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Video: Rihanna’s “Umbrella” remixed with Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain”

Uploaded last year, but pointed at recently by the indefatigable Waxy.

Links for 4.24.08: Chocolate anniversary, 30 Rock’s uncanny valley, Wii pole dancing…

*Fergie sings the theme for the new “Sex and the City” movie. The Playlist abhors it.

*Minneapolite Tay Zonday is celebrating the one-year (WTF?) anniversary of “Chocolate Rain” with an album of techno remixes (again, WTF?). [urlesque]

* [Fimoculous]

*Anti-music discovery vs. pro-music discovery [duke listens!]

*Wow. Threadless and Moby are working together to beg people to design Moby t-shirts? [listening post]

*The Rhythmic Desktop BeatBox: Making mad beats from dumb office noises. []

*On connecting a Wii to a stripper pole. [adverlab]

*OK: 30 Rock just dropped the concept of “the uncanny valley” on millions of U.S. homes. Thank you.

Video: A guy getting a Tay Zonday tattoo


Video: South Park-Song by Tay Zonday

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Tay Zonday interview in reach magazine

reach – the magazine of the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts – has an interview with one Adam Bahner (aka Tay Zonday) in its most recent edition (apparently not online).

An excerpt:

“The question used to be ‘the ballot or the bullet,'” he says, invoking Malcom X’s philosophy for empowering black people. “Now it’s more like the ballot or the beatbox, the ballot or the open mic, the ballot or the play.” He pauses, to catch his breath. And then he laughs.

“It’s the ballot or YouTube.”

Links for 4.2.08: MySpace Music, Soulja Boy analysis, Kanye Travel…

*MySpace settles with Universal Music; is now readying a launch its own music service. [silicon alley insider]

*Kanye Travel: Yes, Kanye West has a travel site. But he still does not offer full RSS feeds.

*Are you ready for an iPod that holds 20 million songs? I happen to be. [hypebot]

*Guitar Hero: The guitars look different now.

*PopMatters analyses the Soulja Boy phenomenon: “Like Peanuts, the panes of Soulja’s comic world are eerily absent of parental figures.” [ypulse]

*Perez Hilton is boycotting SonyBMG. [listening post]

*There will be a sequel of MTV’s Tila Tequila’s dating series.

*The New Kids on the Block: They release a group photo, it makes news?

*Chocolate Rain in Mario Paint Composer. [fimoculous]

*Madonna goes to bed with her Blackberry. (Maybe she’s trying to rehab her image? Because this is a sign of normality.) [huffpo]

*From Waxy comes Porn for the Blind.

*Right now, Dolly Parton is singing about Jesus on American Idol, in front of probably the largest television audience of the week.

Links for 3.22.08: Kanye’s video, Zonday’s reign, the beauty of cassette tapes…

*Kanye West rolled a bunch of accompanying video at the big launch party for his album Graduation last summer. Now, he’s running them for the public. Watch: Good Morning 2001. Stronger.

*In today’s New York Times, Billy Bragg says that social networks like Bebo and MySpace should pay musicians for the rights to play their music.

*[New to me.] A gorgeous site for the cassette tape enthusiast: Now all they need is a YouTube channel that features each of these tapes playing (preferably blank ones). [cocaine blunts]

*Rock Band has sold 6 million song downloads since its November release. It is a video game. [hypebot]

*Local: Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain named as one of YouTube’s best. [ypulse]

*Stereogum continues with the Bon Iver love fest, posting video of fanny pack fan Mr. Vernon wailing and singing at SXSW.

*Brainiacs: If you would like to know how music is processed. [murketing]

Links for 1.21.08: Target’s musical aims, We7’s big six, Zonday’s reign…

*Ad-supported music purveyor We7 (backed in part by Peter Gabriel) has taken $6 million in Series A funding. [mashable]

*Target starts selling digital music (in a small way). They have a deal with Sony BMG, and will sell the latest John Legend album on [paidcontent]

*The New Scientist reports on a wi-fi device that polls party-goers for their musical preferences. [techmeme]

*Brooklyn Vegan offers extensive coverage of a recent NYC gig by Tay Zonday. (For Minneapolites: Looks like Zonday will be playing at the Uptown a week from Saturday.)

*On-the-rise party-starting singing style of the moment: Sacred Harp. [ypulse]

*Leonard Cohen is going on tour for the first time since 1993. [dailyswarm]

*The week’s best guitar amp: The Fucking Fucker. [boingboing]

*Listenerd fave Benjamin Franklin (known for his cold-air baths) is profiled in the New Yorker.

Video: Tay Zonday’s “Cherry Chocolate Rain”

Links for 10.15.07: ‘Nuts, Hype, Talk, Woot +

*Do you want to help launch the new Hype Machine? You will have to recruit some friends. [a vc]

*It is irrational to pay for Radiohead albums.

*Coolfer writes about Universal’s in-the-works subscription service: “The Morris plan is a leap forward because music companies are finally treating their product as a service and looking at the best way to get it into the hands of music lovers.” Music is a service, among other things.

*Perez Hilton gets sued by Zomba for leaking music. [digital music news]

*Music Sucks interviews Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis):

“I think the current coypright law doesn’t really take into consideration what to do with an album that uses 200+ samples and is treated as a new piece of music by most mainstream publications. I think Fair Use is a progressive idea but also overly specific. I think if a form of music is transformative and doesn’t affect the sampled artists’ potential sales, then there should be a simpler way to gain rights to using it. Nearly all music these days is based on manipulating previous ideas.” [largehearted boy]

*Has 2007 been an off year for indie rock? What about Chocolate Rain?

*If you’re quick, you can buy a Zune for $100 on Woot today. [on10 via techmeme]

*The local: Sparky from St. Paul – John Updike reviews the new Charles Schultz biography in the New Yorker.

Video: Tay Zonday’s Oct. 5th First Ave performance

The video quality’s bad, but the crowd goes NUTS prior to Mr. Zonday singing “The Can’t Dance” on October 5th at First Avenue. He opened for Girl Talk.

Video + local: Tay Zonday visits YouTube headquarters

…and vlogs the trip.

“Are you Tay Zonday from the internet?”

[inside online video]