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Video: Peter, Bjorn and John do a Black Cab Session

You have to click through to the video, which is here. I’m sorry. Somewhat related: I’m an above average whistler.

Video: Fleet Foxes do a Black Cab Session

Video is here, if the embed keeps sucking ass.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Video: Brian Wilson does a Black Cab Session

Check out this Black Cab Session, which features Brian Wilson singing in what appears to be a Tommy Bahama shirt.

OK; I’m done with the Black Cab Sessions for a while.

Video: Cool Kids do a Black Cab Session

This video of Cool Kids doing a Black Cab Session is a couple months old, but is worth posting nonetheless. If I could whip myself for being unable to embed the video I would do so. In fact, I am off to whip myself for a bit now. While wearing a hair shirt.

Video: Martha Wainwright Black Cab Session

If the effer won’t load for you, this.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: The National’s Black Cab Session

The National does “You’ve Done It Again, Virginia” in a Black Cab Session. In a red cab. And it’s very dark. But I like it.

Video: Langhorne Slim playing in a black cab

It seems unsafe.
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