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Video: Cloud Cult’s “You’ll Be Bright”


Links 3.26.09: Meat faces, Los Lobos, epic sex with Gene Hackman…

*Words: The New York Times has launched a neologism blog, Schott’s Vocab, cultivated by the Schott’s Miscellany dude. Apropos of that, in Haiti, “Clorox” means you’re really hungry. How’s that for miscellany?

*Update: Still no word from Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam on the fabulous podcast I have proposed to him.

*WHAT??!?!?: Cloris Leachman Tells of Epic Sex with Gene Hackman. Talk about a headline you don’t want to read. (Interesting: The main HuffPo page includes “epic,” but the head on the article itself omits it. HM.)

*Pics: I didn’t even know beer sweaters existed. [coudal]

*Interior decorating: Take a look at this Danish decor of the 1970s, as seen through carefully isolated portions of pornographic movie stills. It’s kind of NSFW. And a bit disturbing. Aesthetically. [mefi]

*Art: On refrigerators. With magnets. More art: MEAT FACES: The following photos might make you slightly ill – [eat me]

*Economics: Roubini says stocks will continue to fall and a bunch of banks will have to be nationalized in 2009.

*Interviews: My colleague Abelardo interviewed Steve Berlin of Los Lobos for Latino LA. “Nobody’s got more cousins than Conrad [Lozano]. Half the audience is either his cousin, knew him from high school or split a case of beer with him.”

*Local: Culture Bully interviews Cloud Cult. I used to like Cloud Cult. I will go no further in this comment.

*Today’s links: D-. What’s worse than piss poor?

Video: Trailer for Cloud Cult dvd “No One Said It Would Be Easy”

Links for 10.17.08: Yeezy’s ganking, Girl Talk’s vlogging, Russell’s hustling…

*The Annals of Ganking: Yeezy (Mr. Kanye West) has been accused of ganking content from NYMag blog Vulture. Next thing you know that fucker will be tumbling without vias. (Huh?) [bossip]

*Vlogging: Girl Talk has a YouTube channel set up for their (his?) current tour. Each video is made up of parts taken from dozens of other video bloggers. (Not really.) [peefork]

*Politics: Spanish socialists have adopted Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot, as their own. [metal sucks]

*Speculation: The Facebook Music talk kicks up again. (I only go to Facebook for the drunken photographs. And the hilarious virtual gifts.) [mfr]

*Hip-hop: The Economist profiles Russell Simmons. Of his own Rush Card – a way for the unbanked to handle monetary transactions without getting an account – Mr. Simmons says, “This card is meant to get people laid, get them feeling dignity.” Funny. [licensing plate]

*Sustainability: How are musicians going green? Plenty says they’re using biodiesel busses, solar-powered studios, guitars made from sustainably harvested materials, and using soy ink. I don’t know why they didn’t mention Cloud Cult. [largehearted boy]

*Worth it for the headline: “Is It Just Us Or Does J.J. Abrams ‘Star Trek Look Laughable & Retarded?” The headline was too good; I didn’t read on. [the playlist]

*Twitter: Qwitter lets you know when you have been unfollowed. (I mostly quit twitter – and committed twitticide even – a while ago. I don’t even know why.) [waxy]

*Local: The New York Times on law-and-order loving Minneapolites Atmosphere, who played the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza recently:

“Slug, the group’s verbose rapper, noticed something. Two fans, engaged in a shoving match, were causing a commotion on the floor. ‘Stop the song,’ Slug advised his band, before addressing the troublemakers. ‘Just separate yourselves, like bad kids at the party.'”

Video: Cloud Cult on climate change for the Weather Channel

(If the embed is groggy, the link is here. I am retarded. Well, either me or Vodpod.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[mark wheat]

Video: Cloud Cult’s Esurance commercial

Minnesota localites Cloud Cult license their song, “Lucky Today,” to Esurance.

Links for 6.22.08: Dylan’s radio show, eMusic’s TV shows, MN’s white people show…

*More beef: Ice T and his son respond to Soulja Boy with one more video. I swear to God, this is my last post on the topic. On a merely linguistically related note, it’s a great day for some ice tea. Or maybe an Arnold Palmer.

*Are TV downloads coming to eMusic?

*The Wall Street Journal profiles Bob Dylan’s satellite radio show Theme Time Radio Hour. “To listen to “Theme Time Radio Hour” is to rediscover the sense of musical adventure that old-fashioned disc jockeys with strongly individual personalities offered in the days before big-money stations pinned their fiscal hopes to the rigid Top 40-style playlists that took the fun out of radio.” Also, I think Bob Dylan should start twittering.

*Brothers and sisters: A Guardian profile of siblings who rock together. [largehearted boy]

*Professional musicians try their hand at teaching junior high school kids in Brooklyn.

*I did not Rock the Garden yesterday with Bon Iver, Cloud Cult, Andrew Bird and New Pornographers. Because I am old. But this person did. And from the execrable Star Tribune: “Not only is the Current/89.3 FM-derived lineup for this Rock the Garden less ethnically diverse than the NHL, but even for white-boy rock it’s a narrow niche of pasty-skinned, parka-wearing, bookwormy indie rock.” Pretty right. And the first sentence I’ve read from the Strib in a long, long time!

*Off topic video: Playboy has released its own version of the Wii Fit girl – snowboarding. [underwire]

Video: Cloud Cult performs on Carson Daly

The song is “Story of the Grandson of Jesus.” And interestingly enough, that dumb MyHeritage application from back in the day once told me that Carson Daly was my celebrity lookalike. Technology has a long way to go.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 5.11.08: Homosexuality in hip-hop, the Village in the 60s, Cloud Cult paints…

*The Wall Street Journal covers Cloud Cult’s on-stage painting. Watch the video here.

*On the making of the Olinda radio.

*Suze Rotolo, the lady who was walking with Bob Dylan on the cover of “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” album has written a book, “A Freewheelin’ Time: A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties.” She says of the famous photograph: “I felt like an Italian sausage. Every time I look at that picture, I think I look fat.”

*Video: The rest of that Nokia Tune (at :15 in). [neatorama]

*On homosexuality in the hip-hop world: Former MTV exec Terrance Dean writes about what happens on the down low in “Hiding in Hip-Hop.” [xrrf]

*Game: Name that television theme song. [fimoculous]

*Off topic: I have this conversation a lot.

*Followup: An alternate Facestat pic was uploaded, and the wisdom of crowds now puts the age of the man in it at 29 (compared to 42 for the original pic). That is all.

Video: Cloud Cult’s “Everybody Here Is a Cloud” video

This was shot like 5 blocks from my house. I was babysitting at the time. Sorry about the pre-roll ad.

Update: Yipes. That video embed didn’t work at all (thanks, VodPod!); instead, it launched the video upon loading the page, not even waiting for one to hit play.

Here’s the link instead. Worth the click.


Links for 4.8.08: Minneapolis music reviews, Guitarati music discovery, Big Boi ballet…

*Local: The A.V. Club reviews two locals (and two good ones):
Tapes ‘n Tapes: “Tapes gets a best-of-both-worlds sophomore album, keeping everything that won people over while slightly tampering with the sonics, avoiding charges of stale repetition.”
Cloud Cult: “Ghosts—self-released on Minowa’s environmentally conscious label—finds the Minnesota band more vibrant and creative than ever.”

*Videogum: The all caps headlines seem desperate. Which is depressing.

*The New York Times likes OutKast’s Big Boi @ Atlanta’s hip-hop ballet. [rap up]

*Mashability: Soundsnap provides musicians with royalty-free samples, loops and the like. (I played with this before. It was sort of fun.) [mashable]

*Geekery: Sing into a mic, and MySong will create music for you. [ars technica]

*Guitarati: Music discovery through color. (The site is now in public beta.) [listening post]

Links for 3.25.08: Subscription music, Muxtape, Loser Scholarship, Britney’s turn…

*More subscription stuff: BMG is considering a subscription music option? [techmeme] Though old-school technology pundits douse subscription music “schemes” with haterade at their mere mention, I don’t think it’s that dumb a deal. As I’ve said perhaps too many times: As a lazy-ass consumer, I want to outsource the pain in the ass of managing files to someone else. Does access and control necessarily equal ownership? More.

*The mixtape website everyone is talking about: Muxtape.

*You can listen to and obtain a new Flight of the Conchords mp3 from Brooklyn Vegan, among other places. “Yis.”

*If you want to search for MP3s (but don’t want to eff around with Hype Machine): Mp3gle. [our digital music]

*Sub Pop’s Loser Scholarship gives $13k to loser high school senior musician wannabes. [getty images]

*10M people tuned into How I Met Your Mother to see Britney. She didn’t have a meltdown. [huffpo]

*Imeem opens up its API and becomes a “media platform.” [paidcontent]

*LOCAL: The Rock the Walker concert slated for the eponymous Minneapolis museum this June looks pretty damn good: New Pornographers, Bon Iver, Cloud Cult, Andrew Bird. [reveille via switchblade comb]

*I have a FriendFeed.

Links for 3.1.08: Beatles’ run, pi’s sound, “phantom words”…

*TuneCore, a company that helps indie bands distribute and sell their music (previously through iTunes), is moving into physical media distribution. [listening post]

*Avoision turns the first 10,000 digits of pi into musical notes. [infosthetics]

*Listen up: In the New Scientist‘s most recent issue, they cover music. Read/listen to this article on auditory illusions. PHANTOM WORDS. [networked music review]

*Liverpool half-marathon adopts a Beatles theme (mile markers are associated with song titles). [xrrf]

*MC Hammer’s DanceJam (a social network for dancing) is now open to the public. I will be taking on all comers in Crank That dance battles. [techcrunch]

*Totally off topic: a cup made out of bacon. [neatorama]

*Words that go nowhere: I am still thinking about jumping up and down without expression for a Cloud Cult music video tomorrow.

Links for 2.26.08: Perez’s new gig, iTunes new slot, Cloud Cult’s new video…

*LOCAL: OMG. Cloud Cult is shooting a video on Sunday about 4 blocks away from my house. They are looking for extras to jump around in an expressionless manner.


*iTunes is now the #2 music seller in the nation, passing Best Buy and landing behind Wal-mart. How long until iTunes is #1? And then Amazon is #1? []

*Sid Vicious is endorsing Converse. (Note: He is dead.) Also, J. Crew is now selling Purcells? Not good. [stereogum]

*According to the NPD Group, nearly 50% of teens did NOT buy a CD in 2007. [spinning indie]

*GospelDepot is a subscription music service for those who love Christian music. [digital music news]

*A NY Times article from today has a lot of people online worried that Perez Hilton could be a rising A&R force. Grotesque.