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Video: Vuvuzela concert


On concerts and context, indie music style

Many years ago (maybe 2005) for the day job, we wrote about the Burn to Shine DVDs, a series of concerts held in homes that had been abandoned and designated for demolition. A few things felt interesting about the story at the time – 1) The fact that bands were being taken out of their typical music venues and put on display in a wholly different context. 2) The idea of scarcity (currently a hot topic once again, as seen by the Gladwell vs. Chris Anderson debates) – in this case, a fact heightened rhetorically; these concerts were not only one-shot deals in offbeat locales, but they were being recorded in buildings that would soon be destroyed.

Since then, a number of music and pop-culture sites have sprung up around the idea. They invite indie bands-of-the-moment to perform a song or two in a strange setting, then put the mini-concert resultant videos online. (Daytrotter was an early example of a channel that amped up the rarity factor, but did little to change traditional context.)

The most prominent example of sites peddling unique live performances – of taking bands out of context – and putting them online might still be a Take Away Show with the Arcade Fire from 2007. (Another notable example is Brian Wilson’s Black Cab Session. Here’s Bon Iver’s Black Cab Session.)

Here are some additional channels who have, over the past few years, recorded video of live performances in unique venues – in parks, on elevators, in graveyards, in cabs careering across town – thus creating an event that is unique in its context and also wholly one-of-a-kind – then posted them online:

Take Away Shows
Off the Beaten Tracks
Black Cab Sessions
Handheld Shows
They Shoot Music, Don’t They?
Pitchfork’s performance series– I’m still not sure what the overall series is called (if anything); Pitchfork has done one called Cemetery Gates and one called Daytripping (and they’re shunting me to the main page right now for some reason)
-(I’m sure I missed a few?)

Everyone already knows that the internet is a copy machine. But what channels like the ones above try to take advantage of the fact that we also live in an era of broader access along the – hold your nose for this – entire entertainment supply chain. It’s important that MP3s can be infinitely copied. But increased access to musicians through multiple media is a shift, as well – and it’s one that creates all kinds of opportunity.

Like inviting indie bands over to play their most pop-friendly songs in your apartment’s elevator, and then publishing the results for an audience of hundreds of thousands.

Video: Andrew Bird’s “Oh no” for The Current


Video: A Sigur Ros Take Away Show

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Video: Cold War Kids perform on Jimmy Kimmel

Remember when all the blogs were bloggily blogging about the Cold War Kids? Yeah.

[culture bully]

Video: Bon Iver plays “Flume” on Conan

Also from the indefatigable Music Slut comes this Bon Iver performance of “Flume” on Conan O’Brien.

Video: Bon Iver set from MySpace Transmissions

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See the rest of the set here. [music slut]

Video: Atmosphere performs at Labor Day concert

“Always Coming Back Home to You”


Links for 8.25.08: Tix scalping innovation, Barenaked escape, Minneapolis UnConvention…

*Tickets: LiveStub hopes to blow away StubHub by skipping the commission on all ticket sales through the site. [venture beat]

*Canada: A Barenaked Lady survived a plane crash yesterday.

*Local: tells Republican National Convention-goers what Minneapolis is like via UnConventionally Yours.

*Bloggers: Matthew McConaughey sort of blogs now. (look under “mm journal” – stupid flash interface). Holy shit; I think this dude is better than I am. [urlesque]

*Burning Man: Laughing Squid offers a round-up on ways to experience Burning Man without going, including a webcam, photostreams, twitterers, and blogs. Also, take some mushrooms and pour hot sand over your head.

*Hip-hop: The New Yorker on David Banner: “Banner, a rapper from a Southern state not generally part of the hip-hop mainstream, is possibly too complex a figure to capture the attention of an audience increasingly skeptical of hip-hop.”

*Sustainability: Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco embraces the green with carbon balancing, bike valets, compost bins, and more. [treehugger]

Video: New song, “A Thousand Black Cities,” from The National

A new song from The National, “A Thousand Black Cities,” performed live at a concert at Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Video: Girl Talk at All Points West 2008

The first 40 epileptic seconds, at least, are worth the click.

This is the first in a series of videos. Warning: It includes much footage of spazzing out, computer staring, and an empty stage. And beach balls. (The channel upon which the rest of this series can be found is here.)

Video: Radiohead’s “No Surprises” at Lollapalooza

Well, it’s something.


Links for 7.26.08: Oil prices and vinyl, Jobs’ health, satellite radio’s future…

*Oil is in everything: Petroleum prices rise, vinyl gets more expensive, too. (Oil isn’t in everything. Well. Not exactly.) [coolfer]

*DRM: Yahoo is turning off support for Yahoo Music in September. If you bought DRM’d music, you should listen to it now. Sad. [medialoper]

*Letters: Billy Bragg keeps writing opinion pieces on the music biz. In his latest, for the Guardian, he suggests a music tax. [another coolfer]

*Video: Mates of State perform on The Interface. These people are PARENTS. Goodbye.

*Video: Exploring True Norwegian Black Metal (the 1st in a 5-part series) and the evil band Gorgoroth. [mefi]

*Apple: Steve Jobs talks about his health to the New York Times. “You think I’m an arrogant [expletive] who thinks he’s above the law, and I think you’re a slime bucket who gets most of his facts wrong.” What I would like to know is what expletive Mr. Jobs chose to use.

*Video: Bill O’Reilly shows of his knowledge of hip-hop. Also, he does not like the rapper Nas. [nah right via getty images]

*Deals: The $3.6B Sirius-XM satellite radio merger has been approved by the FCC.

Links for 7.13.08: Bon Jovi’s concert, Lovett’s income, Google Trends anomalies…

*Albums: Twenty years and 4.6 million records sold, and Lyle Lovett has “never made a dime” off album sales? [largehearted boy]

*Numbers: Concert tour grosses were flat for the first half of 2008 – though number of tickets sold went down, prices went up. Also: “Things are fucked up.” [lefsetz]

*Review: It appears that Bon Jovi rocked Central Park yesterday.

*Video: “Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal” is a documentary detailing the ins and outs of the thrash metal scene. [switchblade comb] Fun fact: When I was in high school, skateboarding enthusiasts were called “thrashers.”

*Weird: The L.A. Times picked up on the swastika topping the Google Trends chart the other day. [murketing] In more recent Google Trends news: “ǝlƃooƃ noʎ ʞɔnɟ” takes over for a couple of hours!

*Local music: It is Bastille Day (tomorrow), and Cafe Barbette is celebrating by putting on a concert (today) featuring Faux Jean and Romantica. Also: there will be roller skating ladies.

*Icons: My favorite icon symbolizing the toilet is of a magazine that has fallen into the toilet. Or maybe that symbolizes me. Or America. Or our culture. Or the media. Or life.