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Video: Party at One on One bicycle studio

If you’ve been wondering, this is where I get my coffee pretty much every weekday.

Links for October 15, 2011:

*Listicles: Defective Yeti determines his own blood alcohol level based on what he’s wearing when he wakes up after a night of drinking.

*Transmedia: Forget the Tumblr-turned-book deal. It’s time for the comment-turned-screenplay. A Reddit comment has lead to a screenwriting deal. (The comment was based around the question, What if U.S. Marines were transported back in time to fight Roman legions?)

*Photography: When I say “throwable panoramic ball camera,” does your brain accidentally translate it into “throw up” and then a string of some other words that don’t matter nearly as much as throw up does? Mine does. Mine does. [via notcot]

*Music: Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have split up. What will now happen to the band is unclear.

*Walking backwards: Hull, Wisconsin is considering banning bicycles and pedestrians from its streets. Shouldn’t we get past the day and age when people discriminate against cyclists and move directly to publicly torturing roller bladers? [via treehugger]

*Mashups: Horn Bike is a bike mount-cum-amplifier for your iPhone. In some ways I fear that this would make texting while biking TOO easy. Also, Etsy comes to the fixie crowd with this bike planter. If only you could give a bicycle a beard. OMG, get an easily completed online business plan form!

*Today’s links: Fudge.

Bikes: The upcycled life

This would be FAR better as a sort of infographic with a kind of broish dude (probably with a beard?) wearing all of this recycled bike gear and little callouts pointing to all the upcycled stuff he has on. But my skills are not up to the task.

SO, what follows is as complete a head-to-toe recycled (re-bike-led?) life as I am currently able to create:

Sandals made from bike tires.

Wallets made from bike tires.
Chairs made from bike tires.

Jackets made from bike tires.
Belts made from bike tires.
Dresses made of bike tires (not currently available through retail channels).

Home decor:
Fences made from bike frames (this one is probably my favorite).
Shelves made from innertubes.
Stools made out of bike tires.
Rugs made from bike tires.
Chandeliers made out of bike parts.
Clocks made out of chain rings.
Christmas trees made of recycled bikes (you can’t really fit it in your home).
Menorahs made out of bike chains.
Bowls made out of bike chains.
Picture frames made out of bike chains.
Coat hooks made out of bike chains.
Chairs made from bike parts.

Necklaces made from bike innertubes.
Dog collars made from bike tires.
Purses made from bike tires.
Earrings and necklaces made from bike parts.
Bracelets made from bike tires.

A small catapult made completely out of bike parts.

Musical instruments:
I-don’t-know-what-instruments-these-are made out of bike parts.
Guitar straps made from bike tires.

Sporting goods:
Ski ties made from bike tires.

Office supplies:
Paper clips made from bike spokes.
Bottle openers made from bike chains.

Bike fenders made from bike tires.
Panniers made from bike tires.

Links for 1.19.11: I am losing my hair.

*Books: Bob Dylan signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to write six more books. I liked Chronicles: Volume 1 a LOT more than I thought I would.

*Questions: Is Kanye West the Don Draper of hip-hop? Also, who is the Al Swearingen of R&B? [fluxtumblr]

*Feelings: If you have been wondering about who the 50 Most Loathsome People in America are this year, Buffalo Beast offers up their opinion.

*Advertising: It seems like Unevolved Brands should be called Unevolved Logos or Unevolved Visual Identities. But maybe I pick unnecessarily? Go there, and you can attempt to identify companies based on their distilled brand identities. [joshspear]

*Shows: You can watch the entirety of an episode of Austin City Limits that features Band of Horses and The National here.

*Blogs: There’s a new music blog in the world. It’s called PopDust. Here’s what the New York Times says about it. BIEBER.

*Cycling: Geneviève Bujold steals the spotlight in this tumblr of celebrities riding bikes. And I don’t even know who Geneviève Bujold is.

*Twitter: These tweets are all pretty good.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Wheels on fire


Video: Tim Knoll on a BMX bike



Links for 7.19.10: No tips for anything useful. Not even better abs.

*Communication and rumination: Alain de Botton writes about a religion for atheists, courtesy of Auguste Comte. Funny thing: I have become addicted to M. de Botton’s writings through TWITTER of all things.

*Theatre: If you are in Portland, perhaps you should go to Trek in the Park. Saturdays and Sundays in July. My science fiction knowledge is minimal, but I do know this: Never trust a woman in a jumpsuit. Or a man. Or a Ferengi (sp?).

*Television: AdverLab asks if Mad Men’s ceilings are too modern. It’s all crumbling. All around us. All of it.

*Things Southern: The University of Virginia offers you anything and everything you ever wanted to consume relating to William Faulkner.

*Planet Earth: In this interview, Bill Murray’s essence is distilled. On Garfield and Joel Coen. Or Cohen. [vulture]

*Pastries: Butch Bakery – Cupcakes. For men. (SFW.) WHAT? Really; it’s safe. These aren’t those bachelorette penis pastries. If you were wondering. [neatorama]

*Other World Problems: Typically, the hazards of modern – often American – consumer society are called “Third-World Problems.” Bad iPhone reception. Netflix on-demand won’t work in Chrome. You know? But robots that will be your buddy on a tandem bike? I don’t know what kind of problems they solve.

*Unconsumed: Rob Walker explains the internet and ROFL culture. Sometimes, we are laughing at the wrong things. Or in the case of listenerd readers, not laughing at all.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Inspired Bicycles – Bike Parkour

I don’t know how “real” this is, but there is some crashing.


Quick links for 4.6.09: The Half-Assing Edition

*Digital music: Check out the Tone Matrix. But first “Please install latest flashplayer.” Also, I am an idiot.

*Albums: Bearded Iron & Wine singer-songwriter-maniac Sam Beam is putting out an album of rarities called “Around the Well” on June 1st. What are the odds he will include an idiosyncratic-but-charming podcast on that album? 0%.

*Cooking: Kate Moss has a cookbook coming out. Somewhat related: Blueberry is Minnesota’s state muffin. I’m a cranberry/white chocolate man. But you knew that already. And I’m not talking about muffins. (WHAT?)

*Beef: If you love beef, you will love Toby Keith vs. Ethan Hawke. There are no losers in this beef. Because there are no winners in this beef. And I hate Ethan Hawke.

*Heroes: Browse this gallery of Mexican Superheroes. [lyrical_miracle]

*Work: The Workaholic Suit is padded so you won’t hurt yourself if you keel over. They couldn’t have at least made the tie striped? I mean…

*Local: A Minneapolis bike company hired a local writer to compose a series of 17 fictional posts as a way to build traffic and brand recognition.

This dovetails with something I’ve been wondering. For any localites (or non-Twin Citizens, I suppose) reading this: Are there any qualitatively good twitterers from Minneapolis or St. Paul that I should know about? I don’t care about numbers of followers. I do care about signal vs. noise (I’m for the former), entertainment or insight (I’m for either), and generally low volume (not, like, 20 a day). Any suggestions appreciated (it’s complicated, ok?). I may not follow your advice.

*Today’s links: F. Never half-ass it.

Links for 8.15.08: Accordion rock, Michael Phelps’ iPod, bikes pimped with speakers…

*Sports: What is on United States Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ iPod? Lil Wayne and Eminem. I was expecting Leonard Cohen. [spinner]

*Accordions: You may have heard (a week or so ago on the listenerd) that accordion rock is back. Now you can find out one man’s Top 5 Accordion Rock songs. (Not mine.) [largehearted boy]

*Travel: If you are stuck on a layover in Paris at Charles de Gaulle (or Orly) airport, you can get dancing lessons for free. [coudal]

*Teenypop: The Jonas Brothers’ brand may be worth billions. [ypulse]

*Social music: TechCrunch questions whether has enough juice to compete with Imeem. (Google Trends charts count as analysis?)

*Arrests: DMX has been arrested again. My professional opinion is that he is pathological. Maybe even crazier than R. Kelly. Or Jessica Simpson. [bossip]

*Collections: Free MP3 downloads pulled off of 78 RPM records. A lot of them. [s4xton]

*Transportation: Bikes pimped out with kick-ass speaker systems. You need to see these pics. [psfk]

*Off topic: You should consider listening to an audio outtake of an interview former Gawker editor Choire Sicha did with insane mindgrape scion Alec Baldwin. [videogum]

Video: Trailer for “Made in Queens”

You need to see these bikes pimped out with speakers. Before you die. In fact, before you waste another 10 minutes of your life. I want a bike.