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Miscellaneous year-end listenerd bullshit: 2008

Hello, it is the end of the year, and for an unknown reason you are reading the listenerd. Welcome.

First, I would like to warn you that this will be painfully boring. Because it will not be about Fergie peeing her pants. Or anyone else peeing his or her pants. Unless I pee my pants in the very, very near future. What it will instead be about is anything falling under the broad category of “Miscellaneous year-end listenerd bullshit: 2008.”

Second: business time. Many thanks to the fine readers who have come here and read things over the past year. Even to those who have come searching for pornographic materials. Sorry. Thanks also to those who have commented, sent e-mails, twittered, etc. Regards.

Thanks also to the fine bloggers who link here, e-mail interesting tidbits or angry words, make “social media connections” through various inanely named, platform-specific means (poking, nudging) or slap me directly across the face in person. Particular propers for general 2008 awesomeness go to: Startling Moniker, ControlRoom, Blisslist, Urlesque, Switchblade Comb, Idolator, The Daily Swarm and Spin City, and several others that I have doubtless omitted.

Stats: Please note that I am not a multinational corporation, nor am I Web 2.0 platform that is harnessing the power of crowds, nor do I have a payroll for this endeavor. Instead, I am a single human being, blogging with a singularity of purpose that is known only to one person in the universe. (My job is to find that person, and to kill him.)

Despite these facts, the ‘nerd is now up to 1,657 posts, almost half of them mediocre.

The top five posts for the year, in order NOT of stupidity, but rather in order of pageviews:
1) Censored nude dance party.
2) Famous people who Twitter.
3) Arnel Pineda’s Embassy Aid Speaks.
4) The Believin’ has not stopped.
5) Lil’ Nutzzak’s “(You Make Me So) Hard”.

An analysis of which goes to show you:

1) I am an idiot.
2) Why am I doing this again?
3) People like sex.
4) People like new Journey frontman Arnel Pineda.
5) People like following famous people (who are, as a rule, TERRIBLE twitterers) on Twitter.

The three most clicked-upon links for the year were…

1) Henry Rollins’ purported Twitter account. (Now dead.)
2) Diablo Cody’s purported Twitter account.
3) Snoop Dogg’s Twitter account.
Side note: Why did Snoop Dogg purchase an umbrella?
Answer: Fo Drizzle.

Finally, I offer you my personal favorite items posted on this blog this year. They have nothing to do with anything, except what I happen to like right now. Please note: I have had a Surly Furious, a glass of wine and a Legacy Chocolates truffle. All within the last 15 minutes. Also, I am bald.

1) Recommendations and anti-recommendations.
2) The Oh, Fuck It Edition.
3) Flying Wang Attacks Kasparov.
4) Mashup review: Girl Talk’s “Feed the Animals”.

Thank you – sincerely – once again for your patronage this year (if applicable), and (once again) regards forever.


Links for 5.29.08: Inconvenient opera, seniors cover Coldplay, John Tesh twitters…

*Young@Heart: Old people who have formed a band and cover the likes of Coldplay. If you weren’t sad enough already.

*An opera based on “An Inconvenient Truth” is forthcoming. Personally, I think the part where Mr. Gore goes up to the top of the screen on that lift thing will be the highlight of the show. Or the dead polar bears. [vulture]

*Wait. Louis Armstrong did kick-ass collages? Looks like that daily habit really did work well for him. [bb]

*Ricky Martin has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The man is loca. Or loco. Or whatever. [dailyswarm]

*The REDI MP3 player comes preloaded with 250 tracks. I’m actually surprised pre-loading hasn’t taken off to a greater extent than it already has. [oh gizmo]

*Is EMI up for sale again?

*Brits would like to see vinyl saved from extinction. Personally, I’m more of a polar bear guy.

*The kakophone: a music composition machine for your phone. (I have no idea.) [red ferret]

*Off topic: John Tesh is on Twitter. I want to see him @diablocody. And I mean that in the most PG way possible. [buzzfeed]

Links for 4.28.08: Muxtape talks, Shakira lobbies, Diablo Cody twitters…

*Apparently, Diablo Cody is twittering. And by that, I mean using the Web 2.0 application Twitter. What?

*Death Cab for Cutie records a session with Daytrotter. Also, see Death Cab’s viral video project. [universal music group]

*No love for subscription music?

*Listening Post interviews Justin Ouellette, the dude behind everyone’s favorite mixtape site, Muxtape. He looks like an internet guy.

*iTunes is five years old. I use iTunes as a music player and to sign up for free podcasts, but I won’t be buying any music from their any time soon. [daring fireball]

*WATCH: Interviews with heavy metal Satanists Venom – from the tweets of The Sound of Young America.

*Shakira talks education policy on NPR. [prawfsblawg]

*Off-topic: Food that takes the shape of its container. [neatorama]

Links for 2.15.08:’s future, Google’s music, Spore’s sound…

*Holy buzzword watch: Google, ad-supported, drm-free, music, China.

*The Alternative Consumer tracks down some chic and eco coasters – made from record holes. I want.

* of the Black Eyed Peas claims that mobile music is the future. This is the man who sang “if it smells like elephant shit, it must be us.” Fair warning.

*The music generating algorithm (whaa?) for much-anticipated videogame Spore was created in part by Brian Eno. [listening post]

*Read: a mock Diablo Cody script. Annotated for your pleasure. [defamer]

Some things you may have missed…and happy new year.

I recommend not missing these again (all links = self-referential). Some things from the past. For the future.

*AVOID: Black mead.

*James Hetfield responds to rumors of his detention at an airport in England for wearing a suspicious talibeard.

*The Cyclical Blog.

*Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.

*On Benjamin Franklin’s “cold-air baths.”

*Soulja Boy (Tell ‘Em) “Crank That” instructions.

*Swiss firefighter rap: 118 Projec’t.

*Notes on the Juno soundtrack. (For some reason, one of the most oft-searched posts of the year.)

*And happy new year. And thank you.

Links for 12.15.07: Bad band names, bad song lyrics, ear trumpets and a Merry X-mas

*What are the worst song lyrics of 2007? A sample from Big and Rich: “I see your momma and the candles and tears and roses.” Uh boy. [neatorama]

*Who had the most popular album of the year? Daughtry. WHAT? Additionally, Rolling Stone‘s top 100 songs of the year. #3 = Umbrella. [pop candy]

*Hannah Montana has added fourteen dates to her tour. Whew.

*T-mobile is blocking Twitter. Ugh.

*The A.V. Club goes after the worst band names of 2007. Some good ones (Butt Stomach, Those Fucking Unicorns, Gay Witch Abortion), but my all-time entry in the category holds firm: The Sweatpant Boners.

*Job watch: Cuts at Geffen Records. 60 people cut at Universal Music.

*Diablo Cody will start writing a column for Entertainment Weekly. [vulture]

*Vintage ear trumpets. What’s happened to the ear trumpet, anyway?

Links for 12.6.07: No more Rainbows, Diablo’s divorce, Deacon’s rage +

*I am back with my brand-new invention: stick-to-itiveness. Eff the man.

*Radioheads’ “In Rainbows” pick-your-price site closes on December 10. [psfk]

*MyStrands takes $24M in funding.

*Read your Facebook inbox crap via e-mail now, not just through Facebook. Whew.

*Nokia’s Comes With Music: DRM-heavy.

*New FoxyTunes! “Post any song you can think of.”

*Fantastic NSFW Dan Deacon quote RE: Greyhound buses: “These rats stink like rotten cum. Fuck them with 1000 fires…Eat my shorts you dickless pig fuckers.” [peefork] (He’s playing at First Ave. on January 24.)

*The Local: Diablo Cody got divorced and got a tattoo. Congrats. [buzzfeed] Her ex.

*If you are sick of music, perhaps you will be interested in Totally Nude Yoga. [ToB]

*I am really tired, if you didn’t notice.

Links for 11.2.07: Public radio rawk, Movember, Mac-o-lantern’s +

*It is Movember. Grow your moustache for charity. Up next lunar cycle: Decembeard.

*NPR is pumping up its music coverage. I would like to go on record as saying that the grating earnestness of public radio rock talk show Sound Opinions makes it pretty much unlistenable. The end. [digital music news]

*Tech Digest critiques the Nokia online + mobile music store that opened recently in the UK. Also: Warner is withholding its content from the store due to other copyright squabbles with Nokia. [hypebot]

*The Local: Esquire calls screenwriteress Diablo Cody (Juno) a Woman We Love. [marrina]

*Slyck on inadvertant file-sharing. My mouse slip.

*A couple days late, but behold the Mac-O-Lantern. [wonderland’s]