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Links for January 14, 2012: CES, tubing crow, birds in books, long sentences, Minneapolis skyway, puppy power

Aviary: Basically, these drawings of birds in books are completely awesome. BIRDS FOREVER! (I don’t care about birds.) [mefi]

Urban: Kottke linked to this article about how the Minneapolis skyway came to be. And now I link to it, too? Someday I will post my skyway-based screenplay, which centers around the search for the mythical(?) spot where the Minneapolis and St. Paul skyways meet (above the Mississippi river).

Writing: Should one write long sentences or should one write short sentences? Close readers of this site (zero are known) will note that I am partial to the short sentence, with occasional long-sentence interjections.

Music: Read over these popular songs re-written as Shakespearean sonnets. [liquidchroma]

Retro: In today’s things-that-look-like-other-things edition, these notebooks that look like VHS tapes are kind of good?

Work: I went to CES in Las Vegas this week. Mat Honan also went to CES this week. (Read the second link, if you have any time or familiarity with the event!)

Personal: For real. This living creature invades my very life next weekend. CAN YOU FEEL THE HATE EMANATING FROM HER?

Today’s links: F.

I will be at Nerd World for a while.

Posting: Sporadic. Sporadic, but still HIGHLY COMPELLING.

If you want to know what a highly fictionalized version of me is doing every minute of every day, you can look here.

I wouldn’t advise it, though.

Also: I adore you all.

Also: Goodbye forever. Or at least for several hours.

Links for 12.23.08: I’m going on vacation after this

*WEIGHTS AND MEASURES: Pete Wentz weighs under 140 pounds. (This article will most probably DISGUST you.) Also, I way 2.5X as much as Fall Out Boy? [caitlin]

*Mashups: Read an essay on Girl Talk. Well, hello! The writer seems to dislike Slate! (This essay is LONG. For the internet.) [rawkblog]

*Graphics: The Ludacris-Proximity Sadness Meter – in which it is scientifically proven that the closer adoring young fans are to rapper Ludacris, the happier they are.

*Feeds: Digg now offers a whole slew of feeds through Twitter. I may come off as a pretentious douche, but I hate using Twitter as a traditional feedreader, and can barely even stomach following heavy linkers. I am there mostly for the art. And I say that without a drop of sarcasm. Seriously. Effers.

*Local: The New York Times takes a look at Minnesota’s Senate recount. Says the Times‘ Editorial Board: “It’s too early to say whether Mr. Franken or incumbent Senator Norm Coleman will win, but one thing is becoming clear. Minnesota is pretty good at running elections.”

*Fashion(?): If you are a THRASHER (as we used to call them), you may want to purchase the Sk8 Wallet, which is made from a recycled skateboarding deck.

*Pimping: As noted on the Jobby Blog, my colleague Hans recently wrote for Slate on the Lipstick Index (an old saw and theoretical – unofficial – recessionary consumption measure) and its more modern iterations.

*NOTE: I am going to CES when I return from vacation. If there’s anything I should see there, please let me know. Warning: I’m not easily enthused.

*Vacation: I am going to the great northland tomorrow. If I don’t return, you can have my blog.

12.14.08: Famous musical muses, Musclephone, Wear Your Music…

*Muses: Meet the people who inspired such songs as Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” as well as “Layla” and “Suzanne.” If you haven’t met them already. [mefi]

*Fashion: Spendy guitar strings from Wear Your Music combine cause consumption with the reuse ethos of the sustainability movement. Famous musicians donate their guitar strings, which get made into bracelets and sold to fans. The money goes to charity. Spendy, but a decent idea. (Looks like you can get an Avril bracelet for $150!) [treehugger]

*Songs: BuzzFeed puts together a playlist of earworms.

*Dessert: Chocolate Grace Jones. Thank you, Kanye.

*Lip dubbing: Offer up your best lip synching to the musical stylings of “Flight of the Conchords.” I have been told that I have a similarity in features to the ugly one. [urlesque]

*Fitness: The GettaGrip Musclephone is a cellphone with hand exercisers built in on either side of it. God, I hope this is the kind of shit I see a ton of at the Consumer Electronics Show. [textually]

*Twitter: Read this and this and this. Now do you understand what I’m talking about?

Links for 11.11.08: Journey rules, “Chinese” reviewed, Live Nation sells…

*Journey: Power ballad “Don’t Stop Believin'” is DOMINATING digital music. The Journey song is the biggest seller on iTunes. And though the Guardian says the band “has Tony Soprano to thank for it,” bloggers who watch their incoming traffic know the band has Arnel Pineda to thank for much of their online success. And that is a FACT. [licensing plate]

*MP3s: Live Nation will sell MP3s from Sony Music, Universal Music Group and EMI. [listening post]

*Concerts: One Radiohead concert filmed with 12 cameras. [largehearted boy]

*Neologisms: Thumbnail goggles – “Effect whereby a person seems more attractive in a thumbnail than in a much larger image or in person.” OK, so this is what I’m going for.

*Reviews: Says Rolling Stone of Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy,” it “is a great, audacious, unhinged and uncompromising hard-rock record.” [fimoculous]

*Things people hate: The SlotMusic player costs only $20 and stores 1GB of music. If they start selling/giving away music-filled SD cards at McDonald’s, it could work.

*Backlash: Fuck Norris Facts. “Chuck Norris does not sleep. He passes out after two wine coolers.” [mefi]

*Blogging: Has Kanye West been stealing other people’s blog posts? And is he stealing from the people who have been stealing his music? Because that would give me a headache.

*Morphing: If Wu-Tang members were NBA players. Link comes complete with WICKED MORPHING FACES.

*Trips: It turns out, I am going to CES this year for the day job. Pray for my health, please. And my sanity. But mostly my health.

Video: Videogame Audiosurf lets you “ride your music”

Apparently set for a February 2008 release, Audiosurf turns tunes from your personal library into videogame roads that you navigate. Chill songs mean serene landscapes and faster ones equate to more action-packed atmospheres. Pick any MP3 or WAV (or otherly formatted) tune from your library.

Links for 1.6.08: A Shin arrested, a guitar modded, blogs blogged…

*Yipes. The Shins’ Martin Crandall and his grilfriend, Elyse Sewell (from season 1 of America’s Next Top Model) were both arrested for domestic assault in Sacramento Friday night. Sewell blogs about it. (Huh. Livejournal.)

*”Audio identity” (a distinguishable music scene) is a good indicator of urban vitality, and regional economic health. []

*Scary nerdy: Check out the custom Evil Dead Guitar Hero guitar controller mod.

*CES report: Belkin’s RockStar iPod add-on lets you share your music with five friends at once, as long as they’re standing super close. [geeksugar]

*Rolling Stone on declining sound quality in today’s music: “God is in the details. But there are no details anymore.” (Apologies, but I’m a mainstream consumer on this one. Rarely care.)

*The Times Online asks: Can Musicians Blog? See: Radiohead, Babyshambles, Lily Allen. [largehearted boy]

*Probably lots of hard-to-figure-out (but doubtless revolutionary) music-related hardware forthcoming from CES over the next week. Wheeeeee…

Links for 1.5.08: Hodgman’s tattoo, iLike’s loss, Kuo’s charts…

*Andrew Kuo keeps rocking at the New York Times. Deliciously ridiculous visualizations re: pop and indie music.

*DeepRockDrive to film rock concerts, and stream them live over the web (at $7 per computer). [techcruch]

*Universal pulls its clips off iLike. (No more 30-second previews of Universal songs on the Facebook fave app.) [daily swarm]

*Have you seen John Hodgman’s tattoo?

*Kinda happy not to have to wade into CES this year… Oy.