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Links for 6.27.10: Summertime, and the abs are not so easily obtained

*Anatomy: Rasputin’s penis has its own Wikipedia entry. Entry. Heh. [via]

*Religion: Dudes. The Swedenborgian national convention was held here last week. Please read up on Swedenborgianism, as there is no other religion in existence (not even Zoroastrianism) that is more fun to say aloud.

*Blogging: Of the book publishing industry and bloggers – Are readers the new mommies? (I write that sentence not with relish, but with sadness.)

*Covers: Watch this video (poor in quality) of Jeff Tweedy doing a cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” [vulture]

*Reading: “The Importance of Tweet Cred” from The National. The piece briefly outlines the usual Shirkian versus anti-Shirkian factions.

*Social media: If you’re still using Facebook, you may run into Neil Young. Making comments, liking statuses, and, I have to assume, poking people.

*Brands: Here’s an image of Mickey Mouse made out of bugs. It’s not as disgusting as it sounds. [neatorama]

*Cities: Is it possible to design your way toward more pleasant urban noise?

*Pride: Has everyone seen the album cover for the Scissor Sisters’ latest, “Night Work“?

*Twitter: Read these four links. Also, Mary Karr and Gary Louris are both tweeting. I guess.

*Note: I don’t really know where I’m going with the abs advice thing either.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 3.22.10: 66 Tips for Better Abs and Shinier Glands

*Pictures: These 1:12 scale foods are incredible. I want to roll them up into one hamburger-sized ball and chew them to pieces with my mouth open. [mefi]

*Books: My 23-year-old self would have dropped dead of awe upon seeing these cigarette pack-shaped books. [urlesque]

*Writing: In Tristes Tropiques Claude Levi-Strauss wrote – “My hypothesis, if correct, would oblige us to recognize the fact that the primary function of written communication is to facilitate slavery.” WHOA. READ THAT LINK. AND READ THAT QUOTE AGAIN. I have much more to say on this matter, but I must first gather my thoughts. If you have a single curious bone in your body, I recommend reading the above. If you do NOT have a curious bone in your body, you are asked to leave this blog immediately and requested never to return. EVER.

*More: The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg writes about Alex Chilton in the New York Times. “Because we were musicians, our talk inevitably turned toward women.”

*Politics: With health care reform having passed a major hurdle, some hope Obama will turn his sights on finance reform next.

*Tabasco: There is a truck that is FILLED with recipes made with TABASCO. Side note: I gave my father a one-gallon jug of Tabasco for Christmas. It is considered the strangest family gift since I gave my sister-in-law a fake crow for her birthday. [notcot via pocketdialed]

*Twitter: I started a work account on Twitter. It is where I act like a more upstanding citizen than on my usual account. Read these four things.

*Local: Is Grain Belt’s new Nordeast beer an early April Fool’s joke, or the most amusing beer name in recent history?

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 3.9.10: 87 Tips for Better, Firmer Abdominals

*Busses: I wrote a book report for Coudal last night. I’m not even really sure why. It’s about the time I read Ulysses on the bus in Boston. And on the bus in Minnesota. The guy who wrote back to me is STEVE DELAHOYDE, who wrote THIS way back when I was writing THIS under a TOTALLY FAKE NAME. I AM OLD. OMG.

*Recession: In England, fake store fronts are being used to lessen the perception of local economic failure. On a somewhat related note, I’ve been told to smile more often.

*Books: Here’s David Foster Wallace’s personal annotated dictionary. I’m not really a Wallace-file. I did like his essays on CES and grammar, though.

*Food: Eat Me Daily is back. I’m weeping overjoyed tears of mayonnaise right now. Also, this car runs on espresso. And, I assume, love.

*Sound: I enjoy the rain effect on this free online white noise player.

*Startups: ScatterTunes is trying to change consumers’ de facto music-purchasing interface.

*Performance: Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg perform “Lazy Sunday” on Fallon. On Hulu. What does this bullet even mean? I feel so old right now. I mean, Saturday Night Live? So very, very old. And frail.

*Today’s links: F

Links for 2.11.10: 26 Tips for Better Abs

*Reading: The guy next to me on the bus this morning was reading Assholeology. “Keep calling until you find someone unfamiliar with protocol and willing to do whatever you ask to get you off the phone. Tell them that you spoke with someone else and they said it was possible. Lie. It’s fine, we’re all going to hell.” This is the world we’ve wrought, dear readers.

*Electronics: If you still like books (other than the modern classic “Assholeology,” of course – BookBook, a lovely MacBook slipcover.

*Words: I like languages. I don’t really speak them, but I like them. The systems. The ebb and flow. The tensions. I don’t like Slate. But Slate wrote up an article on the “The Language of Road Signals.” Tension. Ebb and flow. This bullet is like the circle of life, really. [marginal revolution]

*Social media analytics: I don’t even know what super data is, but I think I love it – from Twitter. Also from Twitter: These five things worth reading.

*Gentrification: It is estimated that 50% of today’s tattoo artists have received some formal visual arts training. Have I ever mentioned that my primary prospective tattoo is a small chicken wearing a party hat and carrying a cane?

*Mortality: Someone has patented the self-boring coffin. Self-boring. Heh. See what I didn’t do there? Yet? [presurfer]

*Also: Something about music. Miley Cyrus?

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 12.29.09: I am a sick man. I am a spiteful man.

*Reading: The Awl’s “The End of the 00s” has essays. By people. About things past. Those people include: Joel Johnson (I wrote about being a new dad for a week for his medium-lived Dethroner), Maura Johnston (formerly of Idolator, she hates dropped-crotch trousers), Will Leitch (we were going to do a video interview with him at a conference for my day job for a while, until the video interviewing devices exploded), and Rob Walker (whom I now read less for consumed than for his other projects). And many other people. Ugh. People.

*Lists: Before you read THIS, you should know that if I were forced to either choose a favorite author or be mock-executed, I’d say Dostoyevsky. (In order of likedness: Brothers K, Notes from Underground, Crime and P, The Idiot, The Gambler, The Double.) I should also note that I don’t think the list is particularly accurate. Like, except for a few authors that she nails, it’s offish. UGH.

*Art: Look at these books you don’t even have to read anymore. [notcot]

*Social Media: The track the most users wanted hidden from their scrobbles was Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” I must say, Lady Gaga has grown on me. Like a skin on a glass of egg nog. Delicious, delicious egg nog. [fimoculous]

*Video: Stereogum has collected the 10 Most NSFW Music Videos of 2009. On a somewhat related note, I used to love Stereogum. I used to wait for new posts (they were written by Scott). I used to read them. I used to read the comments. I used to chuckle at the comments. I thought I should say that. It was a long time ago.

*People: Wikipedia on Andrew W.K. – “Popular memes and subcultural rumours suggest that another person, known as “Steev Mike”, is behind Andrew W.K.’s music.” This reminds me of the theory that it wasn’t William Shakespeare who wrote the works of William Shakespeare, but someone else named William Shakespeare. A theory which, incidentally, I love. [the daily swarm]

*Vinyl: Look! It’s Allen Ginsburg made out of vinyl. I was never much of a Ginsburg fan. Too easy.

*Literature: Abe Books’ Weird Book Room presents such titles as “Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoon Boxes of Daghestan.” Too easy? [harper’s]

*Local: Holy. A VERY skinny Craig Finn, along with Lifter Puller, doing a St. Cloud, Minnesota gig. Forever ago.

*Local blogging: Here’s an interview with Ed Kohler of The Deets about his recent poltical blogging. Also, he’s done some examinations of Twitter noise recently that have been sort of interesting. (Close readers of the ‘nerd may recall that I once wanted to make a qualitative inquiry into local Twitter users’ signal-versus-noise, but was unable to do so due to personal stupidity.)

*Today’s links: F

Links for 9.2.09: Urinal protocol, Three Moon book deal, manly albums…

*Sociology: XKCD’s “Urinal Protocol Vulnerability” is a must-read for any man who cares about his private parts and uses urinals on a regular basis. [mefi]

*Reviews: I wrote a review of “Twitter Wit,” the book I have a couple lame quips in, on Amazon. In it, I reference waterproof socks. Did you find this link helpful?

*Gutenbait: The Three Wolf Moon shirt has a book deal? [urlesque]

*The Absence of Everything: I hate Slate with a passion I normally reserve for the likes of Bono and black mead. However, here they talk about the power of the musical pause: “Vermeer understood the power of withheld information. Composers have a similar understanding that in shaping sound, a nothing can be just as expressive as a something.” Go eff yourself, Slate! [earfarm]

*Albums: The list of the 10 Manliest Album Covers is topped by Manowar. Greasy. So greasy. [the daily swarm]

*Headline: I love the headline (not to mention the sentiment) of this Metalhammer post – “Metallica Are A Monkey Sedative.” I always suspected. Anyway, music can calm monkeys.

*Skin flutes: If you have always wondered how to make a frozen weiner skin flute, have I got a video for you! It’s a how-to video. Not some sick video. Sickos. [buzzfeed]

*Literature: T.S. Eliot liked lesbian fiction. But what did he think about lesbian FAN FICTION. Wait. Where am I going with this? Abort line of thought. [harper’s]

*Food: My friend and colleague Abelardo de la Pena, Jr. is in an upcoming episode of The Naked Chef’s TV show, “Jamie’s American Road Trip.” He’s in the second video (with a cameo by the ladies Beal).

*Grade: D-. Manly in flavor, weak in constitution. The links, effers. Gawd.

Tumblrs with book deals – gutenbait?

(Updated 7.6.09 – added a couple of blogs with deals)

Below is a list (by no means exhaustive) of tumblrs that are now available in lovely printed form. I’ve also included a number of near-tumblrs – simple, single-concept tumblr-like blogs that are as much about images and an idea as they are about prose. Is like half of all book-reading now being done on the toilet or something?

Anyway, I informally propose blogs of this type and flavor henceforth be called Gutenbait (Digg-bait for the gutenberg-era).

*Look at this fucking hipsterSt. Martin’s
*This Is Why You’re FatHarperStudio
*Hot Chicks with Douchebags (this should have been a Tumblr) – Simon Spotlight
*FMLMichel Lafon Publishing
*Pets Who Want to Kill ThemselvesThree Rivers Press
*Rules for My Unborn SonSt. Martin’s
*Texts from Last NightGotham
*Sleeveface – Artisan Workman
*Cake WrecksAndrews McMeel Publishing

*I’m not counting: Postcards From Yo Momma, I Can Haz Cheeseburger or Stuff White People Like. Because I am in charge here.

I’d like to recommend for bookization:
*Goths in Hot Weather

Furthermore, Give Us A Book Deal offers a regular stream of idiotic book deal-bait tumblr ideas such as “Rules for My Future Dog” and “Slutty Ninjas.”

*Update: Apparently Gawker doesn’t read the Listenerd. Or at least doesn’t link to it! Not much new info in this book-to-blogs post, but a shout-out to Boner Party, which is good?

Links for 5.14.09: Seeing, anonymity, Wild Things, air sex…

*Eyes: Here’s the best visual illusion of 2009. Also, I’m now blind.

*Sports: Air sex is like air guitar, but without a woman. Or a man. Your choice. Or both, I guess? However you swing. Or whatever. [what?]

*Books: We Love You So is a blog for the movie “Where the Wild Things Are.” [popcandy]

*Icons: Rob Walker’s gallery of anonymity – featuring the default icons from social networking sites from across the web – is growing. I will always be a toilet. Even when I’m not yet a toilet. Or not currently a toilet. What?

*History: Learn your lesson – How they dealt with credit crunches in the Middle Ages. Have I told you lately that I’m deleveraging? Not as fun as it sounds.

*Music: A concept, a book, an album. NPR on Danger Mouse’s, Sparklehorse’s, and David Lynch’s (among others) “Dark Night of the Soul.”

*Day job: This one is from my day job, but still interesting (WUCKA!) – The Boobox is a vending machine that gives away free samples.

*Internet: This bookmarklet allows you to see the web in Kanye West vision. [filter]

*Today’s links: Lowercase d. It’s that fucking low.

Quick links for 3.7.09: Lit, tweets and melody

*Literature: The book the most people lie about having read is 1984. Why lie about a book so short? For this, I would go with Pynchon. Just one man’s opinion.

*Advertising: Ads will appear at the end of Tweets written by people being paid for their placement? This sounds weird. Pepsi. [murketing] Related: Oh, and this is supposedly Mark Zuckerberg‘s account. [sai]

*Music: Melody and its place in the world. I like the subject, but find the post to be wandering. Is that rude? I’m sorry, Suzanne Vega.

*Today: F

Links for 11.30.08: WKRP returns, Biggie reference tracks, gift guide…

*Television: There’s a new WKRP. It’s in Cincinnati. [lp]

*Movies: View short clips of films juxtaposed with unexpected musical samples! Hilarious? [presurfer]

*Rhymes: Biggie Smalls recorded “reference tracks” for Lil Kim? (That’s not a euphemism.)

*Gifts: Trendhunter put together a list of presents for musicians that includes a guitar toilet seat. Unfortunately, that is the most practical option on the list.

*History: Dancing mania gripped France in 1518. It started with one dancing woman and spread to 400 manic, dancing lunatics. Eventually, most of them died. (For realz.) [reddit]

*Books: Okkervil River’s Will Sheff reads from Tatyana Tolstaya’s “White Walls” for Daytrotter’s Bookery.

Links for 10.13.08: M.I.A.’s child, AC/DC’s pop, Beastie votes…

*The circle of life: M.I.A. is pregnant. All of the retirement / engagement / etc. stuff makes sense now. If I may here loosely define “sense.”

*Money: AC/DC is second only to the Beatles in album sales (with 26.4 million total), ahead of the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. They’re also doing the digital music thing on their own (weird) terms. Unrelated: Who’s got the biggest balls of them all? Kellen Winslow, Jr., apparently. (Grapefruits?)

*Literature: The Pitchfork 500: Our Guide to the Greatest Songs from Punk to Present comes out on November 11th. After Chinese Democracy, you will note. (I have the 1001 Albums book. I hope there is some overlap, or I am in real trouble.)

*Recession sell-off: Diamond encrusted iPod earbuds. They cost $60k.

*Cooking: Mario Batali’s personal playlist includes Cesaria Evora, Tom Waits and R.E.M. I think a blog that aggregated celebrity playlists, allowing users to visually make connections between and among them, would be a good idea. Also, it would be too much work for me to undertake.

*Rap: The Beastie Boys have announced a series of Get Out and Vote shows. Because, apparently, the 40-year-old white guy needs a kick in the ass to get out to the polls.

*Fashion: Lupe Fiasco helps design a Converse sneaker for next year’s (RED) campaign. Still? (With the Lupe Fiasco AND the RED?) Available in January.

*Words and politics: The New Yorker‘s James Wood on Sarah Palin

“She may claim, as she did in last Thursday’s Vice-Presidential debate, that ‘Americans are cravin’ that straight talk,’ but they are sure not going to get it from the Governor––not with her peculiar habit of speaking only half a sentence and then moving on to another for spoliation, that strange, ghostly drifting through the haziest phrases, as if she were cruelly condemned to search endlessly for her linguistic home.”

Links for 10.9.08: Chinese Democracy!, Obama O’s, Sleeveface book…

*HOLY MOLY: Guns ‘N Roses’ long-awaited album, Chinese Democracy, will drop by Thanksgiving exclusively at Best Buy stores. As previously noted multiple times on this repetitive blog, Dr. Pepper has promised a free can for everyone in the U.S. if the album drops by the end of the year. [universal music group! – How annoying is it that Stereogum keeps self-linking in this linked-to post? Answer: Outrageously and insultingly so!]

*Album covers: There’s a Sleeveface (which is the act of holding an album cover with a face on it over your own face as you pose for a photo) book coming out. Seriously, how long until we see a Boner Party book? This guy’s prediction? Not long. Also, two thumbs. Up.

*Belgium: Jacques Brel’s things are being auctioned off by Sotheby’s despite protests from his family. You should listen to some Jacques Brel. Ideally on a phonograph. While drunk. Off of red wine.

*Family: Is Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant again, four months after giving birth? [parentdish]

*Politics: Which one? That one. Also: Rednecks for Obama.

*Cereal: Obama O’s and Cap’N McCains. [coudal]

*Independent film: Good Dick. It comes out tomorrow. Perverts. [fimoculous]

*Sounds: The instant rimshot (for humor) and the sad trombone (for sadness). Perverts!!!!!

Links for 10.7.08: Weezer’s records, Rock Band merch and dead mammals…

*Merch: T-shirts for Rock Band bands. You can upload your own band logo. I have never played Rock Band, and in fact, I might be retarded. [pop candy]

*Nerds: You can now put Pandora on your Chumby. Wait. Pandora is still around? It’s not illegal yet? WHAT? (Also, that was not supposed to be a euphemism.)

*Video: Kanye rolls out his “Love Lockdown” music video.

*Videos: Weezer rounds up a bunch of world record wannabes for their latest video, for their song “Troublemaker.” Also, that Weezer dude has a MOUSTACHE and doesn’t seem to be embarrassed about it.

*Gear: Would you like a guitar amp in a toaster? Also, it’s decorated with flames.

*Fashion: Oh, and Sasha Frere-Jones is thinking up his own Neighborhoodies. [twitter]

*Books: Thomas Pynchon has a new book coming out in August 2009. I haven’t even finished not reading “Gravity’s Rainbow” yet.

*Also: Oh yeah, and one in four mammals faces extinction. Side note: HOLY SHIT, I AM A MAMMAL OH NOOOO!!!!!11

Links for 8.27.08: Jay vs. Noel, Okkervil YouTube and SMOKING…

*Music videos: If you want more Okkervil River music videos like Bon Iver’s cover of “Blue Tulips,” you should probably subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel. [filter]

*Mashups: Jay-Z vs. Oasis again; this time in the form of a mashup (by Cookin’ Soul), rather than a beef. Personally, I enjoy beef. [listening post]

*Concerts: Greg Gillis of Girl Talk says “I’m waiting for someone to 69 on stage.” Also, he says a lot of other stuff.

*Interviews: Paste magazine interviews Calexico: The band really digs Cormac McCarthy. [music slut]

*Obit: Steve Foley, the drummer for the Replacements, died this weekend of an accidental prescription pill overdose at the age of 49. [rolling stone]

*Guns: Read an excerpt from “Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N’ Roses.” [fimoculous] Also: The dude who leaked those Chinese Democracy songs has been arrested. At the behest of Dr. Pepper’s lawyers?

*Religion: Guitar Praise is like Guitar Hero, but with Jesus. And, probably, Moses. [best week ever]

*P2P: The legit wing of the LimeWire store is expanding; they’ve added The Orchard’s music catalog. [hypebot]

*Smoking: I don’t know why you would want to have a pack of cigarettes stuck to the side of your head, but if you would, you can buy a telephone headset that looks like an open pack of heaters. And then you can wear it. [shinyshiny]