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Links for 2.11.10: 26 Tips for Better Abs

*Reading: The guy next to me on the bus this morning was reading Assholeology. “Keep calling until you find someone unfamiliar with protocol and willing to do whatever you ask to get you off the phone. Tell them that you spoke with someone else and they said it was possible. Lie. It’s fine, we’re all going to hell.” This is the world we’ve wrought, dear readers.

*Electronics: If you still like books (other than the modern classic “Assholeology,” of course – BookBook, a lovely MacBook slipcover.

*Words: I like languages. I don’t really speak them, but I like them. The systems. The ebb and flow. The tensions. I don’t like Slate. But Slate wrote up an article on the “The Language of Road Signals.” Tension. Ebb and flow. This bullet is like the circle of life, really. [marginal revolution]

*Social media analytics: I don’t even know what super data is, but I think I love it – from Twitter. Also from Twitter: These five things worth reading.

*Gentrification: It is estimated that 50% of today’s tattoo artists have received some formal visual arts training. Have I ever mentioned that my primary prospective tattoo is a small chicken wearing a party hat and carrying a cane?

*Mortality: Someone has patented the self-boring coffin. Self-boring. Heh. See what I didn’t do there? Yet? [presurfer]

*Also: Something about music. Miley Cyrus?

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 6.7.08:’s loss, Girl Talk’s deal, KISS’ funeral…

*Warner Music Group has pulled its music from I’m sad.

*In the New Yorker, Sasha Frere-Jones writes about pitch-correcting Auto-Tune. Cher’s “Believe” was Auto-Tune’s coming out party. Who knew? Get it? With the “coming out” thing? Hi.

*The next Girl Talk album, “Animals” will be a pay-what-you-want affair. He’s stealing, you can, too? [daily swarm]

*The KISS coffin: This isn’t just for Gene Simmons. You can buy one, too. [metalsucks]

*Chuck D: “Governments are the cancer of civilization.”

*The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra schedules a video game symphony. Don’t call it pandering. Unless you like classical music or something. [kotaku]

*This is what an indie music grudge match looks like. From the comments: “You guys should meet up for brunch on Sunday in your best NorthFace jackets to discuss this.”

*Local: Nick Swardson, of “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” fame, gets covered by Vulture and the NYT. Side note: I worked with his mom, who was a freelance editor. Not uproarious, but ok.