: See at a glance what the drinking ages across the globe are. Additionally, here is a map of migration habits of the sockeye salmon. [smartmobs]

*Trends: At 8:25 pm central time today “Ickett” was the third most-searched term on Google trends. Ickett is what M.I.A. did not name her child. Also, not Ickitt.

*Relationships: Hulu and Boxee are fighting. (Hulu blocks Boxee’s access to public RSS feeds.) Also, The Arcade Fire and the Flaming lips are fighting.

Links for 12.30.08: Defriending, Retweeting, Gibbarding and Metal Beef

*Love: All the bloggers have told you this – Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel are engaged. That dude must have some smooth game, because even I think he is unattractive. And that’s like the pot calling the kettle horribly disfigured.

*Metal Beef: It’s Kip Winger vs. Lars Ulrich. God, I love a good beef. Side beef: Tila Tequila vs. Rihanna. Eh.

*Comments: The post most commented-upon over at Stereogum this year was one discussing VH1’s Top 100 Songs in Hip-Hop list. I used to comment on Stereogum. God, that’s weird to think about.

*Musical obits: The Times has put together a musical montage from musicians who passed away in 2008.

*Concerts: Kraftwerk will be playing with Radiohead on the latter band’s Latin American tour, kicking off March 2009.

*Blogs: Fimoculous’ 30 most notable blogs of 2008. This list – a new version of which comes out yearly – is usually very good! It feels more mainstream this year! Waxy, Gawker, the NYT. Maybe it’s not the list who’s changed, it’s ME. It usually is. It usually. Effin’. Is.

*Social media: The Wall Street Journal takes on the unsavory topic of DEFRIENDING. I have long been a staunch advocate of defriending, and defriend at least once a week. I have to tell you, without fail it feels great. I’d guess that I eventually refriend about 15% of the people I defriend. [ypulse]

*Ugh: Is Steve Jobs ok?

*Dumb: This post on Retweets as a primary metric in Twitter authority rank (whaa???) made me finally unsubscribe from TechCrunch. I can’t take the time to explain why it annoyed me so much, but at the heart of things is a profound lack of perspective.

*Security: Check out the Top 100 passwords. “Fuckyou” slides in at #49, but what’s really surprising (and effed up) is #5. [can’t remember]

Beef follow up: Maybe Soulja Boy was right

In this week’s (September 1) New Yorker, artist Kehinde Wiley comments that Ice-T was the most difficult subject he ever had sit for him. “He had the most shocking level of ego and excess. It was me inviting these celebrities to be who they wanted to be, and he goes straight for a portrait of Napoleon. He was, like, ‘If anyone deserves to be Napoleon, it’s me. I’m the father of gangster rap.’ So he crowned himself.”

Also, here is a slide show of Mr. Wiley’s work, though it does not include his painting of Ice-T.

Links for 8.27.08: Jay vs. Noel, Okkervil YouTube and SMOKING…

*Music videos: If you want more Okkervil River music videos like Bon Iver’s cover of “Blue Tulips,” you should probably subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel. [filter]

*Mashups: Jay-Z vs. Oasis again; this time in the form of a mashup (by Cookin’ Soul), rather than a beef. Personally, I enjoy beef. [listening post]

*Concerts: Greg Gillis of Girl Talk says “I’m waiting for someone to 69 on stage.” Also, he says a lot of other stuff.

*Interviews: Paste magazine interviews Calexico: The band really digs Cormac McCarthy. [music slut]

*Obit: Steve Foley, the drummer for the Replacements, died this weekend of an accidental prescription pill overdose at the age of 49. [rolling stone]

*Guns: Read an excerpt from “Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N’ Roses.” [fimoculous] Also: The dude who leaked those Chinese Democracy songs has been arrested. At the behest of Dr. Pepper’s lawyers?

*Religion: Guitar Praise is like Guitar Hero, but with Jesus. And, probably, Moses. [best week ever]

*P2P: The legit wing of the LimeWire store is expanding; they’ve added The Orchard’s music catalog. [hypebot]

*Smoking: I don’t know why you would want to have a pack of cigarettes stuck to the side of your head, but if you would, you can buy a telephone headset that looks like an open pack of heaters. And then you can wear it. [shinyshiny]

Links for 7.31.08: Kanye’s clothes, Aussie pirates, Rihanna’s outerwear…

*Fashion: Kanye West makes Vanity Fair‘s best-dressed list. Must have been the sunglasses? You know? With the shutters? Hello? Hi.

*Alternative fuels: The New York Times highlights young rockers riding biodiesel busses.

*Hip-hop and hops: ?uestlove’s Air Force 1 shoes.

*Mascots: OK, first listenerd favorite Soulja Boy beefs with Ice T. Then listenerd mascot Fergie agrees to play a prostitute in her feature film debut. And now listenerd emerging artist Rihanna is seen sporting a nipple ring through her see-through shirt. Next up: the listenerd adopts Amy Grant.

*Fashion: The geekini is a Nintendo controller-inspired bikini.

*Travel: If you go to Australia, they may check your gear for pirated music. THAT YOU HAVE STOLEN.

*The internet: The Daily Star points out KissThisGuy, a site for misheard lyrics. (There are few better than “Yellow Ledbetter.”) Because kids used to learn lyrics by reading the CD liners. [fark]

Video update: Ice Cube comments on the Soulja Boy v. Ice T beef

Ice Cube adds his commentary to the Soulja Boy vs. Ice T beef, citing a fundamental generation gap as the source of the animosity.

Also: The internet destroyed hip-hop.

Video: Shaq disses Kobe via freestyle rap

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Update on Soulja Boy vs. Ice T beef: Kanye backs Soulja Boy

I believe this beef can be characterized as the prescriptivist (Ice T) vs. the descriptivist (Kanye).

Thank you.