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Links for November 9, 2011: Being Barbie, bathing in ketchup fountains, dripping false honey

Facebook: How many times have I, here, mentioned that I quit Facebook? And that my life is better for it?

Typography: Mayuko, a student at a Japanese university, has created a font out of leg hair. YES, LEG HAIR.

Actors: Adam Wilson writes about Owen Wilson in The Paris Review. (More interesting than that lame-ass sentence makes it sound.)

Science: Experience reality as a Barbie doll or a giant. (Remember when I asked that an oversized Andre-the-Giant-as-a-woman-avatar be set aside for me? Forget that, you sick bastard.)

“In order to accomplish this trick of self-displacement, participants in the experiments lay on a bed and wore a head-mounted display connected to two video cameras. These cameras faced a fake body lying on a bed next to the participant; thus, when participants looked down toward their own bodies, they instead saw artificial bodies where their own should have been. These artificial bodies were either huge (a 13-foot form made of chicken wire) or very small (a Barbie Doll).”

Video: This cannot go unlinked – The GAG Quartet’s “le internet medley” (it references, like, 40 internet memes?).

Dinosaurs: Scientists now believe that the archaeopteryx, the first true ancestor of modern birds, was BLACK. I’m afraid my son, once thoroughly obsessed with dinosaurs, has now moved on to being thoroughly obsessed with superheroes.

Condiments: The chocolate fountain is dead. The ketchup fountain is alive and well. (And not even in Minnesota?). [laughing squid]

Fashion: If you have really grubby hands, you can buy a $90 shirt that is optimized for cleaning off touchscreens.

Television: Would you, perhaps, like to watch every single episode of Law & Order ever made? For $450? CHA-CHUNG. [poploser]

Obituaries: RIP Heavy D.

Food: I try not to put up a bunch of stuff that prominent bloggers have already talked about. But the fact that 75% of honey isn’t honey has not just disturbed me, it has ROCKED ME to MY CORE. [kottke]

Links for 4.17.11: Let’s do this.

*Film: Johnny Depp is set to play Tonto? Shit just got real, Kimosabe.

*Religion: Here’s Tina Fey’s “A Mother’s Prayer for Its Child.”

*Minneapolis: Color Me Obsessed is a film about The Replacements. [mefi]

*Dinosaurs: My son has a dinosaur obsession. Someday, he will understand the awesomeness of these Cabazon dinosaurs of the 1960s. Incredible. Also, they remind me of Large Marge and the first time I ever shit my pants while watching a movie.

*H20: You had me at photographic essay of water towers, BLDGBLOG.

*Blog recommendation: The fine people over at Future of Listening have been KILLING IT lately. Humanely. But still. KILLING IT. (In a good way.)

*Shoes: This sneaker looks like a battleship. This heel looks like it’s made from measuring tape.

*Internet: If you’re interested in how the internet works, read SamHey’s “Public Displays of Affection.” It’s great! I’ve tried to write about similar topics a few times (a bunch are behind the work firewall), but never so well.

*Stalkers: Read “An Open Letter to My Neighbors.” One’s aggregations of hearts/stars/likes could be considered an implicit open letter to one’s internet neighbors? Not sure. (I know exactly what I mean.) [pocketmonsterd]

*Work: I spent last week in Miami at a work thing; Iconosphere 2011. Here’s an ad guy who wrote up a thing on it. One of the speakers for the client-only event was Steven Johnson, who talked about good ideas and where they come from. The other was Emily Pilloton of Project H Design. She gave an inspirational talk about how she’s moved to Bertie County, North Carolina to teach school and design. The county just got hit by a terrible tornado. Watch her TED video, then donate, if it moves you…

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 12.14.10: Today is the last day of the past of your life

*Visual: @fineartrec is a series of poster meant to simply and boldly symbolize a musical genre. [notcot]

*Resumes: Are you innovative, dynamic and motivated? Then you are making a huge mistake (based on analysis of word usage on resumes by LinkedIn).

*Twitter: Read Brent Spiner’s favorites on Twitter. They are outstanding. [apelad]

*Video: My son is obsessed with dinosaurs, causing me to ingest an insane amount of information on their eating habits, mating habits and taxonomy daily. The one place where comedian Dan Telfer loses me, though, is when he confuses a gigantosaurus with a giganotosaurus. I mean, my kid is three and he would close on this guy like a troodon upon hearing that.

*Video: The Stormy Kromer company has a YouTube channel. That includes footage of a guy who worked with Stormy Kromer himself in 47, 48, 49…. Holy cow. And the accents are incredible.

*Media: Merlin Mann talks about the Gawker security breach. “I loathe what Nick Denton’s malignant version of success has done to a medium I used to treasure.” He also makes fun of Mr. Denton’s head size. [poploser]

*Auto: Guess what. The $3k Tata Nano isn’t selling very well in India. Here’s a picture of me eating a giant piece of bread there.

*Video: Nicholas Felton talks to Slate. You don’t know how much it hurts me to link to Slate. Actually, not that much anymore? Huh. I might be cured.

*Reading: The New Yorker‘s Nick Paumgarten profiles Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros. The tug is the drug. Heh.

*Tapping: Check out Keira Rathbone’s typewriter art. It’s incredible. [dude craft]

*Today’s links: F.