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Links for 2.10.09: Banhart’s family, world’s longest sausage, more

*Cassettes: Look at these vintage cassette tape inserts on Flickr and weep. Tears of joy. And nostalgia. And beer, probably. I need to drink less beer. That last part is mostly unrelated. [bad banana]

*The Economy: Muzak – yes, the elevator music people – has filed for bankruptcy. I guess fewer people are taking the elevator these days? [daily swarm]

*Television: Smoking Section asks What if rappers were characters from The Wire? Jay-Z = Stringer Bell, D’Angelo = Bubbles. [the rap up]

*Photography: Family is a coffee table book of photographs of Devendra Banhart and his relatives. What in the world is going on here? Also, remember the Natalie Portman days? [largehearted boy]

*Interviews: The Wall Street Journal tracks down the stars of David Goes to the Dentist. “I felt bad doing it but I had tears coming out of my eyes after it was over because it was just hilarious.” [waxy]

*Twitter: Twitter is going to start charging for corporate accounts.

*Food: Who doesn’t want a look at the world’s longest sausage? Huh. Longer than I was expecting, but in no way intimidating. (No idea.)

*Projects: The Beatles Complete on Ukulele is a project whose authors seek to perform and record all the Beatles songs on the uke, while also writing corresponding essays about them. [bb]

*PHONOGRAPHS: Check out the videos of phonographs playing music in an INCREDIBLY soothing manner toward the bottom of this page. Your mind will be soothed. Your body will be soothed. [d-prince]

*Humor: If you like Fireland, you may continue reading this blog. And you should probably read this. Okay, maybe it’s a little puerile, even for me.

Links for 1.28.09: Phoenix’s rap, musical injuries and death…

*Rap: Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career was a “hoax“? Apparently, these people did not get the memo about the changing nature of the concept “real.” And by “these people,” I have no idea who I’m talking about.

*Pornography: The genre of SFW porn is on the rise. Well, if saying the F-word is still SFW. Here’s a semi-SFW porny spoof of The Office, XXX Office. [best week ever]

*Mixtapes: Muxtape returns as a site that has almost none of the functionality of the original. They retain, however, the euphonic name “Muxtape.” Weeeeee.

*Football: Ear Farm pulls together the Super Bowl thoughts and predictions of the indie music world. Because everybody wants to know Dan Deacon’s take on the big game.

*Nerdery: Star Wars goes horror with Deathtroopers. [hinto]

*Death: John Updike died. You knew that. Dozens of novels published, and his NYT obit calls him “almost blogger-like.”

*Local economy: More bad news – On Tuesday, Target and Best Buy announced layoffs (900 positions eliminated at Target HQ), piggybacking on the tens of thousands of jobs that went away on Monday. I just report this stuff people. People who are interested in musical ephemera and obscure web culture want to hear about harsh economic realities, right?

*The Annals of Medicine: Even though, as this metafilter post points out, “cello scrotum” is a hoax, it’s still fun to read about music-related injuries. “The instrument itself, as result of its composition, weight, and shape, together with the force required to play it and the prolonged and repetitive nature of practice, may lead to a host of instrument specific injuries.”

*Beards: Devendra shaved his. OH NO. It probably has something to do with the Natalie Portman break-up.

*Localish: Check out The Hold Steady on the public radio show Sound Opinions. [mfr]

Links for 9.26.08: Bono blogs, Prince abstains, Bon Iver cries…

*Enigmas: Prince says to USA Today: “I’m single, celibate and sexy. I feel free.” Like Bob Dylan, the man knows how to be weird. Kudos.

*Money: A royalties deal is done for online music.

*Bono: Bono is blogging for the Financial Times. Probably with his dumb glasses on. Also, I don’t think he should start sentences or posts with the word “myself”! Gawd!

*Literature: More excerpts from Faith Evans’ book: “I called Big to share the news.” “He didn’t sound happy or sad. Just very noncommittal. ‘You keeping it?’ he asked. ‘Yeah. I am,’ I said. It was a quiet moment. ‘Are you sure?'” [bossip]

*Music: Bon Iver plays for NPR’s World Cafe. And then we both weep loudly into our hot coffee and stare out the window as the snow falls. [music slut]

*Blogging: Lil Wayne is blogging for ESPN. [everywhere]

*Love: Pubic hair exhibitionist Devendra Banhart and Natalie Portman have broken up.

*Upcycling: A cassette tape becomes a wallet.

*Video: Diesel makes a porn-without-the-porn viral video, SFW XXX, which I don’t really consider SFW (unless you have my job). [rob]

Links for 7.23.08: Wax Winehouse, Hype Machine hype, Zune tatts…

*The media: Fortune catches on to the Hype Machine.

*Hands-free: Wired introduces a music player you can control with your eyes. I’ll be honest: it looks a little bulky to me.

*Video: Kara Swisher of All Things D visits the offices of the Facebook-fueld social music company iLike.

*Body art: The guy with the Zune tattoo is sick of his Zune tattoo. And his Zune.

*Wax: Would you like to see a wax figurine of Amy Winehouse?

*Discovery: StumbleAudio is StumbleUpon for music.

*Lollapalooza: Barack Obama will introduce Kanye at the music festival. Should it be the other way around?

*Question: Did you get here because you were searching for: Devendra Banhart and pubic hair? I did.

Video: Devendra Banhart’s “Carmensita,” starring Natalie Portman

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I should add that at one point you can see Devendra Banhart’s pubic hair.


Links for 4.9.08: Portman’s honey,’s money, Beyonce’s bun-ny(?)

*Wait. So Natalie Portman and Devendra Banhart are a thing? [the playlist]

* says that making music free has boosted sales by 119%. [ars technica]

*YouTube launches a trendspotting channel. (Uh oh?) First up: Political Music Videos. [watching tv online]

*On the heels of Beyonce v. Jay-Z wedding rumors, Billboard analyses what marriage does for record sales. [backstage pass] Next up, what pregnancy does for CD sales?

*In the money: OurStage (basically, crowdsourcing A&R) and mTraks (another indy MySpace) take venture capital. [venture beat]

Links for 4.3.08: iTunes sales, MySpace Music, Akon’s phone call…

*iTunes has moved ahead of Wal-mart as the top music retailer in the United States. Of America. [techmeme]

*MySpace Music finally offers users the chance to buy DRM-free music.

*From Pee-fork: Natalie Portman to star in an upcoming Devendra Banhart video? Hopefully, she gets the Wes Anderson treatment. What?

*You may have heard: Jay-Z signed a far-reaching $150M deal with Live Nation.

*Waxy > Sasha-Frere Jones > Idolator > An animated video of Akon calling T-Pain.

*For all my lasagna lovers: the Garfield MP3 player.

*This is the sound of an Icelandic glacier melting. I don’t care for it. [mefi]

*Off-topic: I want Pac-Man shoes. [wonderland]

Links for 2.25.08: Banhart dressing, Bon Iver rising, Rake waning…

*Facebook app DoubleTwist lets users share music and strip out DRM. (Windows only.) [lifehacker]

*Devendra Banhart has a virtual dress-up doll. Yuck? [peefork]

*Deprive me: The PODillow is a memory foam mask MP3 player. [crave]

*The large, commercial music blogs love Bon Iver. And rightfully so.

*Dr. Dre is launching his own vodka and cognac brands. [dailyswarm]

*Rihanna is now an ambassador for Barbados. Top that, Fergie. [getty images]

*LOCAL: The Rake has stopped publishing its dead wood mag. [minnpost!]

Links for 1.20.08: Music’s best beards, Folk’s finest hip-hop…

*PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK I WILL POST ALL YEAR: A slideshow of the Top Ten Beards in Modern Music. Includes Devendra Banhart and Kyp Malone; no Ben Bridwell. [reddit]

*Rob Walker talks about theoretical listenerd favorite Yo Gabba Gabba! in this week’s New York Times Magazine. (Weirdly, I first wrote about Yo Gabba Gabba! for the day job in 2006 – long before it was even picked up.) Walker also invokes “kindie rock;” where children’s music and indie meet, but calls neologisms such as these “vaguely grating.”

*The New York Times Bits blog on Blu-Ray, the HD format wars and tech-buying in general: “To stay sane, any consumer needs to think of digital technology as a subscription rather than a product.”

*David Milch is going back to doing cop shows. [medialoper]

*The top 5 folk covers of hip-hop tunes (with videos) include “Straight Outta Compton” and “Gin and Juice.”