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Video: Chevy Volt dance

This is oddly compelling. My favorite moments are the backward shimmy around the :24 mark, as well as the various one-handed handstands.

Video: Inexplicably compelling dance

For some reason, I’m totally down with this. And I mean totally.


Video: Boston Celtics fan dance


Video: The T-Mobile Dance @ the Liverpool Street Station

It should be noted that I owe T-Mobile nearly $100.


Video: The Evolution of Dance 2

770k views? Call me when you hit 85 bazillion, please.


(I have no clue.)


Video: The Physics Tango

It’s science as interpreted by dance.


Video: Tom Cruise dancing to Luda in “Tropic Thunder”

This is worth watching.

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Video: The NPR Dancers

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Video: Do the Bird Walk, Soulja Boy’s new dance

It is not as dumb as Mr. Boy’s eponymous dance, however, you may be briefly entertained or inspired. Also: nice couch.

Video: Very heavy-handed church choreography


Video: Soulja Boy shows off his toys

He will never eclipse the cultural high-point of the “Crank That” dance at this rate. EVER.

Video: Dancing with Vehicles

[clusterflock via gf]

Links for 8.15.08: Accordion rock, Michael Phelps’ iPod, bikes pimped with speakers…

*Sports: What is on United States Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ iPod? Lil Wayne and Eminem. I was expecting Leonard Cohen. [spinner]

*Accordions: You may have heard (a week or so ago on the listenerd) that accordion rock is back. Now you can find out one man’s Top 5 Accordion Rock songs. (Not mine.) [largehearted boy]

*Travel: If you are stuck on a layover in Paris at Charles de Gaulle (or Orly) airport, you can get dancing lessons for free. [coudal]

*Teenypop: The Jonas Brothers’ brand may be worth billions. [ypulse]

*Social music: TechCrunch questions whether has enough juice to compete with Imeem. (Google Trends charts count as analysis?)

*Arrests: DMX has been arrested again. My professional opinion is that he is pathological. Maybe even crazier than R. Kelly. Or Jessica Simpson. [bossip]

*Collections: Free MP3 downloads pulled off of 78 RPM records. A lot of them. [s4xton]

*Transportation: Bikes pimped out with kick-ass speaker systems. You need to see these pics. [psfk]

*Off topic: You should consider listening to an audio outtake of an interview former Gawker editor Choire Sicha did with insane mindgrape scion Alec Baldwin. [videogum]

Links for 7.27.08: Emo bans in Russia, clown walking, Lego album covers…

*Nostalgia mash: 20 classic album covers recreated in Legos. (Lovely Legoized Aphex Twin cover!) [music slut]

*Culture: Russia may outlaw emo culture (dress, websites, etc.). Why did Mexico not think of this? [thedailyswarm]

*Dancing: You must learn how to C-Walk if you want to win friends. And influence people. (Featuring lovely how-to videos!) [mefi]

*Telephony: Phoning It In has posted their entire archive of telephonic performances, including some from Petra Haden, Poison Control Center, Jens Lekman. Lovely? [largehearted boy]

*Punk Princesses: Silicon Alley Insider does the math on the supposed mint (around $2M) YouTube owes Avril Lavigne for all those “Girlfriend” (and other) plays.

*Question and Answer: Why do chicks dig musicians? The answer is based on SCIENCE. [medialoper]

*Off-topic video: College Humor collects the Top 10 eye-gouging scenes in cinema. I have no idea why, but my father took me to see Blade Runner in the theater when it first came out (I was 8 years old at the time of its release). That double-thumb eye-gouge not only was the point at which we left the theater, it has also doggedly haunted my dreams ever since. [waxy]