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Links for 10.30.08: Country Joe the Plumber, Lil Wayne gets nasty, Bono on Facebook…

*Country: Joe the Plumber (aka Samuel Wurzelbacher) has a booking agent and a PR agency, and is considering entering the world of country music as a recording artist. [wired]

*The Miracle of Birth: Rapper Lil Wayne apparently helped deliver his second child recently. His commentary on the matter follows. “I delivered him. I held the left leg the whole time. It was nasty, very nasty, but it was wonderful.”

*Facebook: Those pictures of BONO with two 19-year-old girls in bikinis made it into the wild thanks to inept privacy setting management by one of the ladies in question. [all facebook]

*Pasterolling: Go here and copy/paste the symbol, please. [waxy]

*Disturbia: A collection of videos of little kids singing Katy Perry’s magnum opus, “I Kissed a Girl.” Sometimes I’m not sure what motivates people to put the things on YouTube that they do. Like Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend.”

*Mashups: Waxy looks at Girl Talk’s official sample list. (Wikipedia users identified about 75% of the samples before this list came out.)

*Politics: The Economist endorses Barack Obama. Whoa. Since when did the Economist start endorsing socialist candidates? [mefi]

Links for 8.20.08: Can songwriters make a living selling clothes?

*Royalties: Lyric Culture sells clothes with song lyrics on them, with the songwriters receiving royalties. Seriously, the twitter fortune cookie idea wasn’t that outrageous… [ypulse]

*Sap: A few months old, but a 33-minute NPR interview with the couple from the movie “Once.” [buzzsugar]

*Bands: Paste magazine takes a look at up-and-coming bands: Bon Iver, Wale. [pop candy] (Thanks for the dumb-ass interstitial ads when I try to go out the door Pop Candy!)

*Rich people: Forbes lists hip-hops richest moguls of 2008. [daily swarm]

*Local: Read the Reveille review of Bon Iver’s recent concert at First Ave: “I’ve been to sold-out shows at First Avenue before, but not like this one. Even in the back of the room, the fringes of the crowd were just as rapt and reverent as the ones at the front.” (At this rock club, they will shush you if you so much as rustle during a Low set.)

*Huh: Toby Keith is a Democrat.

*Off topic: Shoes that look like waffles. [neatorama]

*Olympics: Race Usain Bolt with your fingers. [jimray]

Links for 8.2.08: Raising McCain, Sa Dingding, Amazon’s MP3s…

*Profile: The Christian-Science Monitor highlights China’s biggest pop star, Sa Dingding, whose music is described as synthy electronica, quirky and sometimes experimental. She’s currently making a push into the West, and has gotten some attention via the BBC.

*Healthcare: Amy Winehouse has been released from the hospital. What was she in for, you ask? Being Amy Winehouse. And now I’m sad.

*Clips: The Wall Street Journal looks at Conor Oberst’s new album, Conor Oberst.

*The Times profiles Sub Pop on the occasion of its 20th birthday. “Their last anniversary bash in 2003 was promoted as ‘Sub Pop’s 15th Anniversary – Ten Years of Great Music’.” [largehearted boy]

*Politics: Country singer John Rich of Big & Rich has written a song, “Raising McCain,” in support of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Mr. Rich also has a writing credit on the politically charged Big & Rich polemical, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).” [daily swarm]

*Money matters: CNNMoney looks at the Amazon MP3 store, and analyzes its chances against Apple and iTunes, with specific attention given to Amazon’s deal with the imminent MySpace Music initiative. I’m a huge Apple fan, but the Amazon MP3 store’s overall user experience and value is currently superior to that of iTunes. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

MORE LINKS: Lil Wayne, Tim McGraw and an amphibious robotic snake

*These links brought to you by my obsessive-compulsive disorder. Enjoy.

*Instictiv allows you to add Pandora-like functionality to your iPhone; hate on songs on the go, and create shuffle stations based on your preferences. [mashable]

*Lil Wayne’s “The Carter III” drops 69% in its second week. Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” selling 721,000 copies in the U.S. to take over the #1 spot, marking only the second time albums in back-to-back weeks had sold 700k+. [the rap up]

*Yeah, yeah. Kanye is mad at Bonnaroo. (And uses a MacBook Air.)

*If you are interested in seeing Tim McGraw pull a guy with a huge beer belly out of the crowd by his belt at a concert, watch this video. (Note that this entails watching at least part of a Tim McGraw concert.)

*Google trends explosion over the past 24 hours:
-Jared Fogel is not dead. Yet.
-Verne Troyer has a sex tape. (SFW)
-I am sad.

*Off topic video: An amphibious robotic snake. I’m not ashamed to admit that I want one. [science punk]

I need to post this image of Carrot Top

Carrot Top was at the Academy of Country Music Awards the other night.

I’m sad.

Links for 12.24.07: Idolator selling, Norris suing, Iran rising…

*Is Gawker Media’s Idolator up for sale? Maybe The Daily Swarm will buy them. (Also, Idolator’s OK sometimes, but the site name – from which all blog mojo flows – sucks.)

*A readable article from In These Times on the Tehran, Iran underground rock scene. [3 quarks daily]

*Watch: The Zero Punctuation review of Guitar Hero III. [plasticbag]

*Chuck Norris is suing Penguin for publishing a book of fake Chuck Norris facts. Sort of a David v. Goliath. [triumph of bullshit]

*Who likes country music?

*Read CNet’s roundup of digital music services that launched in 2007. [hypebot]

*A recent Apple patent means iPods will be able to lower the sound to protect listeners’ hearing. [xrrf]