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Video: Slayer Christmas lights

This seems like something I would post yearly?


Video: Bob Dylan’s “Must Be Santa”

Video: “Jingle Bells” performed on microwaves

I’m not sure what it’s a commercial for, but those are old microwaves.

Links: Personal crap and miscellaneous bullshit


*Captions: The above picture was snapped outside an excellent Chinese joint (Little Szechaun) near my house. It is not – TO MY KNOWLEDGE – a pornographic video store.

*Note: For the past 8+ years, I have had a box in my various basements with the words “Personal crap and miscellaneous bullshit” scrawled on it.

*I Made You a Beard: Explore this fantastical world of felt beards. It makes me feel all beardy! [mefi]

*Eating: The One Dollar Diet Project blog details the lives of two social justice teachers as they try to eat on a buck a day.

*Psych: Why we listen to Christmas songs. Basically, holiday songs are annoying because they’re boring. Plus a lot of scientific shit. You know who kind of rules? Josh Groban.

*Cybernetics: Watch this news segment of a man who lost an eye, then put a camera in his empty eye socket. [mefi]

Some links you may either enjoy or despise

*Names: If you are not familiar with the rapper Shorty Shitstain, you should be. Loosely associated with some of the guys from the Wu-Tang Clan, he has a name that brightens my day. Every day. Sometimes I wake up and just look at it. [cracked] [Yes, I just via’d Cracked.]

*Album covers: If you would like to see some classic hip-hop album covers recreated in Legos, click this HYPERLINK. I like the EPMD one. [coudal]

*Christmas: Frightened Rabbit is rereleasing a little Christmas cheer in the form of special holiday music. More importantly, they are being quotable. “I feel like I have a similar relationship with Christmas as I do with booze. Each make me feel nice in a fairly false way.”

*Reselling: An oldish story, but I’m finally linking to it – Should you be able to sell used MP3s? [tlp]

*Movies: You can watch a clip of the Mickey Rourke film “The Wrestler” here. I consider myself hideous, but this guy…

*Graphs: I hated myself for enjoying this graph. Now I’m going to try to cheer myself up by watching “Hotel Rwanda.” (Not kidding about that. F you Netflix.)

*Economics and pubic hair: One of my colleagues pointed me toward a recent article on Salon that says pubic hair is back in. She then suggested that the “Bush line” may be the new “lipstick index.” This is why work can sometimes be tolerable. Well, this and the ability to pay bills.

*Shorty Shitstain? Shorty SHITSTAIN?

Links for 12.2.08: No Coast crafts, Thriller days, NIXON!

*Blogs: MBV launches! A collaboration among Largehearted Boy, Fluxblog, Catbirdseat, Said the Gramophone and Chromewaves, from what I can tell it is a place where old music bloggers go to retire. However, I will say that I love the HUGE type (not kidding).

*Local: The No-Coast Craft-o-rama is happening this weekend in Minneapolis. I am told that it will be replete with handmade stuff of the finest craftsmanship and local shit of the best vintage. I am planning on attending on Friday. I’ll be the fat, bald one wearing the too-short t-shirt and eating an authentic jerked chicken sandwich from the Jamaican place at Midtown Global Market (the event’s venue). And crying.

*Radio: Brian Lambert talks to 89.3 The Current’s new program director, Jim McGuinn, about the radio business. Now that it’s winter and my car needs warming up when I drive it on the weekends, my radio consumption has quadrupled.

*History: 200 hours of tapes (of Nixon talking!) have been released.

*Online music: Mashable puts and Pandora up against each other, weighing plusses and minuses of each. I’ve used the services (along with many others), but gave up on both of them. Because I am retarded. And lazy. I’m just being honest.

*Toys: I want a $900 musical toy for Christmas. It needs to be ordered 12 weeks in advance. Please help. It is the Gloggomobil. And I love it. [droolicious]

*Anniversaries: It was 25 years ago today that the music video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” came out. I remember seeing it a while later playing on a tv in a mom-and-pop VHS tape rental shop and being FUCKING MESMERIZED.

VIDEO: (LOCAL + confession) I am terrified of The Blenders

The execrable local: Batshit insane a cappella group The Blenders DOMINATE the Minneapolis airwaves between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. 3 days left.


Video: Breakdancing nativity featured in Virgin Mobile ad

A Virgin Mobile commercial featuring a breakdancing nativity scene. [neatorama]

Video: A Charlie Brown Heavy Metal Christmas

Moshing. [metal sucks]

Video: “Jingle Bells” played on graphics card


Video: Phonograph playing Bells of Christmas

Both festive and soothing. And also retro-tech.

X-mas gift recommendation: the Les Paul coffee table


For the listenerd in your family: a custom-made $3,100 Les Paul coffee table from Etsy.

Links for 12.10.07: Non-news, Imeem’s coup, Pac-Man X-mas +

*OK: WEIRD. The readers of Hypebot (or maybe one particularly vehement reader especially) have nominated the listenerd in the category of Best Music News Blog. For the record, I do not really consider this a music news blog at all, but rather simply an “amalgamation of crap that is interesting to me” blog.

*Social music site Imeem has signed Universal to a contract; now has deals with all four majors. Wow. (More at BusinessWeek. [mashable]

*Culture Bully tries to call the top ten music videos of the year.

*Bono on U2’s next album: “There’s some trance influences.”

On a tangential note, new listenerd readers should note that I hate Bono. [vicarious]

*Stereogum is worth $5M. OK, nice. [idolator]

*How would you like to read an interview about a list of lists? OK. [fimoculous]

*Commercial: If you want to support Pandora, you may perhaps buy their trippy posters for your friends.

*It is by now well known that Fark has tried to copyright NSFW. Those motherfuckers. Oops.

*Local: The A.V. Club interviews Dan Wilson.

*Cracked does good lists these days. The 9 Most Unnecessary Greatest Hits Albums of All Time: Vanilla Ice, Nelson… [mediaor]

*Off topic: The Pac-Man Christmas Tree.

*Not THAT music-related, but I recommend perusing the Esquire Drinks Database. For the sake of your palate. [josh spear]

Video: (LOCAL) Tom Waits does “Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis”

Happy holidays.