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Links for 4.27.10: 44 Tips for Better Abs and Bigger Salads

*Facebook: Since announcing plans to further take over the world last week, Facebook has been facing increasing claims (including from the U.S. Senate) that their data-sharing policies don’t adequately warn or protect users. I quit Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It was harder to do than you’d expect. That follows my abandonment of Tumblr and Foursquare, as well, leaving only this sorry-ass blog and Twitter remaining.

*Music: Songs From Treme – A Tumblr. [vulture] Similar – but not really – is this site: Waiting For Bieber; where tweets from fans asking Justin Bieber to follow them are displayed. Forever.

*Language: Schott’s Vocab Blog says that Chinese youngsters have started using the phrase “Oh my Lady Gaga” rather than “Oh my God.”

*Cassettes: Cassette Tape Magazine from Team Evil – looks like a cassette tape, reads like a magazine that has articles about alpacas. Only 500 copies available.

*Music: The Rain Drum is concept (ugh) umbrella that plays music based on the pattern of raindrops that fall upon it. I like “concepts” in all contexts except those in which the “concept” is a something I originally thought was a real thing. [psfk]

*Business: On work and intuition; Rands In Repose’s The Twinge. Whenever I feel a twinge at work, I head to the rest room. And I recommend you do the same.

*Social media: As I’ve been saying at work (and touch on above), this Like button thing from Facebook is sort of a big deal. Here’s a site that aggregates people’s likes.

*Twitter: Russell Crowe is tweeting. Also, read these five things.

*Movies: I’m not even really that into Star Wars, but James Hance’s Star Wars-themed paintings are pretty awesome. [neatorama]

*Poetry: Jason Nelson’s “Sydney’s Siberia” is an infinite digital poem. I guess. [waxy]

*Today’s links: F.


Links for 2.14.10: 27 Tips for Better Abs

*Art: Cassettes can be art, if you add a little light to them. I know you’ve been wondering about this. I have. [notcot]

*Humanity: Does keeping chickens teach you about how societies work? “Watching chickens helps us understand human motivations and interactions, which is doubtless why so many words and phrases in common parlance are redolent of the hen yard: ‘pecking order’, ‘cockiness’, ‘ruffling somebody’s feathers’, ‘taking somebody under your wing’, ‘fussing like a mother hen”, “strutting”, a “bantamweight fighter’, ‘clipping someone’s wings’, ‘beady eyes’, ‘chicks’, ‘to crow’, ‘to flock’, ‘get in a flap’, ‘coming home to roost’, ‘don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched’, ‘nest eggs’ and ‘preening’.”

*Landslide: Look at this art inspired by Stevie Nicks.*
*Look only if you don’t have an eye for art. [coudal]

*Media: I like both the angry Russian propaganda-inspired design of TPUTH and headlines such as “Penis Roulette Creator Finally Speaks.”

*Art: These iPhone wallpapers by Mark Weaver – including A MAN WITH AN ELEPHANT HEAD HOLDING A GUN – are pretty awesome. [notcot]

*Lists: Who were the 50 most loathsome Americans in 2009? I would express my relief in not being on the list, but I only read half of it, then passed it on to you as if I were entirely familiar with it. (Minnesota’s own is #4!) [harper’s]

*Writing: Whatever you think of the story and the subject (it’s John Mayer), this headline from Vulture is excellent.

*Video: This robotic vibraphone is probably cooler and less erotic than you were expecting it to be. Sounds like a paradox, I know.

*Tip: Eat less.

*Today’s links: F.

More links (because I can): Marley’s room, Bono’s face, Allen’s slips…

*Images: You need to see this picture of Bono not wearing glasses. Now I am feeling bad for Bono? After all these years of loving my hate? [fark]

*Images: What Bob Marley’s old room looks like (Flickr). [digg]

*Boobs: Lily Allen blogs about her recent nip slips. It begins, “hello , i wore a loose fitting t shirt yesterday .” (Confession: I have had a long post about my own recent nip slips sitting in my Drafts folder for almost two weeks.)

*Cred: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows Jay-Z’s oeuvre inside and out (with video), recognizing some Hove lyrics as coming from one of Jay’s more obscure albums. [gothamist]

*Fitness: Turn your old CDs into dumbbells. I have, in my own efforts to stay green, also begun using tape from cassettes to floss my teeth.

Breaking mini-links post! (7.27.08): Extreme diarrhea and cassette tapes

*Updated (7.28).

*Daring Fireball: Apple uber-expert John Gruber thinks that Steve Jobs has EXTREME DIARRHEA!!!!

*Tapes and Tapes: OK, just days after a story on how cassette tapes are totally killing in the prison system comes out, we are holding a funeral for the cassette (based on audio book publishers’ dropping them). What happened in just the last few days? (They were shanked?) [mediaeater]

*Also dead: According to the Times, liner notes are going the way of the cassette tape, as well. I’d like to thank the internet. (Get it? Like a liner note! I made that up just now!!!!!11 Ugh.)

*Lists: Metafilter compiles a list of music lists that includes the 100 Greatest Songs of 1967, the 50 Greatest Classical Tone Poems and the Greatest Frontmen of Rock. A list of reasons this is not a sign of the coming apocalypse:
1) It’s a lot of lists.
2) They’re in one place.
3) They are a fast, orderly way to consume and/or simply sort information.
4) Why would I decry as fatuous a fast, orderly way of consuming information? Can I not just take it at face value and look for other kinds of information in other kinds of places? Hello!? Hello!