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Links for 11.9.08: Hip-hop tots, Toby Keith’s pits, Swiftian acumen…

*Breaking: Toby Keith shaves his armpits. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!111111

*Country: First the New Yorker, now this? So everybody is going all Taylor Swift on us now? Of the 18-year-old Swift, lobotomized former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler says, “She’s a really smart businesswoman, smarter than a lot of 40-year-olds I know.”

*YouTube: MGM is ready to put full-length movies up on YouTube. Watch for “Bulletproof Monk” and “The Magnificent Seven.”

*Rumor: Is Sony BMG ready to go DRM-free on iTunes after all this time? And will anyone besides tech nerds care? Or maybe it really matters and I’m just tired? Gosh!?

*Toilet reading: This reading is ABOUT toilets! GET IT!?!?

*Music for rich people: Fred Wilson from A VC talks about music on the Sonos with the iTouch.

*Hip-hop: “Hip Hop Speaks to Children” brings the lyrics of Queen Latifah, Mos Def and Kanye West to tots.

*Twitter: Twuffer lets you tweet from the future. I had lasagne for dinner tomorrow night.

*Meta: I put the listenerd on Facebook. I don’t really even like Facebook!!!! Swearz!

Links for 11.2.08: Lil Wayne’s health, Joe Perry’s vote, Hank Williams’ beer…

*Rumors: Lil Wayne is not dead, I guess. Despite rumors to the contrary.

*Country: The life of Hank Williams. There was a tear in his beer. Also, I am now ready for some football. Also, Hank is dead.

*Endorsements: Aerosmith’s Joe Perry endorses John McCain. Being an understated asshole aside, I cannot imagine ever casting a vote for someone who purports to despise – and even mock – eloquence.

*Recession: Ads in Rolling Stone are down 18%. Ads on the listenerd holding steady. [dailyswarm]

*Off topic: Wait. Gas prices dip for a week, and Americans are back to buying SUVs?

Video: Hank Williams Jr. performs “McCain-Palin Tradition”


Links for 7.11.08: Metallica’s spendy album, the Beatles’ iPod, Johnny Cash’s hip-hop…

*Rumors: Word is, there is a Beatles-branded iPod on the way. [getty images]

*Wait: So Metallica is trying to charge $25 per download of its latest album, Death Magnetic? In my opinion: a lot.

*Jennifer Hudson’s new album cover is photoshopped. People. If it were up to me, I would be photoshopped at all times.

*Remixes: Johnny Cash + Snoop Dogg = Johnny Cash Remixed. It comes out on October 14. [p-fork]

*Scientology: Parade interviews Beck: “Right now I’m listening to the sound of Norwegian traffic outside my hotel window.” [indieblogheaven]

*Videogames: Guitar Hero publisher Activision Blizzard (that sounds weird) may be prepping to launch an iTunes rival music store.

*Movies: Is there a chance that there will be a Deadwood movie after all? It may not speak well of me, but Al Swearengen is my single favorite TV character ever. Cocksucker.

*Bump news: 9 months later (well, almost), and Fergie STILL might be pregnant…

*Bikinis: Perhaps you would like to see Carrie Underwood, the singer of “Jesus, Take the Wheel” in one. (Let me know if it’s any good. Personally, I’m too chaste to click through.)

*Luxury: Louis Vuitton sweatbands – Approved by hip-hop artist The Game! Personally, I like to do my sweating in my underwear. (No idea.)

Links for 1.3.08: Apples big moves, Earworm’s big mash, Sir Paul’s big op…

*Two (and a half) iTunes things:

1) Rumors swirl about a collaborative record label project coming from Jay-Z and Apple.

2) Radiohead relents, allowing iTunes to sell “In Rainbows” by the track, not just in its album bundle.

2.5) (But Amazon beats iTunes on unbundled pricing.) [1st link via daily swarm]

*Listen: To DJ Earworm’s mega mashup of Billboard’s Top 25 songs. [neatorama]

*Paul McCartney had super-secret heart surgery late last year?

*Free Music Zilla: Lets users grab and save music from Imeem, Pandora,, MySpace. [red ferret]

*Sex and phones: The Kiss Phone (has lips that simulate kisses from the person you’re talking to) vs. Rub My (iPhone) [NSFW]

*Britney Spears is readying for her return to the silver screen? (Who didn’t love Crossroads?)

*If you rock. And are having a kid. Try Rattle ‘n’ Roll baby announcements. [parent dish]

*M.I.A. is Marc Jacobs’ latest model. [brooklyn vegan]

*On beards: Gothamist examines writers’ strike beards. (If there’s one good thing that’s come out of the strike (so far), it’s the beards.)

*Napster is raising prices by $3 a month. Hmm… [mashable]

*One or two of you may be asking: What are the best country music songs of 2007? Here’s a Top 50.

*Why do records leak? [getty images]