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Links for 3.31.11: I’m afraid of America?

*Literature: Today is the 75th anniversary of the publication of “Ferdinand the Bull.” A great book, a great bull, and a great tattoo (Elliott Smith had a Ferdinand tat).

*Cycling: This probably makes me a huge nerd, but I kind of like these reflective gloves for biking. There are also socks. (I feel an incredible shame right now.)

*Ideas: Wood skyscrapers. They seem like a fire hazard?

*Photography: If you click through into Matthew Reamer’s collection of photos of scraper bikes, you will not be disappointed. Unless you have a tiny, shriveled heart. [coudal]

*Movies: Are these pictogram movie posters affably pleasant in a most mild and soothing way? Or are they symptomatic of the easy anaesthetizing reductiveness of the Internet’s fleeting pleasures? (Not a rhetorical question.)

*The Human Face: Check out Jinks Kunst’s cigarette butt portraits. And also check out Matthew Cusick’s portraits on maps. Who knew portraiture was so rad right now? And that I could still pull off the usage of rad?

*Comics: In the vein of Garfield Minus Garfield, 3eanuts is a series of Peanuts comic strips, minus the final panel. “Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comics often conceal the existential despair of their world with a closing joke at the characters’ expense. With the last panel omitted, despair pervades all.” [thewuzzles]

*Instruments: You can play Alexander Chen’s online musical subway map thing. OH MAN, IT’S ACTUALLY KIND OF FUN? [wnyc]

*Apparel: I have recently spent several hours trying to find the proper pair of shoes online. These are not those shoes. In fact, they are women’s shoes. Stilettos. Made out of Lego.

*Sounds: Munitio sells earphones that look like 9mm shells. Going into your brain.

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Video: Tim Knoll on a BMX bike



Links for 11.2.10: “This country runs on optimism.”

*Hello!: I have been gone for a long time, mostly working in India and buying Elton John albums. I have returned, but not with a vengeance. With a whimper.

*Personal: I’m having a hard time figuring out if I should write weird, small, non sequitur personal tidbits and anecdotes here on the main ‘nerd or on a separate tumblr ‘nerd. Like HERE and HERE. You know? I’m talking about the top 8 wrestling moves my 3yo performs on me before 6am, I’m talking Ed Hardy beer and I’m talking about penis with your coffee.

*Commuting: The Retroreflector Tie is a necktie made out of reflective tape, ostensibly for professionals who commute via bicycle. (I just wear a sweaty shirt.) [neatorama]

*Note: In the above subject line, the country being referred to is India.

*Video: Those of you who do not follow professional wrestling may find it interesting that Pee Wee Herman is stepping into the squared circle. Whaat? WHAAAAT? (Giant ear voice.) [Fade to black.]

*Football: So it turns out Randy Moss is a real prick. Huh. [gruber]

*Cash: Read a handwritten to-do list from Johnny Cash – “Not smoke”. [pocketmonsterd]

*Politics: Hours late and already seen nearly everywhere, but I think there’s something interesting to be said about What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?, especially when considered in the context of Cee-lo Green’s summer hit single, “Fuck You.” It’s just that I’m not going to be the one to say it.

*Eating: Foods that cost just one dollar, photographed by Jonathan Blaustein. [mktg]

*Shopping: I just purchased a home carbonation kit from KegConnection. And do you know what the most common question I’ve gotten about it is? “Are you going to use it to kill people like the guy in ‘No Country for Old Men’?” The answer, my friends, is a vehement NO.

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Video: Cycling backpack with turn signals

The SEIL bag, designed by Lee Myung Su.

Links for 7.12.10: How to improve one’s abs?

*Food: Carl’s Jr. has a foot-long hamburger. THAT YOU CAN EAT.

*Surfing: Do you want to hear what Herman Melville had to say about surfing? How can you not? [c-monster]

*Local: The best place to live in America, according to CNN Money, is Eden Prairie, Minnesota. You will note that I do not recommend living there.

*Podcasts: Jack Conte of Pomplamoose talks about how Pomplamoose is Pomplamoose. Interesting side note: I only like grapefruit with a ton of sugar. A TON. Also, I’m on phase 3 of the South Beach Diet. [hypebot]

*Twitter: Add LeAnn Rimes to the list of celebs – including Soulja Boy, John Mayer, Trent Reznor – who have quit Twitter. It’s tough when people can talk back.

*Consumer electronics: Consumer Reports does not AT&T coverage, so my opinion is biased. But upon purchasing an iPhone, the whole “telephone call” thing dropped to about 12th in its level of importance (it was previously 6th).

*Obits: Harvey Pekar died. RIP. I remember being viscerally disturbed – and equally compelled to keep watching and find out more – upon seeing one of his early encounters with Letterman. It was fantastic, and something I have appreciated more, the older I get. (I am now old and bald.) Anyway, nice last couple of minutes.

*Transportation: A double dose of giant uppers to The Greatest Conversation‘s Brian Park for his cycling expertise.

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Links for 1.12.10: 17 Ways to Better Abs

*The Internet: Are we living in an age of “digital Maoism“; existing in an environment that encourages mediocrity? I know I am. [tds]

Additionally: Here’s what Clay Shirky says about our current internet: “We are, however, the people who are setting the earliest patterns for this medium. Our fate won’t matter much, but the norms we set will.”

*Geography: Read “The Ruse of the Creative Class.” I can’t tell which the author dislikes more, Richard Florida’s suits or his ideas. Can’t we all just wear monochrome jumpsuits that have been modified to not have any pants? This is America. 2010. Let’s look at the bright side of digital Maoism. [harper’s]

*Cycling: This bicycle helmet from Julien Bergignat reminds me of sushi. [notcot]

*Weather: I have nearly become obsessed with the idea of self-rolling snow. HOW CAN WE HARNESS THIS POWER?!??

*Ads: This guy had glasses tattooed to his face for Ray-Ban? I don’t really buy this. And not just because the Alta Vista’d Portuguese resembles gibberish. If anything, that made it more realistic. Still, ouch? [notcot]

*History: Although this Smithsonian listicle claims to debunk the biggest myths of the American Revolution, I didn’t see a single “myth” that anybody really believes. I have, in the past 6 months, read up on: Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, the Revolutionary War, and Lewis and Clark. Effers.

*Privacy: Did you know that Orson Welles cared about more than just movies and Gallo wines?

“Well obviously, I’m a male, I’m a man, why should I have to answer that? State your race and religion in block letters; well, now why should I have to confide my religion to the police? Frankly, I don’t think anybody’s race is anybody’s business. I’m willing to admit that the policeman has a difficult job, a very hard job, but it’s the essence of our society that the policeman’s job should be hard. He’s there to protect, protect the free citizen, not to chase criminals, that’s an incidental part of his job. The free citizen is always more of a nuisance to the policeman that the criminal.”

*Art: I have, on this listenerd, long been a fan of the remediation of art. I like watching records play on YouTube. Now, I like drawings made of YouTube videos. (And they’re selling!) Not as much as the records playing. But still. [picocool]

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Video: A robot cycling in reverse

[Legami via]

Links for 1.12.08: Watermarks rising, Aiken not, “decidedly uncool,” the RIAA’s chances…

*Though DRM is dying, are watermarks ready to rise?

*Kotaku finds someone who’s modded real drums to work with Rock Band.

*Japanese “melody roads” play music as you drive over them, using cars as “tuning forks.” Whoa. [networked music review]

*The most inspiring beards of all time. ZZ Top, Kenny Rogers and Cat Stevens all represent. [pop candy]

*For the cyclist afraid his earbuds will get him run over: The 2GO iH85 is a bike-mounted stereo system. [treehugger]

*Newsweek interviews Clay Aiken. And it does not go well. Clay Aiken: “I couldn’t even get off the toilet the other day.” [huffpo]

*The New York Times ponders the potential demise of the Gawker Media empire. (Maybe they need to swap Idolator for the listenerd.)

*Mashable says maybe EMI won’t really kill the RIAA.

*Off topic: From Friday’s New York Times, the best quote I’ve ever seen make the front page of said paper. On the occasion of riot-control gas being released on soldiers and civilians in Iraq:

“An armored vehicle on the ground also released the gas, temporarily blinding drivers, passers-by and at least 10 American soldiers operating the checkpoint.

‘This was decidedly uncool and very, very dangerous,’ Capt. Kincy Clark of the Army, the senior officer at the scene, wrote later that day.”