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Links for 3.16.10: 90 Tips for Better Abs and/or Glutes

*People: “We should, I believe, be judged by our compromises more than by our ideals and our norms. Ideals may tell us something important about what we would like to be. But compromises tell us who we are.” – Avishai Margalit

*Sperm: I am sending you to the official site for Sizing Up Sperm, a television show that will put the scope of the human reproductive system into context. It includes photographs of people dressed like sperm. Which is weird.

*Butchery: Have you ever wanted a pillow that looks like it was made out of meat? Let me rephrase that: Have you ever NOT wanted ANYTHING that looked like it was made out of meat? [eatmedaily is back!]

*Bottles: Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s new album, “The Wonder Show of the World,” is being marketed via bottle stoppers that look like a BALD Bonny “Prince” Billy. I have a soft spot for bald guys. ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD.

*Bands: Flavorwire looks at the intersection of food and bands – Vampire Weekend’s House of Horchata and Aranciata. I’ll be frank; if McSweeney’s had done this, it would have been tighter. [eat me daily again. Damn.]

*Music: eMusic has added music from the Sub Pop label to its site. If they had done this five years ago (and not raised prices and limited downloads), I might still be a customer! (Odds are very low that I would still be a customer.)

*Sleep: Motel 6’s “Rock Yourself to Sleep” campaign, which puts up indie bands on tour, has two open slots for 6 weeks of free lodging for musicians on tour. [hypebot]

*Blogging: My arch-nemesis, Susan Orlean, has started a blog. For her blog-sized ideas. For her blog-sized ideas. For her blog-sized ideas.

*Writing: Norman Maclean writes a rejection letter to publisher Alfred A. Knopf, who earlier had rejected him: “I can now only weakly say this: if the situation ever arose when Alfred A. Knopf was the only publishing house remaining in the world and I was the sole remaining author, that would mark the end of the world of books.” [coudal]

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 2.20.10: 101 Tips for Better Abs

*Mules: Mules come from the sexual union of a male donkey and a female horse. Hinnies are made by mating male horses and female donkeys. And no one likes them. Susan Orlean (who is terrible on Twitter) has written a very compelling story of the recent history and modern-day use of mules. And I recommend it. (Spoiler: Afghanistan and the Amish.)

*Sex: This survey answers the question that’s been on your mind since you read this sentence – what’s the sex life of MIT students like? The Chemistry Department has the largest concentration of virgins. If you’re wondering. [mefi]

*Blogging: It’s been years since I started this blog, but I still have no idea how to blog. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this deliciously meta article on how to write an incendiary blog post. Also, I think I need to work on my headlines.

*Robbery: Waxy does a rundown of decades worth of media scares that focus on innovations that allow savvy burglars to tell when people will be home and when they won’t.

*Sex and advertising: Durex uses words shaped like sex in its latest print campaign. This link is as NSFW as word shapes can be.

*Music: Codeorgan allows you to plug in an URL, then it produces the musical fingerprint of the site. Thelistenerd is lower than I was expecting it to be.

*Rules: If you want to write fiction, never open with weather and never use the word “suddenly.” At least, if you think Elmore Leonard is worth listening to. Ask me sometime to dredge up the story of a busker in an empty train station that I wrote years ago. It is as sure a cure for insomnia as is in existence today. [mefi]

*Existence: There is a dub band called Umberto Echo. Language is destiny. [neural]

*Ab progress: None.

*Today’s links: F.

Notice of content experiment: The Listenerd

I’m thinking of seriously curtailing the link dumps on this blog. In a highly experimental move, I’m going to throw the links on a twitter account instead for a while – (This was formerly my Fake Sam Beam account, so please feel free to amuse yourselves with Dead Fake Sam’s previous tweets.)

If this experiment doesn’t work, I’ll probably start linking here again.

(I think there’s something to pounding through the feed reader on a regular basis. Whether batching the links adds anything to them or not, I don’t know.)

What will appear on this listenerd during this highly volatile experiment, you ask?

I have no idea.

Thank you.

Links for 2.4.09: Videogames as old books, Hipster run-ons, SWEARING…

*Mixed media: Era-swapping media mashups come to video games. Read up on these games imagined as old-timey books.

*Interviews: The Village Voice talks to Carles of Hipster Runoff, the man who inspired me to create a podcast. Turns out, I’m a shitty podcaster. (Did you know that on-air epigrams just create a whole lot of radio silence? FACT!) A quote from Carles, “I feel like the “Carles” part of HRO is insignificant, and it probably makes the site easier to digest without “some dude” attached to it. It’s more of a naive, bro-like, third-person omniscient tone.” [lots of people!]

*Affection: Kiss Me in 3-D allows shut-ins with 3-D glasses somehow on hand in their homes to pretend to kiss a three dimensional man or woman on their laptop screen. FUN? [pop candy]

*Machines: Ze Frank made a little application that lets you draw with your voice. Here’s what happens when you run some well-known music through it. [waxy]

*Cursing: If you like the eff word, you’ll love reading a transcript of Christian Bale’s recent expletive-filled on-set tirade. (Strongly recommended.)

*TV: Michel Gondry is slated to direct an episode of “Flight of the Conchords.” Throw in Radiohead and Kanye West and you have the four winds of the blogging world, all in one place. (Not sure what that means.) [spincity]

*Blogs: I don’t follow the inside blog game that closely, but it’s interesting that the company is spinning parent blog Babble’s spin-off from sex-blog Nerve as a strong sign for the baby. You’d think buy on sex and sell on sippy cups, but Babble just raised $2M in funding.

*Update: Like Dr. King said, I will overcome. I don’t think he was talking about me, though. And I now he wasn’t referring to my just being really tired.

I will be at Nerd World for a while.

Posting: Sporadic. Sporadic, but still HIGHLY COMPELLING.

If you want to know what a highly fictionalized version of me is doing every minute of every day, you can look here.

I wouldn’t advise it, though.

Also: I adore you all.

Also: Goodbye forever. Or at least for several hours.

Links for 12.20.08: RIAA’s suits, streaming video $, Sing with the King…

*Swapping: The RIAA is going to stop suing filesharers and start bugging ISPs. People talk about this like it’s such a great thing. Who knows where ISPs will land… Additionally, it looks like WMG has started pulling its videos off YouTube. Uh BOY.

*Wilco: Long ago, I linked to a story in which Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy talked about the prospect of his son someday reading about his drug use on Wikipedia. Now Tweedy’s son is blogging. [stereogum]

*Names: The A.V. Club’s Year in Band Names rounds up some of the worst band names of the year. My favorites are the fecal ones. And the emo ones. I don’t know what that says about me.

*Streaming: YouTube’s the streaming king for the record labels – it’s been reported that Universal Music Group will make $100M from streaming video this year – most of it from YouTube. Google’s video site, however, isn’t making squat…yet.

*Recording: If you still have a telephone, you can record a song with Elvis Presley himself by going to Sing with the King, calling the number provided, then getting back an ecard with your recorded tune. Apparently, it’s legit, though it sounds like the kind of app that was created to bilk old people out of their money. [miami herald]

*Records: Waxy links to the Universal Records Database, which records some of humanity’s stupidest activities. You may run across such music-related records as the fastest accordion player and the most times whistling happy birthday in one minute.

*Radio: Minnesota Public Radio’s Weekend America got cancelled. I didn’t like it.

*Metal: You probably heard. Headbanging is bad for your health. Or maybe you didn’t hear, if your inner ears are already too damaged.

*Twitter: These Venn diagrams of Twitter terms are attractive. If you are attracted to circles. I tried “whipping,shitties,” but it wasn’t as spectacular as I was expecting it to be. [waxy]

I am not dead or injured.

A few items, in list form:

*Oh look, Wired’s digital music-related blog Listening Post died. That kind of sucks? I linked to them often. To be honest, it feels sort of like a downsizing, where you see a dude who did work similar or related to your own get laid off, shake your head sadly, but know that he was getting paid more than you.

*I am not dead! Or injured. (EXCEPT for the brain damage.) I was buried in work. Also, I think I may be retarded. And bald. And fat!

*I am twittering like a (non-anonymous) human again. Wow. That red burns even MY retinas. And I can barely see. (I should have added that in the above item.)

*I’ve linked to a concert video of the song previously, but MFR is offering Bon Iver’s “Babys” as a download right now.

*I wanted to write a long, hateful post about the logistical ineptitude of last weekend’s Craft-o-Rama hosted at Minneapolis’ Midtown Global Market, but what self-respecting man can whip himself into a rage about craft-o-rama logistics? (In public.)

Links for 12.2.08: No Coast crafts, Thriller days, NIXON!

*Blogs: MBV launches! A collaboration among Largehearted Boy, Fluxblog, Catbirdseat, Said the Gramophone and Chromewaves, from what I can tell it is a place where old music bloggers go to retire. However, I will say that I love the HUGE type (not kidding).

*Local: The No-Coast Craft-o-rama is happening this weekend in Minneapolis. I am told that it will be replete with handmade stuff of the finest craftsmanship and local shit of the best vintage. I am planning on attending on Friday. I’ll be the fat, bald one wearing the too-short t-shirt and eating an authentic jerked chicken sandwich from the Jamaican place at Midtown Global Market (the event’s venue). And crying.

*Radio: Brian Lambert talks to 89.3 The Current’s new program director, Jim McGuinn, about the radio business. Now that it’s winter and my car needs warming up when I drive it on the weekends, my radio consumption has quadrupled.

*History: 200 hours of tapes (of Nixon talking!) have been released.

*Online music: Mashable puts and Pandora up against each other, weighing plusses and minuses of each. I’ve used the services (along with many others), but gave up on both of them. Because I am retarded. And lazy. I’m just being honest.

*Toys: I want a $900 musical toy for Christmas. It needs to be ordered 12 weeks in advance. Please help. It is the Gloggomobil. And I love it. [droolicious]

*Anniversaries: It was 25 years ago today that the music video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” came out. I remember seeing it a while later playing on a tv in a mom-and-pop VHS tape rental shop and being FUCKING MESMERIZED.


I feel like I should tell you this. I’m trying tumbling again.

This one will be better than The Finest in Celebrity Hairlines. I swear.

Because how can it not be?

Links for 11.19.08: Palin as poet?, Snoop as chef?, Playgirl R.I.P….

*Politics and literature: Should Sarah Palin be the country’s Poet Laureate? In my opinion, she should not be. [largehearted boy]

*Video: Snoop Dogg appears on Martha Stewart, here making a world-famous version of “Cognac Mashed Potatoes.” Presumably to be paired with Gin and Juice.

*Wait: has partnered with The Take Away Shows for some stuff? How did I not know this before or what am I missing?

*Obits: Sorry, everyone. Playgirl has closed its doors. (The link has a hilarious pic of dudes wearing neckties.) [spin city]

*Yahoo!: Yahoo!, as you may recall, has scrapped its online music store, but they are pressing hard to create a music community. Though apparently not by contacting insanely prolific bloggers directly.

*Guns: If you want Guns n’ Roses’ long-awaited album “Chinese Democracy,” the bloggers say it’s up and around. Chuck Klosterman reviews the album. And wears a crazy beard.

*Beards: Best Week Ever graciously collects a photo montage of some of the beards that appeared at the premiere for the movie Milk.

*More hair: Pete Wentz comments on his grooming habits: “The manscaping? Honestly, I felt slightly overgrown in those pictures. If I had taken them for public consumption, I would have done it differently – groomed a little closer, better lighting.” Sean Combs, take note.

*Note: One thing I despise (mostly about myself) is going through my feed reader in the morning, starring a bunch of items as “To Be Blogged” than finding that the world has blogged them all repeatedly by the evening. It’s tragic, really.

Links for 11.11.08: Journey rules, “Chinese” reviewed, Live Nation sells…

*Journey: Power ballad “Don’t Stop Believin'” is DOMINATING digital music. The Journey song is the biggest seller on iTunes. And though the Guardian says the band “has Tony Soprano to thank for it,” bloggers who watch their incoming traffic know the band has Arnel Pineda to thank for much of their online success. And that is a FACT. [licensing plate]

*MP3s: Live Nation will sell MP3s from Sony Music, Universal Music Group and EMI. [listening post]

*Concerts: One Radiohead concert filmed with 12 cameras. [largehearted boy]

*Neologisms: Thumbnail goggles – “Effect whereby a person seems more attractive in a thumbnail than in a much larger image or in person.” OK, so this is what I’m going for.

*Reviews: Says Rolling Stone of Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy,” it “is a great, audacious, unhinged and uncompromising hard-rock record.” [fimoculous]

*Things people hate: The SlotMusic player costs only $20 and stores 1GB of music. If they start selling/giving away music-filled SD cards at McDonald’s, it could work.

*Backlash: Fuck Norris Facts. “Chuck Norris does not sleep. He passes out after two wine coolers.” [mefi]

*Blogging: Has Kanye West been stealing other people’s blog posts? And is he stealing from the people who have been stealing his music? Because that would give me a headache.

*Morphing: If Wu-Tang members were NBA players. Link comes complete with WICKED MORPHING FACES.

*Trips: It turns out, I am going to CES this year for the day job. Pray for my health, please. And my sanity. But mostly my health.

Links for 10.29.08: Footloose rises, the Beatles may return, Bjork weeps…

*BIG NEWS: Zac Efron is going to do a Footloose remake. My favorite scene from Footloose was the one with the dancing. And the hay.

*Rumors: Is a Beatles’ Rock Band coming out tomorrow? Also, is a global economic meltdown threatening our very way of life? Seriously. It’s something to think about. [daily swarm]

*Auctions: Christie’s is selling off some serious rock memorabilia, including stuff from Patti Smith, the Velvet Underground, the Ramones, and Bowie. By the way, thanks a lot for all the help on that Cat Power-Bowie cover, too. Assholes.

*Social commentary: Bjork comments on Iceland’s economy and environment – “Usually I don’t notice politics. I live happily in the land of music-making. But I got caught up in it because politicians seem bent on ruining Iceland’s natural environment.” [daily swarm]

*P2P: LimeWire to sell content from Comedy Central records through its legit P2P store.

*Time: A boombox watch from Flud. Seriously, if this thing were only 100X larger, I would be all over it. Also, Kanye’s blog does a shitty job of linking to the actual product or item posted about. Just saying. [kanye]

*Infographics: The History of the United States economy from GOOD magazine. It’s pretty. And pretty scary. Ha?

*Blogging: Blogging makes me tired. Here is the Twittercide thing I wrote for the day job.

Links for 10.23.08: Bono writes, Dr. Pepper flows, I sing…

*Free things: Please follow this link if you want to learn details about claiming your free “Chinese Democracy” Dr. Pepper. (You must get your coupon on November 23.) If you would like to read an IM conversation between a music blogger and an artificial intelligence program about “Chinese Democracy,” I salute you for at least having a sense of adventure. Also, I love chatting with artificial intelligence software.

*Editorials: Bono wil be writing between 6 and 10 articles for the New York Times op-ed page next year. Consider my subscription cancelled. And consider my IRE RAISED. [huffpo]

*Remixes: Spin names the top 25 MGMT remixes. I have been waiting for this list a long time. [fimoculous]

*Blogs and music: A New York Times music writer lets bloggers pick his music. He then listens to 25 consecutive MGMT remixes. (Actually, it’s for CMJ, but whatever.)

*Art: AC/DC’s new music video (for “Rock N Roll Train”) has been released as ASCII art, in an Excel spreadsheet. Shouldn’t it have been, like, Sigur Ros to do this? I don’t see a lot of alignment between the core AC/DC fan and this medium. Hello? Above all, it seems like a huge coup for Excel. [mashable]

*For your information: Does it surprise you that I’m a huge John Hodgman fan? The A.V. Club interviews the man about his new book, “More Information than You Require.”

Says Hodgman: “Very quickly the proposal for the second book crystallized in my mind. And that proposal was basically more of the same but twice as long. And that’s where I got with the second book. It’s not quite twice as long, but it is considerably and needlessly longer, and that is something I really like.” [largehearted boy]

*Admission: I participated in a Sing Star event earlier this week at which I sang Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Girl Put Your Records On” in a monotonic falsetto. Some scars will never heal.

Blogging about some blogs from the day job. Blog.

I have a day job (FOR NOW). I don’t write about it all that often on the ‘nerd, but it takes up kind of a lot of time. Also, it helps pay for food. And healthcare.

Anyway, a couple of things happening at said day job (for Iconoculture – a cultural and consumer trend research firm) may be of interest to regular listenerd readers.

1) We’re now pushing our weekly newsletter – which offers a taste of Iconoculture content – through an online publication (call it a blog if you REALLY WANT to). Check it out here. You will see Never Greens. And hangover-free red wine. And other such interesting things.

2) Iconoculture has a partnership with a local business publication, Twin Cities Business, through which we publish some stuff on a blog called Culture Capture. Unfortunately for all parties, if you go to the front page of their site and wait for a while, you may have to see a HUGE picture of the author rotate through.

I’m bald, everyone. Really bald. I can’t say with 100% assurance that there hasn’t been some hair photoshopping done to this picture. You know? Sorry.

Wait a second. Did I just blog about blogs? Ugh.