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Video: French-Canadian ad for 1984 Dodge Ram

Now this is the shit I’m talking about. (And this is, I assure you, crazy talk.)

Video: Will Oldham’s Dogfish Head brewery commercial

[the awl via tds]

Video: Duluth Trading Company’s Ballroom Jeans

I am all over the Ballroom Jeans beat. (I tumbld about it the other day.) Apparently, Duluth Trading Company now has a commercial out for their Ballroom Jeans. For your testicular comfort.

Video: Weezer Snuggie commercial

Ad: Volkswagen rigs stairs to work as a piano

Video: Jam Wow autotuned


Video: NSFW Bontrust commercial

This commercial starts off in an incredibly soothing manner, then quickly becomes incredibly NSFW. Well, for cartoons. You’ll see. Will you ever. I mean, sheesh.


Video: Ninja Kittens (Toyota commercial)

According to Autoblog, this video is an ad for some Australian-version Corolla.

In a rare, stellar comment from a YouTuber, ohiohay says: “I would watch a whole movie of this.”

(It seems like it should be named Kung-fu Kittens, though.)


Video: Girl Talk’s “I’m a PC” commercial


Video: Memphis Bleek raps for Fructis Flow shampoo

It is a long commercial.

Video: N.E.R.D.’s Zune ad

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Video: Mad TV of Feist iPod commercial



Video: “Naturally Juicy” Orangina commercial starring furries

Not that musicky. Also, I would almost say NSFW, but I have the day off. [laughing squid]

Video: Breakdancing nativity featured in Virgin Mobile ad

A Virgin Mobile commercial featuring a breakdancing nativity scene. [neatorama]