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Links for 6.9.08: T-Pain’s record label, Britney’s ride, the iPhone’s cost…

*Nappy Boy Records: T-Pain opens up an online-only record label. [mashable] Also, Ludacris opens up an online-only record label, Wemix. [venture beat] Sometimes, I feel like I’m repeating myself. Myself.

*Building a greener guitar: Flaxwood guitars don’t use hardwoods from the Amazon, hence are more eco-friendly. [alternative consumer]

*Bob Dylan’s paintings are now being shown in a London gallery in the Drawn Blank Series. [huffpo]

*Second Life co-founder Cory Ondrejka gets a job with EMI. There are jokes about nobody going to Second Life and nobody buying music, but you didn’t hear them here. Because there’s nobody here. Huh?

*Sufjan Stevens reviews Cryptacize’s new album: “Sometimes I worry that the ever-increasing trend toward excessive innovation has pushed the art and music world into a slapstick exhibition of dog breeding, generating increasingly newer, more contemporary fashions: gothic folk, for one. Or Afro-beat Ivy League pop.” I hate you for your confusing linking style, Pitchfork. And I will never stop hating you. [p-fork]

*Britney Spears drives a tiny car. It must be seen. It must be seen, readers.

*Signal Patterns: A Web 2.0 beta thingy that plays you a bunch of music then tells you your worth as a person. Tagline: “Discover the real me.”

*AC/DC signs on to deliver its next album exclusively through Wal-mart. Who’s got the biggest balls of them all? And by “balls” I mean retail clout.

*Does the new 3G iPhone suck? Data plan = +$10/month. (Kidding. Kinda. I pretty much owned WordPress’ “iPhone Sucks” tag back in the day. Yep. Ugh.)

*Band: an iPhone app that lets you compose music on the go. Read what Daring Fireball says about it here. [listening post]

Video: Britney Spears on “How I Met Your Mother”

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Play with this: Gracenote’s Music Maps

Gracenote offers up a flash tool, this Music Map, which allows users to zoom in on geographic regions and examine the locals’ musical tastes.

Where I’m at: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jack Johnson, U2, Metallica. (Despite what the data may here show, I am in Minnesota [2008], NOT the bedroom of my 15-year-old self [well, sans Jack Johnson].)

Compare to top artists for Kazakhstan: Linkin Park, Enigma, Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.

Links for 3.25.08: Subscription music, Muxtape, Loser Scholarship, Britney’s turn…

*More subscription stuff: BMG is considering a subscription music option? [techmeme] Though old-school technology pundits douse subscription music “schemes” with haterade at their mere mention, I don’t think it’s that dumb a deal. As I’ve said perhaps too many times: As a lazy-ass consumer, I want to outsource the pain in the ass of managing files to someone else. Does access and control necessarily equal ownership? More.

*The mixtape website everyone is talking about: Muxtape.

*You can listen to and obtain a new Flight of the Conchords mp3 from Brooklyn Vegan, among other places. “Yis.”

*If you want to search for MP3s (but don’t want to eff around with Hype Machine): Mp3gle. [our digital music]

*Sub Pop’s Loser Scholarship gives $13k to loser high school senior musician wannabes. [getty images]

*10M people tuned into How I Met Your Mother to see Britney. She didn’t have a meltdown. [huffpo]

*Imeem opens up its API and becomes a “media platform.” [paidcontent]

*LOCAL: The Rock the Walker concert slated for the eponymous Minneapolis museum this June looks pretty damn good: New Pornographers, Bon Iver, Cloud Cult, Andrew Bird. [reveille via switchblade comb]

*I have a FriendFeed.

Video: Sia covers Britney Spears’ “Gimme More”

As I’ve said, it’s our era’s “Since U Been Gone.”


Links for 1.3.08: Apples big moves, Earworm’s big mash, Sir Paul’s big op…

*Two (and a half) iTunes things:

1) Rumors swirl about a collaborative record label project coming from Jay-Z and Apple.

2) Radiohead relents, allowing iTunes to sell “In Rainbows” by the track, not just in its album bundle.

2.5) (But Amazon beats iTunes on unbundled pricing.) [1st link via daily swarm]

*Listen: To DJ Earworm’s mega mashup of Billboard’s Top 25 songs. [neatorama]

*Paul McCartney had super-secret heart surgery late last year?

*Free Music Zilla: Lets users grab and save music from Imeem, Pandora,, MySpace. [red ferret]

*Sex and phones: The Kiss Phone (has lips that simulate kisses from the person you’re talking to) vs. Rub My (iPhone) [NSFW]

*Britney Spears is readying for her return to the silver screen? (Who didn’t love Crossroads?)

*If you rock. And are having a kid. Try Rattle ‘n’ Roll baby announcements. [parent dish]

*M.I.A. is Marc Jacobs’ latest model. [brooklyn vegan]

*On beards: Gothamist examines writers’ strike beards. (If there’s one good thing that’s come out of the strike (so far), it’s the beards.)

*Napster is raising prices by $3 a month. Hmm… [mashable]

*One or two of you may be asking: What are the best country music songs of 2007? Here’s a Top 50.

*Why do records leak? [getty images]

Links for 12.17.07: Limewire’s reach, Fogelberg dies, Minor Threat condiments…

*The L.A. Times does a Year in Music roundup. PRINCE! [mediaeater]

*Dan Fogelberg is dead of prostate cancer. Read the New York Times obit.

*Global ringtone sales have peaked. It’s all downhill from here. Thank God.

*Mobile guitar tuner: Call a service center (or use an on-phone app) on your cellphone to tune your guitar. [textually]

*1/3 of computers have Limewire installed? Whoa.

*Stuart Murdoch, songwriter for fey poppers Belle and Sebastian, has written a movie. Weirdly enough, Wes Anderson is not slated to direct. [the playlist]

*Top 10 musicians to invite to your Christmas party AND the top 10 musicians to invite to your college party: So why was Prince not on the college party list? I mean, really. [controlroom]

*For all your straight-edge culinary spice needs: MINOR THREAT HOT SAUCE. [pop candy]

*Britney Spears has a new video, for the song “Piece of Me.” Though I link to it, I have not and will not watch it. Under any circumstances. (OK, it was fine.) [stereogum]

*Thanks for publicly humiliating me, Hypebot. Thanks so much.

Video: Marie Digby playing Britney Spears’ “Gimme More”

This song may well be the “Since U Been Gone” of our time. [l.c.]

Links for 11.27.07: Ashley vs. Britney, CD vs. Vinyl, Zune vs. iPod +

*Deutsche Grammophon is launching an online drm-free store of classical music. [techcrunch]

*The Shins are helping pitch both Zunes and iPods. (Maybe Ben Bridwell should try to get Target on the phone, too?) [gigaom]

*Shredz64: A geek tries to connect his Playstation Guitar Hero guitar to a Commodore 64. [waxy]

*Listening Post digs up 1993 MTV footage of the CD vs. vinyl debate.

*[Video] He Said Gimme More: Ashley Tisdale vs. Britney Spears. Are pop videos interchangeable? [guardian]

Video: The real choreography for Britney Spears’ VMA performance


What was supposed to happen; performed by a stand-in. [vicarious]

Links for 10.5.07: RIAA’s win, Efron’s hand cream, Spears’ “Gimme,” Spin’s Punk

*The RIAA won its copyright infringement case against a filesharing Brainerd woman, Jammie Thomas, who has now been ordered to pay $220,000 in damages. (That’s $9,250 per song involved in the trial.) [NYT]

*Check out the punk radio station Spin put together on Slacker. Yes, Spin. [GOOD]

*Amie Street has started a Fantasy Record Label widget on Facebook. Pick what will be popular to earn music credit. More at hypebot.

*A visual guide to facial hair.

*Brandspansion: High School Musical hand lotion. No joke required. [parent dish]

*Do you really want to see the official Britney Spears “Gimme More” video? OK. [idolator]