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Links for October 29, 2011: Shave and a haircut

*Games: I highly recommend you drink three cocktails and play first-person Tetris. It’s a disorienting blast, right up until the point you vomit. (On a side note, I am making SAZERACS tonight. Then probably playing first-person Tetris.)

*Money: CNNMoney writes about North Dakota’s new boom economy. “‘We work insane hours,’ said Benjamin Lukes, who gets an average of four hours of sleep a night as a hydraulic fracturer in Williston but earns about $100,000 a year — thanks in large part to overtime.”

*Reading: Let’s have an intelligent debate about the merits of reading while sitting on the toilet. I would like to hear Christopher Hitchens’ thoughts on the matter.

*Video: This invention, a gumball machine that works via a secret knock, is very cool. But just as fascinating is that a secret knock has a name, right? Shave and a haircut. I love it?

*Cameras: These sardine box cameras are fairly awesome, and I bet would smell delicious? (Note that these are merely “vintage-inspired” designs, but I’m sure it would be possible to rub sardines all over them. [psfk]

*Internet: I’ve never used it (I don’t think I will?) but IsItOld seems like a good tool for linkbloggers who want to stay ahead of the curve? (It tells you how long ago a link was tweeted, and how much action it’s gotten.) Do linkbloggers still exist?

*Social: I don’t have an iPad, but I do a little reading on a few devices. I’ve been reading about and wanting social reading features for a long time – usually to the bemusement of anyone I tell that, too. (Usually the line of argument is, “Why would I want to read some idiot’s annotations?” To which I answer, “You don’t want to read some idiot’s annotations – you want to see the notes and additions of specific people you know and whose opinion you respect.”) Truly useful social reading features have been a long time coming (maybe because of that resistance from people?), so I’m not all that optimistic about Subtext (a new iPad app). I’ll give it a try when the iPad 3 comes out, and just hope that social reading is significantly better by then.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Christopher Hitchens is ruthless and articulate

Here, he is speaking on what he deems the false consolation of religion in the face of death. (See also, Hitchens’ take on David Mamet’s conservatism.)

Links for 2.18.09: Low’s slowcore, Detroit’s dead zoo, Hendrix vodka…

*The Wilds: Check out these photographs of an abandoned zoo in Detroit. (I have over 10 cases of Tabasco sauce hidden on the grounds of Como Zoo in case we get to the Mad Max part of this recession. You’ll never find them.) [mefi]

*Local: Drowned in Sound is profiling key bands in the slowcore music, including Duluth’s own Low. “In an early interview, from 1996, Alan Sparhawk joked that Low originated from an idea to make the slowest, most depressing music possible.” I went to a few Low concerts back in the day. People sat on the floor and I was shushed. VEHEMENTLY.

*The economy: Watch the story of our credit crisis told in terms an 8-year-old can understand. Delivered in a patronizing tone somewhat reminiscent of Al Gore circa 2000. [notcot] On a related note, consumer spending is looking bad for the next couple of months.

*Booze: You can’t buy Jimi Hendrix vodka because the MAN says Hendrix Electric Vodka is copyright infringement. Did they call it “copyright infringement” when he played the national anthem like a motherfucker? Well? Did they? (That may not be germane to the conversation.)

*Nightlife: There’s a Snuggie Pub Crawl being planned in New York. I’m still a slanket man. But I can’t tell you why. (Not really sure.) [gothamist]

*Twitter: The microgblogging platform is ready to integrate Summize and make search more central to the experience. I need to learn how to use this tool (twitter).

*Rhetoric: Christopher Hitchens was beaten by thugs in Beirut. Sent by Mother Teresa’s people, probably?

Links for 10.13.08: The Oh, Fuck It edition

*Definition: In which I throw the usual shit out the window and just link to a bunch of stuff that I have seen in the past day or so and that I have found interesting or would recommend.

*Gardening: NPR covers the curious case of exploding pumpkins in the Northeast. With video.

“A giant pumpkin can put on around 40 pounds a day. If there is too much rain, some pumpkins overindulge and begin packing on closer to 50 pounds a day. As the pumpkins expand, pressure builds on the weaker parts of the rind and suddenly they blow.” [kate]

*Politics: The New Yorker‘s George Packer goes to Ohio to talk to swing voters, then writes in a straightforward manner about white blue-collar voters and the issues of race, class and mindset that are so often only addressed in code by lesser media organs. I highly recommend reading this article, if you are a human being.

*Finance: Young Jeezy offers some hints on weathering a recession. One such: “Diversify your hustle.”

*Images: Maybe you would like to stare into the sun for awhile. Pics. With kick-ass swirling craziness! [coudal]

*Listen: The Black Kids have recorded a Daytrotter session.

*Books: Look for “The Big Necessity,” a book about human waste in bookstores near you. Excerpted on Slate this week, the tome informs us that Martin Luther consumed a spoonful of his own excrement each day. Also:

Please recall that this blog is OPTIMIZED FOR MAXIMUM INCONTINENCE.

*Retail: Sarah’s Smash Shack is a store that offers customers stress relief by allowing them to come in and smash their stuff against a wall. [pop candy]

*Endorsements: “McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president.” Not a quote from some pinko; Christopher Hitchens endorsing Barack Obama.

*Furniture: Seating inspired by Pac-man. Sadly, no ghosts.

*Future: I will return to music. Regards, effers.

Links for 7.3.08: Neil Young’s music platform, Radiohead’s streams, Springsteen’s fortune teller…

*Neil Young wants to launch a music platform? And doesn’t like iTunes sound quality? (Mainstream consumers don’t care about sound quality, FYI.)

*You can now stream Radiohead’s In Rainbows for free on If you haven’t already stolen it. Which you should have. [pop candy]

*The Wall Street Journal reports on how indie bands are best selling out today. I would recommend movie soundtracks or Gap commercials. But that’s just me.

*The Wackness, a new movie featuring one of the tiny Olsens, is using a purple 90s mixtape as a promotional tool. And, apparently, that is enough to get a link from me? [complex]

*The fortune teller featured by Bruce Springsteen back in the day, Marie Costello, has died. [spinner]

*The 30 Most Adorable Album Covers: What, no little bee? Also, no Sugar Ray? (Hello?)

*The finest site I have run across in years: Men Who Look Like Zach Braff. This blog will change your life. [best week ever]

*Kinetic energy: The Sustainable Dance Floor. (Once again, covered this kind of thing for the day job back in the day.) [fresh creation]

*Shakira slowly moving toward deal with Live Nation? If you want to know how this will turn out, I recommend watching the hips. They don’t lie.

*Very much off topic: Christopher Hitchens gets waterboarded. As a gimmick, not (explicitly) for his bombast.

*Assorted: Happy birthday, little bro. Also: You would not believe how many people come to this blog searching for Rihanna naked. I don’t know why.