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Video: Rapping on the evening news

A weatherman and a traffic reporter attempt to rap on television. Scary shit, people.

First traffic:

And now a weather rap. Click here and scroll down.

Video collection: the best cartoon / music mashups

From urlesque’s Top Ten list. They put Family Guy’s “Crank That” on top, but I don’t think it holds a candle to the Little Mermaid’s “Fergalicious.”

Links for 3.1.08: Beatles’ run, pi’s sound, “phantom words”…

*TuneCore, a company that helps indie bands distribute and sell their music (previously through iTunes), is moving into physical media distribution. [listening post]

*Avoision turns the first 10,000 digits of pi into musical notes. [infosthetics]

*Listen up: In the New Scientist‘s most recent issue, they cover music. Read/listen to this article on auditory illusions. PHANTOM WORDS. [networked music review]

*Liverpool half-marathon adopts a Beatles theme (mile markers are associated with song titles). [xrrf]

*MC Hammer’s DanceJam (a social network for dancing) is now open to the public. I will be taking on all comers in Crank That dance battles. [techcrunch]

*Totally off topic: a cup made out of bacon. [neatorama]

*Words that go nowhere: I am still thinking about jumping up and down without expression for a Cloud Cult music video tomorrow.

Video: Crank That Soulja Boy, MIT style


Video: Crank That Kosha Boy


Video: Devin Hester doing the Soulja Boy before a kick return TD

Devin Hester cranks that against the Vikings.

Some things you may have missed…and happy new year.

I recommend not missing these again (all links = self-referential). Some things from the past. For the future.

*AVOID: Black mead.

*James Hetfield responds to rumors of his detention at an airport in England for wearing a suspicious talibeard.

*The Cyclical Blog.

*Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.

*On Benjamin Franklin’s “cold-air baths.”

*Soulja Boy (Tell ‘Em) “Crank That” instructions.

*Swiss firefighter rap: 118 Projec’t.

*Notes on the Juno soundtrack. (For some reason, one of the most oft-searched posts of the year.)

*And happy new year. And thank you.

Video: Watch Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” lyrics read

Sam Harris reads Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” lyrics. And yes, as has been noted, the introductory montage reeks of douchebaggery. [mefi]

Video: Soulja Boy’s Crank That, Africa style

There will never be a “last” Soulja Boy post. Never.

Video: Sonoma Valley High School staff performs the Soulja Boy


Video: Kids’ ballet class does Crank That (Soulja Boy)


Video: Natalie Portman learns Crank That from Soulja Boy

Unfortunately, I am finding the video to be unembeddable. However, simply by clicking here, you can see the awkwardness for yourself. Please notice that I have refrained from suggesting she be supersoaked.

[via getty images]

Video: The Simpsons’ Crank That (Soulja Boy)

Yes, another Crank That. It’s been weeks, people.


Meta: top posts this month are almost all dumb videos

Not music 2.0. Not breaking news. Not original content. The most interesting things here at the listenerd are apparently simple links, with little (preferably no!) commentary.

The top five posts for September 2007 (all links go to external content; they aren’t internal links to this blog):

*With a bullet: Swiss firefighters record Projec’t 118 rap video to inform citizens who to call when there’s a fire.

*Darth Vader plays blues harmonica.

*A nonsensical post mocking user The 40-year-old Spartan for the disconnect between his ultra-tough name and his less hardcore musical tastes (Maroon 5).

*A video of Winnie the Pooh doing the Soulja Boy dance.

*A video of Pavarotti and James Brown singing together.

Bottom ONE post of the month (this one pings back to the original post):

*An diatribe on the evils of black mead. AVOID: An irregular anti-recommendation service from the listenerd.