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More links (because I can): Marley’s room, Bono’s face, Allen’s slips…

*Images: You need to see this picture of Bono not wearing glasses. Now I am feeling bad for Bono? After all these years of loving my hate? [fark]

*Images: What Bob Marley’s old room looks like (Flickr). [digg]

*Boobs: Lily Allen blogs about her recent nip slips. It begins, “hello , i wore a loose fitting t shirt yesterday .” (Confession: I have had a long post about my own recent nip slips sitting in my Drafts folder for almost two weeks.)

*Cred: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows Jay-Z’s oeuvre inside and out (with video), recognizing some Hove lyrics as coming from one of Jay’s more obscure albums. [gothamist]

*Fitness: Turn your old CDs into dumbbells. I have, in my own efforts to stay green, also begun using tape from cassettes to floss my teeth.


Links for 5.21.08:’s evolution, Death Cab’s #1, Baghdad’s metal…

*The music biz (great headline): Making Money When CDs Don’t Sell. [why i failed]

*Thoughts on the new new, which is now in beta and for subscribers only. (Maybe I need to start with again?) [a vc]

*Tom Waits interviews himself: “Winston Churchill was born in a ladies cloakroom and was one sixteenth Iroquois.” [switchblade comb]

*A lovely $47k turntable. Soothing? [crave]

*Death Cab for Cutie’s latest, “Narrow Stairs,” entered the album charts at #1. They still have charts. [daily swarm]

*Coolfer has some musicky numbers from a recent Pew study: “86% of music buyers find out about music through TV, radio or movies.” NOT bloggers.

*Check it out: Heavy Metal in Baghdad, a documentary film about rock in Iraq. (A clip.) [listening post]

*Off topic: Michael Pollan talks about weed. Yes, marijuana. [mefi]

*Off topic: I looked at a for the first time in months yesterday. It hurt my feelings.

Links for 2.26.08: Perez’s new gig, iTunes new slot, Cloud Cult’s new video…

*LOCAL: OMG. Cloud Cult is shooting a video on Sunday about 4 blocks away from my house. They are looking for extras to jump around in an expressionless manner.


*iTunes is now the #2 music seller in the nation, passing Best Buy and landing behind Wal-mart. How long until iTunes is #1? And then Amazon is #1? []

*Sid Vicious is endorsing Converse. (Note: He is dead.) Also, J. Crew is now selling Purcells? Not good. [stereogum]

*According to the NPD Group, nearly 50% of teens did NOT buy a CD in 2007. [spinning indie]

*GospelDepot is a subscription music service for those who love Christian music. [digital music news]

*A NY Times article from today has a lot of people online worried that Perez Hilton could be a rising A&R force. Grotesque.

Links for 10.9.07: Office models, Big Thriller, no-label NIN +

*Rhapsody music service comes to TiVo. The service will cost about $13/month. Also, TiVo has been using PayPerPost? [via waxy]

*Les Moonves comments on what CBS will be doing with (A wedge into wider social networking.)

*October 27/28, 2007 is Thrill the World day. If you are so inclined, please be prepared to re-enact the Thriller video in what may turn out to be the largest such event in human history. [via mental floss]

*Mashable: The iPhone sucks! Here are 19 ways to complain about it.

*Nine Inch Nails is done with record labels. [billboard]

*For cassette tape lovers: the USB tape deck. [crave] Also from Crave, the Panda Chair, a seat made out of CDs. Hello, awesome? Looks rolly.

*The models from Deal or No Deal perform a scene from The Office. Strangely compelling. Would love to see them branch out into more dramatic work. [pop candy]

Unlikely covers: Jackie Chan and Ani DiFranco sing “Unforgettable”

Embedded audio clips give you a taste of the magic (listening to “Unforgettale” is highly recommended!) on the When Pigs Fly CD, a compilation of unlikely covers which also includes The Oak Ridge Boys singing “Carry On My Wayward Son.” [notes]